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Our Tamil tuition is conducted by experienced Tamil tutors who will bring out the best out of students through a systematic approach. Initially building the fundamentals, our Tamil tutors will then progress to instil in students further comprehensive knowledge in a progressive manner. This will ensure that our students will realise and strive to achieve their full potential.

Importance of Tamil Tuition

Building Fundamental Linguistic Ability

Our Tamil tuition teachers provide the adequate guidance and support necessary for students to build the key fundamentals to master the language. To score in any subject, especially a language, a strong foundation is of paramount importance. Through our Tamil tuition, our students will be coached from the basics, by perfecting their grammar, writing structure, and more.

Various Domains of Teaching

After building the basics, our Tamil tuition teachers will progress to providing students the skills to become proficient in all examinable modes of Tamil – namely: writing, listening and speaking. Our Tamil tutors are well-versed in all modes of the language through years of experience teaching the language. They will be able to instil in our students the skills necessary to improve and build on the basics, transitioning the students’ knowledge to an intermediate level.

Application of Knowledge

Our Tamil tuition’s final and most important step would be to make students experts of the language, allowing them to score in examinations. This will be done so by exposing students to all forms of practice. The basic and intermediate knowledge on the language will be re-affirmed through our frequent practice. Through frequent exposure, the students will master the skills necessary to become experts of the language. Such practice would also enable our students to apply the knowledge learnt previously into examinable forms. Our Tamil tuition has prepared more than adequate measures to enable students to be prepared for exams, through Exam-like practice papers and Oral practices.

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Common Problems Faced by Students when Studying Tamil

Insufficient Exposure

Singapore is a multi-racial society where people of many backgrounds come together to co-exist homogenously. Due to the need to be well-versed in our common language that is English, our strong cultural roots and exposure to our native languages are generally diminished. The use of English in households has become increasingly prevalent. 

Therefore, many students do not hear, speak and listen to Tamil often. This hinders their ability to build on their knowledge as they often have to stop-start their learning, severely slowing progress in the language. Our Tamil tuition ensures consistent exposure for students, enabling them to frequently remember their foundation by providing necessary homework as well as recaps during Tamil tuition sessions.

Lack of Patience

Rome was not built in a day. Similarly, Tamil is a language that requires high level cognitive function. Mastery of the language does not occur over a night or over a week. Building language skills could take months of consistent hardwork and dedication to produce genuine progress. 

Often, when students are self-learning, they lack the proper experience to verify for themselves if they are on the right track to making progress. This often leads to self-doubt and lack of confidence, resulting in them giving up half way. Our Tamil tutors will ensure that students remain motivated and on the right track to make progress.

Insufficient Familiarity with Tamil

A significant portion of students taking the Tamil language in the Singapore education system are not native Tamil speakers and are of different languages such as Malayalam, Telugu, etc. While these languages may be somewhat identical in certain aspects, students often become confused between the 2 languages and end up being unable to differentiate their native language from Tamil while speaking or writing, especially under stress due to examinations. 

Furthermore, such students tend to skip the foundations of Tamil due to the false impression that the basics are the same as that of their native language. This results in them attempting to master the intermediate and expert levels of Tamil without building a solid a foundation. Our Tamil tuition ensures that all students, especially students from non-Tamil backgrounds, build an immaculate foundation, before progressing to higher tiers of the language and expanding their horizons. 

What to look for in an Tamil Tutor


Each student has differing needs, especially when it comes to subjects like Tamil which can sometimes be a steep learning curve for students. Furthermore, schools may differ in terms  of the methods of teaching Tamil. Therefore, teachers have to adapt to the needs of the student and the learning pace at school. Our Tamil tuition teachers will be able to work in-tandem with each student’s needs and make sure the Tamil tuition will be in pace with school syllabus. This will also help in preparing the students for examinations.


Similar to how a student needs to be patient in order to achieve significant progress, teachers need to remain patient and have rational expectations from their students. Our Tamil tutors will always remain respectful to our students and have fair expectations from them. Through experience and time, our Tamil tuition teachers will be able to guide students to pushing themselves further, at a progressive pace such that they do not get unmotivated or burnt out easily.

Eye for Talent

Our Tamil tutors believe that all students have certain areas of strengths. Our Tamil tuition will provide the necessary means to highlight students’ strong suits. Identifying their strengths, our Tamil private tutors will condition the students to apply their strengths in a positive way such that it stands out during examinations. 

Similarly, our Tamil home tutors will also be able to identify students’ weak areas and provide the necessary guidance for them to strengthen their knowledge gaps and minimise exposing such mistakes during their examinations. By sharpening their strong skills, and minimising their weak points, we believe that our students will be able to secure high grades.

Benefits of Tamil Tuition

Tamil tuition in primary school would be extremely beneficial as it paves the way towards achieving success further along students’ education pathways, especially in the Secondary and Tertiary levels. From a young age, Primary School Tamil tuition will enable students to master the aforementioned linguistic basics of Tamil.

 The knowledge imparted into students from a young age will stay with them throughout the rest of their education. Therefore, our Tamil tuition teachers will be able to make sure that from the very start, the students are equipped with the right ways of thinking and immaculate grammar. 

Additionally, our Tamil tuition will prepare students that take Higher Tamil to prepare for Secondary school Tamil by introducing them to a higher level of vocabulary, idioms and more based on their abilities. This would make Lower Secondary Tamil a breeze for our students. Lastly, through our Tamil tuition, our students will be given adequate training to secure distinctions in Higher Tamil and the highest grades possible for Tamil. This would boost their PSLE score as well as their portfolios, enabling them to enter top secondary schools.

Secondary education Tamil does not necessarily always count towards one’s eventual O-Level score, but nonetheless, would be an extremely beneficial subject to score in. In Lower Secondary, our Tamil tutors will guide students to explore their capabilities and reach their true potential. This will enable them to qualify for Higher Tamil in Upper Secondary. 

Doing adequately well in Higher Tamil for O Levels guarantees 2 bonus points if a student is applying for Junior Colleges. This can be hugely beneficial for students who aspire to go to certain Junior Colleges. Furthermore, scoring well for Tamil would enable Tamil to be counted towards a student’s O Level score. Through our Tamil tuition, our Tamil tuition teachers will be able to help our students to our utmost capabilities to make sure they achieve the grades they truly deserve. 

While our Tamil tuition will provide the necessary teaching to students so that they can score as high as possible for Tamil, it would also improve the general education of students. Languages often require skills that are unique from the traditional Maths and Sciences. Mastering Tamil would also help students think from different perspectives, analyse texts critically, gain confidence in their abilities and more. This would boost their morale and attitude towards academics and enable them to approach all subjects differently. Our Tamil tuition instils a diverse skill set in students.

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Our tutors possess the necessary skills and experience to bring the best out of students. Through active communication, various forms of teaching, and a positive mindset towards learning, our Tamil tuition will guarantee results. Indulge in a journey with us so that together, we can secure a bright future in Tamil for you!

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