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Importance of IB Economics Tuition

Economics is often described as one of the toughest subjects under the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, both due to the intense time crunch that students are subjected to and for its content-heavy syllabus. Whether taken at Higher (HL) or Standard Level (SL), students are exposed to vastly new concepts that have not previously been touched on in Secondary School. 

As such, students who wish to excel in their studies must demonstrate a great level of discipline and motivation to digest the course content on their own. Even though Economics is not a prerequisite for most courses in university, students are expected to maintain satisfactory grades in the subject to remain a competitive applicant for entry into courses like Medicine and Law. 

Furthermore, a strong foundation in Economics can be highly beneficial for those planning to pursue a career in the financial sector. An experienced IB Economics tutor can help students to understand the complex economic theories in the syllabus and master the answering skills needed to score well in their examinations.  

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Common problems faced when studying IB Economics

Lack of Exposure to Economic Concepts

For most students in Singapore, theories introduced under the IB Economics syllabus are relatively foreign. Unlike topics in IB Chemistry or Mathematics, which have been covered prior to Year 5, Economics remains left out of students’ Secondary School curriculum. As such, many feel that taking IB Economics is a huge step up from Secondary School. 

Additionally, given that schools have only less than two years to complete teaching topics spanning across Microeconomics, Macroeconomics and International Trade (plus Firm Theory and Developmental Economics for HL students), concepts are often taught at an extremely fast pace that leaves students scrambling to digest these abstract theories on their own. Where an IB Economics tutor comes in handy is in addressing the gaps in their learning to complement their education at school and equipping students with the answering techniques needed to excel in their examinations.

Emphasis on Real-World Application of Knowledge

For IB Economics, it is not enough to simply master the concepts taught in school. The syllabus places an immense emphasis on applying these theories to real world situations, particularly in Paper 2, where students are given an Unseen article and are expected to analyse and critique any economic measures within. 

Furthermore, students are required to submit up to three essays for their Internal Assessment, where they are tasked to pass value judgements on economic practices in the real world. To provide a holistic economic analysis, students are required to harness their knowledge of topics spanning across chapters like Microeconomics and Macroeconomics. 

Needless to say, this requires an in-depth understanding of all topics covered within the syllabus. Aside from helping to clarify any doubts raised by students, a qualified IB Economics tutor can help students in keeping up with current affairs despite their busy schedules by supplementing them with articles and real-life examples.

Poor Time Management

Most students will agree that the time crunch is one of the greatest challenges obstructing their path to a good score in IB Economics. With 1.5 hours to write two full essays in Paper 1 and two passages to read and analyse in Paper 2, students are expected to begin writing as soon as the timer starts or risk submitting an incomplete essay. 

As such, a 7 in Economics requires students to know the course content at their fingertips and be able to evaluate measures in a concise yet effective manner. With an experienced IB Economics tutor, students will not only gain a deeper understanding of topics but be able to pick up these critical answering techniques through consistent practice, allowing them to ace their examinations.

What can an IB Economics Tutor offer?

Breaking Down Complex Concepts

Having an IB Economics tutor enables students to gain a better understanding of challenging topics within the syllabus, from market failure to the Marshall-Lerner Condition. Instead of leaving students to process large chunks of information on their own due to the fast pace of teaching in school, a strong IB Economics tutor will be able to complement and expand on a student’s learning in school by clarifying any doubts they may be harbouring and exposing them to more real-world examples, which are essential for a high score in Paper 1.

Mastery of Answering Skills

Given the unpredictability of articles that may appear in students’ examination papers, having an IB Economics tutor will ensure that they gain sufficient exposure to various types of Economics practices in the real world through past year papers and supplementary worksheets such that they are not caught off-guard during the examination. 

Aside from helping students to memorise the heavy syllabus content, consistently attempting these practices will allow students to understand the key points that examiners are looking for, enabling them to structure their answers more effectively in the future. With an IB Economics tutor, students will master these answering techniques, which combined with a strong understanding of all concepts, will heighten their confidence in the subject and garner them more time to proofread their answers in the examination.

Providing Additional Resources for Students

Under the guidance of an IB Economics tutor, students will be well-equipped with all the necessary resources to excel in their examinations. From summary sheets that highlight the main learning outcomes of each topic to lists of real-life examples that students might use in tackling Paper 1, tutors will often personalise their own notes before distributing them to their students. Together with papers from a variety of schools and worksheets from guidebooks, an IB Economics tutor ensures that students are supplied with the resources they need to aid their understanding of the subject.

Benefits of IB Economics Tuition

At schools, students are subjected to learn under the same conditions despite their different learning styles and strengths. This means that students who are naturally able to grasp concepts more easily than their peers are forced to slow down, while those who struggle to understand more complex topics are continually pressured to keep up with the rest. 

This culminates in students either being bored with the repetition of theories or swallowing their doubts to prevent slowing down their classmates’ progress. With private IB Economics tuition, tutors are able to cater to each individual’s strengths and weaknesses, allowing for greater personalisation and ensuring that all tutees learn at a pace that is comfortable for them.

Under the guidance of an IB Economics tutor, students will continually be tasked to attempt various practice papers and worksheets, exposing them to fresh real-world scenarios and diverse question types. Aside from allowing students to polish their answering techniques and training their time management skills, IB Economics tuition will enable students to see an improvement in their scores, granting them greater confidence. This will help to prevent mistakes arising from exam jitters and ensure that students are able to tackle their papers with the knowledge that they have mastered their syllabus.

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