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Education is the heart in everything we do!

Distinction tutors was founded by a group of ex MOE teachers in 2014. As educators, we understand that the right teacher could change a student’s life. Here at Distinction tutors, we take pride in choosing the most compatible teacher for each student, from our database of over 21,000 qualified and capable tutors. We cater to all subjects, budgets, and ages, to ensure that no student is left behind. Our brand has been synonymous with quality for the past 7 years, and that will always be a promise from us, to you.

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Education provides the opportunity for every child to succeed and is the bedrock of our society. It enables your child to develop the necessary skills and aptitude for future careers and jobs.

It is for this reason that we started Distinction Tutors, to ensure students can receive the help they need to excel in schools. Juggling school work and co-curricular activities can be challenging. We know how stressful it can be for both parents and students, and we want your child to succeed with the right tutor and the best resources. With 1-1 home tuition, bringing the best out of your child is possible!

Why Choose Us?

Over the years, we have amassed a database of more than 21,000 tutors and have matched more than 20,000 students successfully. Our network of tutors is carefully curated and assessed so that we only match our students with the very best-in-class. Whether you are looking for a home tutor in English, Math or Science, or something more niche such as learning a third language or a specific module in University, you can always count on us. More than just a home tuition agency, the needs of our students remains our utmost priority. You can trust us with delivering quality with agility.

Background Checks

We are serious about upholding a high quality of tutors. Comprehensive backgrounds checks are conducted so that only qualified and capable tutors remain in our databases.

21,000+ tutors

With an extensive database of more than 21,000 tutors, we are sure that we will be able to find the most suitable tutor for you!

Satisfaction Guaranteed

99.2% of our clients have been satisfied with the tutors we recommended, and many of our tutors have received glowing testimonials from students and parents alike.

Benefits of Home Tuition

Shuttling between home and school is time-consuming enough for your child. With home tuition, parents can take a breather and easily monitor the child’s learning progress at the comfort of their home. By saving travelling time, your child will also have more flexibility in organising his or her timetable and ensure they get adequate rest for the next day.


Students may fall behind their peers in school due to the lack of attention from their teachers, or they could be abashed in asking questions in class. In a huge classroom setting, a teacher may not have the bandwidth to ensure all students have a good understanding of the topics. Home tuition, on the other hand, provides your child with a safe space to ask any questions he or she may have about the concept or subject. With one to one home tuition, a tuition teacher can closely monitor and ensure that your child is keeping up with the syllabus. The home tutor can also provide your child with constructive feedback to motivate, inspire and encourage them.

Each lesson is carefully planned and tailored to your child’s needs. It allows your child to study at his or her pace. The tutor can zoom in on topics that your child may have difficulty learning, as compared to a regular school environment, where teachers have to move on to the next topic because the majority of the students in the class have mastered the concept.

Tutors can come up with fun and easy-to-learn methods to help your child visualise and comprehend abstract concepts. Instead of the dreaded rote learning, home tutors can engage students through flash cards, drawing mind map together or building models to explain dry, challenging science theories.
We have all heard about revising or going back to earlier topics to enable your child to comprehend difficult themes and concepts fully. But what if your child has already mastered these topics? In this case, private tuition is useful because it allows your child to have a preview of what is to come. Students can familiarise themselves with new topics, or have a head start in learning any subject a day before it gets formally introduced in their school. This way, students can head to school with a sky-high self-assurance that they are learning faster than their peers.

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