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H2 Economics is a common subject taken at the A levels as part of the 4 subject combination offered by many junior colleges, and places a different emphasis from H1 economics, given its greater emphasis on the essay questions (constituting 60% of the final grade), as compared to the focus on case study questions in H1 Economics. One may wonder, are there any benefits to taking H2 Economics over H1 Economics, especially given the expanded syllabus and workload?

Taking the H2 Economics syllabus is useful because of its greater content coverage; as the inclusion of themes like “Firms and their decisions” and “Globalisation and the International Economy” help to provide prospective economics/business or accountancy students with a greater overarching understanding of how economics work, and the mechanisms of different aspects of the economic system. 

Students can often do well in subjects that were previously taught at the secondary school level, as some skills remain transferable and a good foundation in those subjects (i.e. science subjects such as biology/chemistry or arts stream subjects like history and geography) can go a long way, but economics is different – it is a subject not many have encountered, which is why students can greatly benefit from additional help from our H2 economics tutors to help them perform and achieve stellar results.

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General problems faced when studying H2 Economics

Difficulty with content coverage and digesting new topics

H2 Economics always presents itself firstly as unexplored territory, due to it not being offered previously in the O level syllabus. Hence, taking in and absorbing all the new knowledge covered in the expansive H2 Economics syllabus is often one of the challenges that new students face. 

Many students find themselves plagued with many questions but no one to answer them, given the fast-paced lecture or tutorial style content coverage that is common in most junior colleges. For example, students may find themselves struggling trying to understand aspects of market structure while their college is already covering the next thematic topic of market failure, and this leads to further confusion and possibly frustration, as students are unable to develop a complete understanding of certain topics before moving onto others.

Essay questions are increasingly tricky

It has been the case that the essay questions in the A levels have shown a trend to be less predictable and more tricky. The basic content knowledge that students learned is insufficient to prepare them to answer these questions satisfactorily. As a result, many students often find themselves struggling to answer these questions even though they have a good grasp of or are familiar with the pure content portion of H2 Economics. This requires practise to get used to, as the exposure to the different question types is greatly useful in expanding a H2 Economics student’s knowledge on how to accurately respond to said questions.

Great time commitment

Given the fact that H2 Economics has about 40% more content than H1 economics, students who take the subject may find themselves bombarded with too many topics and too little time. To score well for H2 Economics means practising different question types, analysing different models, structures and diagrams used in the syllabus in detail and extrapolating all the essential information to be used in essay/case study-questions, and represents a huge time commitment that many students have difficulty adjusting to or setting aside time for.

What to look out for in a H2 Economics Tutor

Distill the concepts of H2 economics

As the H2 Economics syllabus consists of a large volume of topics, a good H2 economics tutor must be adept and summarizing and distilling key aspects of H2 economics concepts for their students to understand, from large/intimidating concepts to more bite-sized and digestible pieces of information. In doing so, the student is able to learn more quickly and gain a solid understanding of the content covered in the syllabus. Additionally, the H2 economics tutor must be familiar enough with the syllabus to answer any potential questions the student has, and to aid them in their struggles with more difficult topics.

Maximise student learning

Given that H2 Economics is a huge time commitment, precious hours are spent in a H2 Economics tuition session that students seek to reap the most benefits from. As students have varying learning capabilities and styles, and perform better under different teaching styles, a good H2 economics tutor must be able to adjust his teaching style and lesson plans to give his/her student an edge over their peers, by providing the most focused and detailed help possible.

Helping students score that well-earned A at the A levels

H2 Economics is a subject taken by many students in many colleges nationally, and to do well in the subject means having to perform competitively amongst a large pool of students. A good H2 Economics home tutor must have a strong track record of helping students perform well at the A levels, which is exactly what our H2 Economics tutors at Distinction Tutors have!

Benefits of H2 Economics tuition

Having H2 Economics tuition means 1-to-1, personalised teaching sessions which can serve to cover ground that tutorial/lecture style classes may not have the opportunity to. By taking H2 Economics tuition, students can cover content more efficiently as they can shift the focus from their stronger topics to topics they are more unfamiliar with/are weaker in, and in doing so can supplement their understanding of said topics with the help of our excellent H2 economics tutors.

H2 Economics Essay questions are notorious for their unpredictability, but this is easily circumvented by practising with a variety of different question types and learning how to answer them. Taking H2 Economics Tuition will expose students to more of these question types through going through different questions formulated to test their understanding of the syllabus.

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