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Importance of PSLE Science Tuition

Primary 6 is a critical year for all 12-year-old students around Singapore. Other than the increased curriculum demands, they also have to sit for the year-end Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE)—the dreaded rite of passage for all primary school students since 1960.

The Science PSLE paper covers life Science and physical Science, with the themes of diversity, cycles, systems, interactions, and energy. PSLE Science tuition will be able to give your child the targeted help he/she needs within a short period of time to achieve his/her desired PSLE results.

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Common problems faced when studying PSLE Science

Hectic class schedule

To cover the entire Science syllabus and squeeze in the revision of past year papers in time for the PSLE Science examination, primary six teachers have to greatly accelerate their pace of teaching. A few students may be more used to a slower pace of teaching like in lower primary school.

These students will not be able to keep up with the fast pace and underperform in their Science examinations. Due to the large student-teacher ratio of 40:1, it is hard for teachers to give every student consistent, personal attention. Some teachers may not even be aware that their students are lagging behind their peers.

As they see their classmates achieving better results than them, those who lag behind may get dejected and demoralised, and not put in the needed effort to improve, resulting in him/her doing badly in the subject all over again. It slowly starts to become a vicious cycle that won’t stop. PSLE Science tuition will help weaker students to improve their understanding and mastery of the subject.

Lack of comprehensive answers, keywords and scientific reasoning

The feedback from teachers marking the PSLE Science examination papers always indicate that students lack comprehensiveness, keywords, and scientific reasoning in their answers.

Students taking the PSLE Science examination need to be aware and use the appropriate scientific vocabulary and terminology. However, without proper guidance and repeated practice, many primary six students are incapable of giving thoughtful and scientifically correct answers.

Immense Pressure and Stress

All the years spent studying in Primary and Secondary School boils down to the O Levels. From a young age, students have spent hours a day studying just so they can excel the O Levels. As the day fast approaches and time starts running out, it is normal for students to start feeling jittery and stressed out.

Students tend to be a lot more sensitive during this period of time and it is important that people around them ensure they do not crumble under pressure. To avoid any sort of breakdowns, it is important that students cultivate a healthy academic life while not forgetting about their personal life too.

What to look for in an PSLE Science Tutor

Experienced with PSLE Science examination questions

In order to have a thorough understanding of Singapore’s Science syllabus for primary school students, hiring MOE/NIE-trained teachers or experienced PSLE Science tutors with Science degrees is encouraged.

These PSLE Science tutors will more likely be able to tackle past year papers and commonly asked questions in the PSLE Science examination. They can also provide timely and targeted feedback to students so they can move their learning forward and improve their results in time for PSLE.

Personalised learning

No one child is the same. Every child is different and have various styles of learning. Our PSLE science tuition teachers are trained to cater to children with different strengths. With personalised one-to-one teaching, your child will be more motivated as well as inspired to appreciate and understand the Science lessons conducted.

We strive to recommend Star Tutors to parents who are looking for PSLE Science tuition for their children. Star Tutors are tutors who have received numerous positive feedback from parents.

Benefits of PSLE Science Tuition

Science is taught to student from Primary 3 onwards. By the time your child reaches Primary 6, he/she may have forgotten what was previously taught. However, this isn’t the child’s fault. Studies have shown that prospective memory, the ability to remember to carry out future intentions, is still developing in primary school children.

During the PSLE Science tuition, the PSLE Science tutor will go through previously taught concepts to jog his/her memory and build a stronger foundation in your child so as to develop him/her to his/her fullest potential.

It takes more than just possessing the right knowledge to do well in the PSLE Science paper. The student must also be equipped with the skillsets and competencies needed to tackle different PSLE Science questions. Half of the PSLE Science questions are open-ended questions, which require students to write explanations for the different Science phenomena, instead of simply choosing a number, like in multiple-choice questions (MCQ).

Good PSLE Science results will push your child up to a higher Achievement Level (AL) so he/she can get into his/her desired secondary school. With a higher AL for the PSLE Science examination paper, your child will have a lower cut-off point, be ahead of the competition, and get into his/her desired secondary school.

According to the data released by the Ministry of Education (MOE), at Government and Government-aided schools, the indicative cut-off point range is 7 to 9 points for Express (Integrated Programme) students, 8 to 22 points for the Express (O-Level) course, 22 to 25 points for the Normal (Academic) course, and 26 to 30 points for the Normal (Technical) course. 

For autonomous schools, the indicative cut-off point ranges for the Express (Integrated Programme) and Normal (Academic) courses are the same as Government and Government-aided schools. The range for the Express (O-Level) course is 8 to 16 points, while the range for the Normal (Technical) course is 26 to 29 points. 

For independent schools, the indicative cut-off range is 6 to 8 points for the Express (Integrated Programme) and 8 to 10 points for the Express (O-Level) course.

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