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Importance of Secondary School Higher Chinese Tuition

For decades, Singapore has received international accolades for its strong bilingual culture. As a result, students are increasingly struggling to cope with the growing demands of our rigorous Chinese curriculum. Students, who once skillfully navigate their way through Chinese at PSLE, now find it difficult to bolster their proficiency in the face of A/O-Levels.

A good pass in Higher Chinese at O-Levels is pivotal in ensuring that the student has one less burden to deal with in JC. Depending on the grade, it could also benefit one’s JC application, and subsequently, university application for certain courses. Hence, having Secondary School Higher Chinese tuition would provide students with an edge above others in the long run since the Secondary School Higher Chinese tutors are equipped with the relevant additional studying resources to support students’ learning needs.

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Common problems faced when studying Secondary School Higher Chinese

Lack of Interest for the Subject

Many students often show a lack of interest towards learning language-based subjects, particularly their mother tongue language. Since young, they have never gotten a chance to develop their interest or passion for the subject, causing them to perceive it as a strenuous task and hurdle.

Their lack of motivation to deal with their learning needs causes it to snowball and worsen over time, until they eventually find themselves struggling to handle basic questions at the Secondary School Higher Chinese examinations or even O-Levels. 

In addition, their innate distaste for the Chinese language causes them to put in lesser effort, as compared to other subjects such as Math or Physics. This puts them into a vicious cycle where they will never be able to score for the subject since they are unwilling to do anything about it.

Insufficient Exposure

Secondary School Higher Chinese paper comprises several sections, specifically comprehension, composition and email writing. Each section demands a repertoire of writing skills and a wide vocabulary bank. To put it simply, mastery of the language is crucial for students to compose their answers in seamless structures for the teachers. 

Yet, students nowadays rarely take the time to read Chinese books, newspapers, magazines or reports to enrich their grasp of the language. In the face of an intensive spectrum of Chinese vocabulary tested, students will only find themselves grappling to understand the Higher Chinese phrases tested in examinations, and ultimately, O-Levels.

Weak Foundation in Chinese

Many students do not come from Chinese-speaking families. Most students converse with their family members and friends in English. This implies that in most students’ life, the only period for them to actively utilise their native tongue is during Higher Chinese lessons in school.

As a result, students often find themselves struggling to cope with the academic rigour of learning Higher Chinese at the Secondary level or score in the O-Levels. If left unattended, this issue will only worsen overtime until they eventually fail to perform in the O-Levels.

What can Secondary School Higher Chinese Tutor offer?

Consistent Practices and Feedbacks

Secondary School Higher Chinese tutors come well-prepared with a spectrum of practice papers and worksheets, specifically designed to cater to each student’s unique learning needs. With a set of practice worksheets crafted by Secondary School Higher Chinese tuition teachers every week, students find themselves constantly having to utilise the same set of writing skills while strengthening their own vocabulary banks. 

This consistency establishes a more robust learning foundation for students who were weak in Chinese, thus adequately preparing them for upcoming Secondary School Higher Chinese examinations, both physically and mentally. The constant review of learning pace and feedback system also allows students to consistently review their own learning needs at regular intervals. Should there be any concerns or queries, they are able to approach their Secondary School Higher Chinese tutor immediately.

Greater Exposure to a range of Higher Chinese Materials

Beyond the regular workload and study materials from schools, Secondary School Higher Chinese tuition teachers are equipped with a wealth of studying resources to support their students’ learning needs. This includes external studying materials such as review of Chinese articles, summarised notes of key phrases and helpful Secondary School Higher Chinese examination tips, all of which allows students to gain a convenient edge above their peers.


Benefits of Secondary School Higher Tuition

Different Secondary school Higher Chinese students are weak at different aspects of Secondary School Higher Chinese. Some students are naturally proficient in the language itself and do not need much assistance with it. As a result, Secondary School Higher Chinese tutors can put in greater effort into focusing more on specific components of the paper such as email writing or comprehension summary.

At the same time, there are many students who are very weak in the language and do not have a strong foundation in the subject. In such cases, Secondary School Higher Chinese tutors could nurture students more on developing their interest towards the subject first, so as to improve their Chinese proficiency, before investing more time into developing their skill and capabilities to handle the individual components of a Secondary School Higher Chinese paper. 

In a nutshell, having a one-to-one Secondary School Higher Chinese tuition would allow lessons to be tailored specifically, at the minuscule level, to the student’s preferences, strengths and weaknesses. This allows them to learn more efficiently, effectively and enjoyably as opposed to the one-size-fits-all approach implemented at schools.

At the end of it all, the goal of Secondary School Higher Chinese tuition is to support the student in his academic quest to achieve an A1 or A2 in the O-Level examination. Distinction Tutors has a team of Secondary School Higher Chinese tutors that have consistently produced exemplary results, with many of our students getting an A1/2 for Secondary School Higher Chinese at O-Levels. Secondary School Higher Chinese tuition would give students more reassurance of an A1 or A2 for Secondary School Higher Chinese in O-Level.

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