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Importance of O-Level Higher Chinese Tuition

Many students in Singapore tend to underestimate the importance of O-Level Higher Chinese as they have the misconception that speaking good English is all that is needed to succeed in the workplace. 

However, with the economic rise of China, speaking Chinese fluently to communicate with business partners has become even more important. This makes it crucial to learn the proper speaking and writing skills taught in O-Level Higher Chinese. 

Furthermore, taking O-Level Higher Chinese can also qualify students for an exemption for H1 Chinese when entering JC. This free up time for students to  spent on other time-consuming subjects like Project Work or other difficult subjects. Moreover, scoring well for O-Level Higher Chinese gives students an edge over their peers in scholarship admissions. As a result, students can benefit immensely by signing up for O-Level Higher Chinese tuition.

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Common problems faced when studying O-Level Higher Chinese

English-speaking background

It is quite common for students to come exclusively from English-speaking households as their parents might not have emphasized the importance of the Mother Tongue. As a result, students do not have the necessary exposure to the Chinese language. They will therefore find it extremely difficult to translate their thoughts into coherent and well-structured Chinese. 

This problem is worsened when taking O-Level Higher Chinese. They might not be able to converse and pen down thoughts effectively. In addition, they may not also be able to understand the high-level vocabulary used in the comprehension passages. In this aspect, personal O-Level Higher Chinese tuition can provide students with the necessary exposure needed to excel in the subject.

Difficulty scoring for the Oral Component

Under the refreshed O-Level Higher Chinese syllabus, students now have a paper three which is an oral component involving an oral presentation based on a video prompt, and a subsequent oral discussion based on a similar topic. While students have sufficient time to prepare, they are often unable to pick out the correct points to discuss in the video. 

Many students end up either discussing the unimportant points or trying to squeeze all the points into a rushed presentation. Without the proper techniques that can be taught during private O-Level Higher Chinese tuition, students may end up scoring badly for this component.

Lack of passion for the subject

Realistically speaking, many students in Singapore do not like to study for Higher Chinese because classes are boring and dry. Furthermore, the homework given to prepare for examinations are often difficult and tedious. As a result, students may not have the motivation to put in effort for the subject. Students may thus look towards more fun and engaging O-Level Higher Chinese tuition to refresh their interest in the subject.

What to look for in an O-Level Higher Chinese Tutor

Effectively Bilingual tutor

While some teachers have a wealth of experience teaching O-Level Higher Chinese, they may not be fluently bilingual as they have weaker English-speaking abilities. If the tutors are unable to communicate well in English, they will be unable to effectively help the student translate challenging vocabulary into English. 

Since many students nowadays have an English-predominated upbringing, they may thus find it hard to learn without translation, therefore hindering their learning process. As a result, the O-Level Higher Chinese tutor should be able to both conduct lessons fully in Chinese to increase exposure to the subject and be fluently bilingual.

Engage the students in learning Chinese

Since learning O-Level Higher Chinese can be extremely dry, it is important that O-Level Higher Chinese tutors try to engage the student at all times in order to boost their learning interest. For instance, the tutor can consider using a wide variety of alternative mediums during O-Level Higher Chinese tuition such as videos, newspapers, books or even Chinese dramas. 

Using these mediums helps to increase exposure to the subject so students can get a better understanding of how Chinese is actually used in real life, rather than only learning the language from a textbook structure.

Discuss social issues in Chinese with the student

O-Level Higher Chinese demands a high level of understanding of social issues and students are also expected to be able to discuss these issues fluently. These skills are tested either through an essay format, or through oral communication. 

Since there are a large variety of issues that can possibly surface during examinations, it is important for the O-Level Higher Chinese tutor to cover a wide variety of current affairs issues and initiate a discussion with the student. 

By discussing a wide range of issues during O-Level Higher Chinese tuition, the student is more prepared for examinations because they will have more time to form the opinions about certain topics in Chinese.

Benefits of O-Level Higher Chinese Tuition

Under a personal O-Level Higher Chinese tutor, learning can be out of the textbook as they utilize a wide variety of methods to make the O-Level Higher Chinese tuition session an engaging one. By learning through usages of Chinese in different mediums such as newspapers, radio, television, video and social media, students are exposed to a more dynamic environment. This contrasts with the stale and boring textbook-focused lessons in school. With personal O-Level Higher Chinese tuition, students may become more passionate about the subject, thereby increasing their motivation to study and perform well.

Apart from learning through different mediums, students can benefit from even more learning resources such as past year papers. O-Level Higher Chinese tutors can also curate their own questions for students, allowing them to augment the resources already provided by the school such as textbooks and worksheets.

With personal one-to-one tuition, the O-Level Higher Chinese tutor is able to customize lessons and teaching materials to the student based on his or her learning style. Furthermore, O-Level Higher Chinese tutors will be able to address the student weakness at an early stage. This enables the most efficient learning experience for the student.

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