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Importance of Sec 4 POA Tuition

As the world of finance and accounting is an entirely new concept to students, POA may come off as intimidating. With the proper guidance of a Sec 4 POA tutor, however, students will soon realise how achieving As for the subject do not require much effort after all.

Secondary 4 students who ace in POA will see more career paths opened for them and acquire essential life skills that will come in handy when they become adults with financial responsibilities.

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Common problems faced by students when studying Sec 4 POA

Poor Mastery of Source Documents

Source documents are one of the most common areas that students find to be challenging in POA. Also known as legal documents, source documents reflect every underlying business transaction made. As Secondary 4 students do not have much real-life accounting work experience prior, source documents can be a tricky area for most.

With 1-1 Sec 4 POA tuition, Secondary 4 students will get to make references from a POA tutor’s real-life experience that can help them understand source documents better. Students may also benefit from concise and self-explanatory notes that they could never get from school.

Constant Mix-Up of Formulas to Use When Calculating Assets

Assets contain an economic value that is owned by a business. In Principle of Accounts, assets are calculated to find out the total amount of value that exists in a business. To successfully solve a trial balance, Secondary 4 students will need to know how to calculate the total amount of assets.

The basic must-know balance sheet equation is Asset = Liabilities + Owner’s Equity. Then, there are three other expanded accounting equations that help students find out more about the owner’s equity such as:

Assets = Liabilities + Capital + Revenue – Expenses – Drawings

Assets = Liabilities + Capital + Net Profit – Drawings

Assets = Liabilities + Capital – Net Loss – Drawings

When Secondary 4 students have a weak grasp of what each equation entails, they will end up implementing them wrongly during exams.

Difficulty in Memorising Terminologies Used in Accounting

In Principle of Accounts, unfamiliar concepts and terminologies are widely used. This includes words like prudence, accounting entity, going-concern and more.

It will take some time for Sec 4 students to fully understand the definition behind each term immediately, but until they do, they will find deciphering questions tedious. With guidance from a POA tutor, however, students can benefit from creative ways of memorising terminologies.

What to look for in a Sec 4 POA Tutor

Ability to Pass Down Efficient POA Learning Methods

To ace Principle of Accounts, students need to be equipped with smart learning methods that actually help them understand the concepts and double entries. As POA tutors have years of experience in the real accounting world and as a teaching figure who teaches the subject, they can pass down efficient learning methods to students.

For example, students enrolled in Sec 4 POA tuition will learn that memorising cannot take them far but understanding concepts will. There, students will also realise that difficult concepts can be clarified using real-life examples based on the tutor’s personal experiences.

Capable at Explaining Material in Various Ways

As POA is a subject that is like no other, POA tutors must be equipped with various methods when it comes to explaining. If the Secondary 4 student learn faster when diagrams are drawn out instead of using verbal explanations, tutors should change up their teaching methods. After all, a student’s improvement should always be at the forefront of a POA tutor’s mind.

Cultivates Curious Minds

Other than sharing knowledge, a good POA tutor is one who cultivates a student’s curious mind. They should let students know that curiosity and questions are things that will take them far in life, and they should use their time spent at POA tuition for that.

When a POA tutor encourages curiosity in Sec 4 students, they are also teaching them to be inquisitive about everything in life. Having such a skill will broaden a student’s horizons and keep them hungry for more knowledge.

Benefits of Sec 4 POA Tuition

As some POA tutors have had years of experience working as an accountant or in the financial sector, they are able to use their personal experiences as references in a POA tuition setting. At times, clarifications can take rounds of explanation before a student understands. When personal recounts are used, students will be able to relate better.

Not only will it help students visualise the questions thoroughly, but it will also make going for POA tuition fun for them.

In schools, POA lessons move at an impressively fast pace and students will find themselves lagging behind if they are unable to catch up. When this happens, students realise that their only answer to move forward is memorising what was taught.

In Principle of Accounts, memorisation is not enough to score marks. Students need to understand the core concept, what it is for and what it is used for. Sec 4 POA tuition can help students who are struggling as lessons are planned based on their requirements. As such, Sec 4 students can afford to learn comfortably unlike in rigid classroom settings.

As many parents might have noticed, children seem to learn and focus better when in school settings or under supervision. When left alone to study in their rooms, distractions in the form of gadgets and the surroundings exist just about everywhere. In return, the time allocated for self-revision is gone to waste with only minimal progress made.

With the help of Sec 4 POA tuition, time will never be wasted and students will definitely be kept on their toes as they absorb information after information. Having an encouraging and passionate POA tutor by their side will also motivate them to do better every day.

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