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IP Math is no walk in the park, so it is important to get started early with customised IP math tuition for your school’s IP Math syllabus.

Importance of IP Math Tuition

For almost all students, math is a compulsory subject in school, even for IP programs that offer versatility in the subjects that students take in preparation for the A levels. Because many JC students end up taking either H1 or H2 Mathematics at the JC level, IP math provides them with a significant head start over their peers that are taking O levels since some topics like Curve Transformation are learnt in IP year 3 or year 4 prior to admission into JC. 

This allows students to enter JC with solid fundamentals, so that they are able to spend more time on time-consuming subjects like Project Work in JC1. Furthermore, IP math programs tend to be more rigorous, and prepares students well for advanced level mathematics found in H2 Further Math, H3 Math or even Math Olympiads, in order to hone their achievements and portfolio in the future.

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Common problems faced when studying IP Math

Advanced content may be tough to internalise

While the topics as a whole are not that different from O level mathematics, many schools will attempt to prepare students for A level math better by introducing some topics that traditionally do not appear until the JC level, such as Permutations and Combinations, Functions and Curve Transformation. In addition, shared topics such as differentiation and integration tend to be more in depth, and borrows some of the solving techniques only otherwise found in H1 or H2 mathematics. 

Since these topics are relatively advanced, many students may find it tough to cope with the syllabus demands as they are unable to properly grasp the concept well.

Opportunities for external practice are rare

IP Math programs are all unique to the school that they originate from, so students from different IP schools may find that they are learning different topics at varying paces even though they are at the same grade level. As a result, it is also quite difficult to find practice papers that cater to the exact demands of the school’s IP program – practicing using A level Ten Year Series papers for JC topics like integration techniques may be too difficult because some techniques have not been taught, but practicing using O level past year papers may be too easy for the rigour that the school expects. 

Since math is a subject that requires a lot of practice, school papers may be insufficient practice for some, and may cause them to fall behind significantly. IP math tuition will provide students the opportunity to practice on questions that is aligned with their school standard.

High expectations of IP math students

The working assumption for most IP Math programs is that students already have foundational critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Therefore, many teachers will also skip out on topics or skills that they think are unnecessary and expect students to still know how to solve these topics when they eventually surface. For instance, many IP math programs do not focus on learning specifically about solving techniques Mensuration or Financial Mathematics but expect students to know how to apply formulas given to them about these topics without prior knowledge of it. 

Since the focus here is on application of knowledge, some students are not able to sufficiently apply concept to the more challenging and foreign problems in the IP math program, so they also may end up scoring badly for internal examinations.

What to look for in an IP Math Tutor

Ability to explain and simplify high level concepts

There is a good chance that students in the IP Math program are unable to understand higher level explanations of certain A level topics like Functions because they tend to be more technical. As such, the IP Math tuition teacher must be able to simplify explanations in a way that is understandable to a student at a secondary 3 or 4 age.

Ability to customize practice to the student

There are no effective IP math assessment books for students because each schools IP math program is different. As a result, the IP Math tutor must be able to provide additional practice that is on par with the standard demanded by the school, either through providing past year papers from the school itself, or finding similar questions in O level papers, other school IP examination questions, or even from the A levels itself.

Ability to guide students from the foundation

Since IP math tends to be fast paced, the student may fall behind as a result of a weak foundation. Therefore, in order for the student to eventually achieve academic excellence in school, the IP Math tutor must be able to guide them from foundation questions, to slightly more advanced questions that require application and problem-solving, to stretching the student’s limits with challenging questions found in elite schools. This allows the student to hone their skills slowly without jumping the gun in terms of the difficulty of questions attempted.

Benefits of IP Math Tuition

IP math tuition allows students to effectively address the demands of their school’s math syllabus, without the need to personally scour through various sets of other school papers to see what questions qualify as extra practice, since the private IP Math tutor would have already done that for the student. In addition, IP math tutors will be able to impart some crucial skills for internal IP exams like time management that inherently differs from the O levels.

The IP program can be extremely rigorous, not only for math but also for all other subjects like science or English. With IP Math tuition, students do not have to waste additional time deliberating over the best ways to interpret problems or to visualize concepts since IP math home tutors are able to provide the necessary resources like personal notes or explanatory videos. Thus, students will be able to spend more time dealing with other weak subjects.

School IP math tutorial lessons may be overly-focused on dealing with examination problems, but rarely give time to revisit old concepts due to time constraints. However, students with a weak foundation may struggle to catch up and even understand higher level problem-solving skills. By setting aside time for IP math tuition, students are able to comfortably revise their fundamentals at their own speed. In addition, they do not have to worry about slowing down the pace of the class just to address any queries that they may have.

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