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Education had not always been available to the public the way it is today. It was only reserved for the rich and elite. Private sages were to kings and noblemen what private tutors are to tutees today. Not only did tutors impart knowledge to pupils, but they were also akin to life coaches—responsible for their pupils’ education about social behaviour, societal norms, and life in general.

In Singapore, education has evolved from one under British rule to the system we recognise today. It was a way out of poverty for many in the 1950s and 60s—a chance at a better life. Today, primary, secondary, and post-secondary education are mandatory for all Singaporeans. Compulsory education for children of primary school age was even codified under Singapore’s Compulsory Education Act in 2000.

The confluence of tutoring and the national emphasis on education has given rise to private tuition popularity. Entrance examinations like the PSLE, O/N/A-levels which are etched in national culture have driven up the premium that Singaporeans place in receiving a good education.

With the pressures of juggling multiple responsibilities, private home tuition seeks to provide practical academic help to families as they navigate the new and changing demands of formal education.

Common problems faced by students

Lack of Individual Attention

Teaching a class of 30 or more students and rushing to complete a syllabus on time leaves little bandwidth for educators to coach them individually. Struggling students may not know how to ask for help or they might be embarrassed to ask. Those that get left behind fall through the cracks. Late or no interventions inevitably lead to students being left to fend on their own.

Demanding Curriculum and Lack of Time

Students face pressure from juggling academic and non-academic obligations. The demands of school, homework and extracurricular classes can leave them feeling stretched for time. Managing multiple subjects and co-curricular activities (CCAs) leaves little time for revision, rest, recreation, and homework. Furthermore, busy working parents may struggle to give their children the proper attention and guidance they deserve to thrive in their studies.

Tired and Lacking Motivation

Having an overpacked schedule can leave students feeling exasperated and burnt out too. Not only does lacking adequate rest affect their moods and temperaments, but it also zaps them of the energy to function optimally. Concentration levels, motivation, and the drive to study are adversely affected as well.

What can Home Tutors offer?

1-to-1 Coaching

Having private 1-to-1 tuition allows home tutors to be fully attentive to your child’s learning progress. Home tutors can recap basic concepts outside standard school curriculum time to help students keep up with their syllabus. More advanced students will be able to learn ahead and sharpen their academic skills for greater efficacy. Whatever their proficiency levels, home tutors can enhance students’ learning by offering learning solutions that work.

Customised Lesson Plans

Each student encounters unique difficulties in their studies. Home tutors communicate with parents to integrate the learning needs of students with lesson objectives. They craft customised lesson plans by taking into account students’ individual pace, ability, and learning styles. Home tutors set achievable targets within a realistic time frame so that students can learn comfortably and effectively. Early preparation gives students a head start and reduces the anxiety of last-minute revision.

Fast Response

To improve, it is important to clarify doubts and questions whenever they arise and not leave them festering as these can snowball into greater uncertainties. Students who hesitate to seek help from their school teachers may direct their questions to their tutors. Home tutors render timely assistance to students whenever they need it. With messaging apps, students can reach home tutors easily outside standard home tuition hours. This shortens the waiting time for responses and ensures that students can contact their tutors whenever they need to.

Distinction Tutors can help

Home tuition saves time, cuts commuting time, and offers greater convenience to families. Benefit from the flexibility of 1-to-1 home tuition and learn from experienced tutors in the privacy and safety of home.

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