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Importance of IP Tuition

The Integrated Programme, or IP for short, is a special 6-year program offered to the top performer of any given PSLE cohort. While most students carry on to secondary school to take the O levels, students in the Integrated Programme bypass the O levels in preparation for the A levels right from the start. By enrolling in an Integrated Programme, students not only learn ahead of their peers, but they can also use the extra time saved not preparing for the O levels to engage in holistic education or hone their skills in extracurricular activities. These can enhance the portfolio of students, allowing them to better their chances at competitive university courses.

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Common problems faced by students when studying IP subjects

Preparing for A levels means that more difficult topics will be introduced early

The Integrated Programme is designed in a way that students can prepare better for the A levels. Schools therefore not only impart crucial critical thinking skills at an early age, but also introduce challenging topics that would not otherwise appear until students enter JC. For instance, some topics like Orbitals in Chemistry and Curve Transformation in Mathematics are introduced in year 3 or 4 of the IP program, where it would not otherwise be taught until JC. As these topics are inherently challenging, students will have difficulty understanding these high-level concepts. IP tuition will help students in these new and challenging subjects.

No mainstream assessment books or past year papers to practice with

Each school’s Integrated Programme is unique, it is difficult for students to source the appropriate practice questions that match their school’s standard of questions, even if those questions were sourced from other IP schools. Furthermore, students are unable to practice with the O level Ten Year Series, because some topics that IP programs teach are not covered in the O level syllabus. Even for topics that are covered, they may not qualify as appropriate practice for IP physics. Some O level pure physics questions, for instance, may lack calculation rigour demanded in IP Physics. As a result, students may not get sufficient practice to score well for internal exams. One of the benefits of IP tuition is that students receive the relevant questions to master the topics. 

Students may feel lost with a greater focus on self-directed learning

Teachers in the IP program often have high expectations of their students, because they have already proven their worth by obtaining stellar grades for PSLE. As a result, they may skip over some of the foundational concepts and leave it up to the student to internalize concepts in their own time. However, this may be problematic for some students that require additional guidance. If they fail to understand concepts before lessons begin, then they will also start to fall behind in class. IP tuition will help to overcome this problem.

What to look for in an IP Tutor

Experience in the IP program themselves

IP tutors should have experience teaching IP students, or have experienced learning in an IP environment before. This is because the IP program demands a completely different set of skills from O levels, and without familiarity with the syllabus, tutors may be insufficiently guiding students to address the demands of the IP syllabus. For instance, even tutors that took H2 Physics may be unable to appreciate how calculation-heavy IP Physics is, and therefore neglect to emphasize this skill in IP tuition sessions because they believe that it is similar to O level physics.

Ability to customise and fit questions to the student

Since IP programs are all unique, the IP tutor must be able to perform due diligence and research on the syllabus demands of the school that the student is from. From this, IP tutor should also be able to pick out what kinds of questions are appropriate for practice, either from other school papers, O level Ten Year Series, or even the tutorial questions in JC. This will allow the student to have the most effective revision.

Able to enable effective and efficient learning

IP home tutors should be able to provide additional learning resources that can help speed up the learning of the student. For example, they should be able to provide summarised formula sheets for math and physics, and condensed notes on organic chemistry reactions, so students do not have to spend as much time memorising this information. Instead, students are able to focus more on the application of these knowledge.

Benefits of IP Tuition

Abstract and hard-to-comprehend topics are in no short supply in the Integrated Programme, but with an IP tutor to personally explain concepts in a way that is acceptable, students do not have to rely on the explanation prescribed by the school for certain topics that may be less effective. Furthermore, by learning about multiple ways to explain the same concept, students are better able to fully understand the nuances of the concept.

Schools may conduct lessons at a pace that is uncomfortable for the student, especially when students fail to grasp concepts fast. These students may struggle to keep up in the subsequent lessons because they are still stuck trying to master old concepts. With a one-to-one IP tuition, students no longer have to worry about this, since the IP tutor will try to accommodate their teaching speed according to the comfort level of the student. If they are fast at certain topics, the IP tutors can also move fast to spend more time on other topics that require more time. The greater comfort learning will lead to a greater learning experience overall.

Besides helping students achieve better grades for exams, IP tuition can also help students achieve greater efficiency in learning so they do not spend as much time trying to understand concepts. As a result, they may be able to use the additional free time on extra-curriculars in order to better their portfolio in the future

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