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Our Mother Tongue should be taken as seriously as any other subject and it is important that your child excels in the subject. With proper Malay tuition, parents would not have to worry about their child struggling in the subject any longer.

Importance of Malay Tuition

Studying the Malay language on their own can be quite tricky for students as it requires good prior understanding and grasp of the subject. Unlike subjects like Math or Science, the Malay language does not have a formula to adhere to. Instead, what students require to witness a jump in their grades is a Malay tutor who can help out with pronunciations, conjunctions, grammar, vocabulary and more!

With Malay tuition, students will gain an additional reliable figure they can depend on for academic help. They will not be left alone to work through their misunderstandings and will gain the added confidence from all the help they are getting.

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Common Problems Faced by Students when Studying the Malay Language

Unfamiliarity with the Malay Language

In this modern-day and age, it is common to see and hear households conversing in the English language instead of their own Mother Tongues daily. When they do not have sufficient practise from a young age, students will perceive their Mother Tongue as awkward since they are not used to using it.

Students who are unfamiliar with the Malay language will find it difficult to express and verbalise their thoughts in the language. Due to the lack of exposure to the language, they would have poor grammar and vocabulary which is the trick to acing essay writings. This will have a detrimental effect on their Malay Oral exams and lead to poor comprehension skills when interpreting exam questions.

Poor Comprehension Skills

Poor comprehension skills are one of the most common problems in students nowadays. If not fixed, students will be stuck in the same grade, unmoving, and left helpless.

Linking back to the unfamiliarity with the Malay language, students who does not have a strong language foundation can easily misinterpret the essence of a question. When answered wrongly, they are simply giving away marks or are left unable to answer a question – just because they do not understand what the question is asking for.

Poor Examination Strategies

The typical Malay exams are divided into two papers and have separate sections in them. As these sections are varied to test a student’s knowledge of grammar, vocab, proverbs and comprehension, students need to be quick yet careful as they complete the paper.

When a student does not practice good examination strategies, they can easily lose track of time and may even leave sections uncompleted.

What to look for in a Malay Tutor

Proven Ability and Experience in Teaching Malay

As expected, experience trumps all when it comes to choosing the perfect Malay tutor. When teaching languages, it is necessary for an educator to have proven years of teaching experience and is familiar with the updated MOE syllabus. They should also be skilled at explaining as languages are all about understanding, with absolutely no application of concepts or formulas.

With proven ability and experience in teaching, the Malay tutor can help bring your child to greater heights.

Ability to Build a Solid Foundation in Students

It is important that Malay tutors are able to build a solid foundation in the language for students. As the MOE syllabuses for this particular subject are interconnected across Primary to Secondary school, students require a strong foundation to do well in every level.

To successfully ingrain the basic must-knows in a student, a Malay tuition teacher would have to be alert and watchful for any weaknesses. When a weak area is spotted, it is easier for both the Malay home tutor and student to come up with a plan to overcome the issue. With improved strengths and a better grasp of the foundation, students will be more confident about the upcoming syllabuses to come.

Dedication and Patience for Teaching Malay

No matter how experienced a private Malay tutor is, optimum results cannot be reaped if they are not equipped with dedication and patience in teaching the subject. With pure dedication and passion, a Malay tuition teacher can easily influence the student into gaining added interest in the language.

When a Malay tutor is sincere about their craft, they would never call quits on a student no matter how difficult teaching can be. Through genuine dedication and patience, a student’s improvement and goals are prioritised no matter the circumstances.

Benefits of Malay Tuition

Malay tuition is a lot more focused with a more balanced ratio as compared to a class of forty in school. When the Malay tutor’s attention is fixed on one student at a time, mistakes that went unnoticed in school will be spotted immediately. Feedback will be given directly and worked on quickly.

More especially, it is notable that the Malay subject is tricky to do well in if students are not familiar with the language. With delicated Malay home tutors by their side, students can benefit from a studying plan that has been personalised to meet their needs best. Through smart studying methods, students can rake in improvements day by day.

Tutors are known to have huge respect and love for the subjects they are teaching. With regular Malay tuition and conversations shared about the Malay language, a student can learn about the beauty of the language and feel closer with their Mother Tongue.

With newfound interests evoked by the Malay tutor, students will be naturally drawn towards the language and not find it a hassle to express their thoughts and views in. After all, there is nothing like a student’s genuine liking towards a subject that can bring about a surge of improvement in grades.

Lessons taught in school may be too fast or even too slow to a student’s learning ability. When not matched with a student’s pace, learning can be tedious.

Depending on a student’s learning pace, the Malay tuition can be tailored to suit their needs. Should a student require more time to work on their vocabulary, then more time can be allocated to that topic. Should they personally wish to work on their comprehension and oral skills, then the teaching plan can involve more of those instead.

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