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Chemistry, according to the Cambridge Dictionary, is the scientific study of the basic characteristics of substances and the way they react and combine. You may not realise it, but chemistry has been taught to us since primary school.

 Simple concepts like electrical and thermal conductivity, the different states of matter, and whether an object can float on water are all part of chemistry. Chemistry helps us understand biology and physics better. How plants make food, how nuclear fission and fusion occur, they are all due to chemical reactions. It is the science that tests our fundamentals.

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Common problems faced when studying Chemistry

Missing Keywords

One of the most common issues faced by students is knowing when to use certain keywords. When answering a chemistry question, certain phrases need to be present. For example, when explaining why are metals good conductors of electricity, keywords such as mobile, delocalised electrons ought to be present. Students would not be awarded the marks if they do not use the keywords that are stated in the marking scheme. Chemistry tuition teachers will teach students the keywords that they need to memorise.

Poor foundation

Schools often rush through topics because they have to finish the entire chemistry syllabus and still cater time for revision before the major examinations. This may cause students with a slower pace of learning to be left behind and not fully understand the content. This makes it difficult for them to do their revision because they will take a much longer time attempting to catch up with the content that has been taught.

No Time to Revise

Major chemistry examinations test a lot of chapters which require time to understand, remember and practice. There is not a lot of time for students to be well prepared for every topic because they will have to do the same amount of preparation for their other subjects. Therefore, students need to stay consistent in their revision from the start so that they can have enough time to internalise every chemistry concept.

What should I look out for in a Chemistry Tutor?

Able to come up with their own practice papers

Chemistry tutors that have their own scheme of work and plan for each session will be able to challenge students and invoke critical thinking. Chemistry tutors are also able to teach topics ahead of schools and provide their own practices. Students will then be more familiar with the content and better understand what is being taught by their school teachers, giving them an edge over others.

Capable of breaking down complex ideas

There are many jargons in chemistry that students may find difficult to internalise. For example, concepts like enthalpy change and entropy change can be confusing because of how similar they sound. Enthalpy change also has many variations based on the type of chemical process happening. Our chemistry home tutors are capable of reducing the complexity of such concepts and explain them in a more straightforward way for students to understand better.

Able to provide personalised teaching styles

Each student is different in terms of their learning style and pace. In the first chemistry tuition, our chemistry tutors are able to analyse the learning style of the students and tailor the teaching style for them. Students that require more help in understanding basic concepts will be taught in a different way compared to those that need help in more complex questions. This ensures that each student improves regardless of their initial level of understanding.

Benefits of Chemistry Tuition

It is normal for students to doubt their answers, especially when they are not entirely clear about the topic at hand. This problem is very prominent in chemistry, because many chemistry questions come in multiple layers – one structured question can contain multiple parts that test concepts across different topics. Picking the right Chemistry tutor can help students clarify any concepts that they are still unfamiliar with, and with the added practice given, their confidence in the subject will naturally increase. Getting that ‘A’ becomes much more achievable.

When the entire syllabus has been taught and it is time for revision, many students may find themselves struggling to concentrate independently. This is especially so when they still do not fully understand the content that has been taught, causing many to feel overwhelmed by the workload and give up. With the help of a chemistry tuition, time is naturally set aside for students to gather what they have learnt. Whenever they get stuck with a problem, there is always someone that can provoke their minds to think in the right direction and link different ideas together. Revision becomes much more effective.

Ultimately, the goal of chemistry tuition is to help the student obtain an A in their examinations. Distinction Tutors has a team of chemistry tutors that have consistently produced great results, with many of our students getting an A for their examinations. Taking up the services of one of our excellent chemistry tutors would definitely give students more reassurance of an A for chemistry.

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Distinction Tutors work closely with parents to compile feedback on the tutor and student performance. We make use of this information to recommend the best chemistry tuition teachers to parents. Request a Chemistry tuition teacher to help your child ace his/her Chemistry!

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