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Importance of H1 Math Tuition

H1 Math is taken mostly by some Arts students, or students that know that they will not be pursuing an Engineering or Science related degree in University. H1 Math has the same depth as H2 Math, but approximately half the breadth. H1 Math syllabus has a heavy focus on statistics, with statistics taking up 60 percent of the syllabus. 

The amount of statistics H1 Math students learn is the same as their H2 counterparts. However, H1 Math students get a discount on their pure math, and do not need to take many complex pure math topics like sequences and series, and complex numbers. The only pure math topics H1 students are required to take are Functions and Graphs, and Calculus.

Although students taking H1 Math are sure that they will not be pursuing a University degree heavy in Mathematics, it is still important to do well in H1 Math. Almost all degrees will require some extent of Mathematical knowledge, and H1 Math provides a good basis for students to work on. For example, statistics is used in Geography to complete population studies, and used in Accountancy to calculate the likelihood of a profit. 

An A in H1 Math will also help Junior College (JC) students stand a better chance at getting into their desired course.

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Common problems faced when studying H1 Math

Low Confidence in Mathematical Ability ​

Many students who drop their H2 Math to a H1 have suffered a blow to their confidence. Students may be affected by their poor results when they took H2 Math or end up questioning their decision to downgrade their H2 Math. However, on a positive note, many students end up having much better results in H1 Math than H2 Math, as H1 Math has half the content of H2 Math. 

H1 Math also focuses less on pure math topics which Art stream students usually have trouble with. Students usually also do better overall as the time spent trying to figure out H2 Math can be spent improving their other subjects. With the help of H1 Math tuition, students regain their confidence in Math as soon as possible to get on the right track.

Lower Priority Given to H1 Subjects ​

Many students feel that their 3H2s are more important than their H1 subjects like Math or General Paper. JC students are always in a time constrained environment and they must choose what to prioritise. This is often their H2 subjects instead of Math. 

However, H1 Math is a subject that needs time commitment for both practising questions and digesting the subject matter. JC students must invest enough time into H1 Math for them to do well. H1 Math tuition ensures that time is set aside for students to revise H1 Math.  

Difficulty Understanding Pure Math Concepts

Many arts stream students are usually more inclined towards the statistics part of H1 Math and struggle with pure math topics such as differentiation and integration, and graphing and functions. This especially applies to students that did not take AMath in secondary school, which would have given students a better foundation in pure math subjects. 

One of the best ways to combat this problem is to spend more time trying to understand the theories behind pure math topics instead of just practising or memorising. H1 Math tuition provides student with the support to excel in these areas.

What to look for in a H1 Math Tutor

Familiar with H1 Math Syllabus

60 percent of the A level H1 Math exam is on statistics, and the other 40 percent is on pure math (Differentiation, Integration, Graphs, and Functions). Although H1 Math is a subset of H2 Math, it is nonetheless important for all H1 Math tutors to be familiar with the H1 Math syllabus, and not waste student’s time by teaching them Math that is outside of their syllabus.

Inspire Confidence in Students

Many JC students taking H1 Math have low confidence in their Math abilities. It is important for an H1 Math home tutor to instil confidence in students from day one, so that they are not afraid of taking a Math paper. The best way this can happen is by ensuring the student does well for their class tests and smaller examinations.

Teach Concepts in an Easy to Understand Way

The JC students taking H1 Math are usually Arts students who are more gifted in the Humanities but not as good in Math as compared to their Science student counterparts. However, most H1 Math tutors happen to be science students in their Junior College days. It is important for JC H1 Math tutors teach their H1 students in more visual and easy to understand way, instead of the technical way that they themselves were taught in.

Benefits of H1 Math Tuition

Our experienced H1 Math home tutors will be able to figure out which areas of H1 Math you are weak in, and tailor their lessons and practices to help you improve on your weaker areas. For example, many H1 Math students are weaker in their pure math topics such as differentiation and integration. H1 Math tuition teachers can then take more lesson time to explain these harder topics, instead of explaining simpler topics like statistics that students may already understand.

H1 Math students may be weaker in Math than their H2 counterparts and may need more explanation and clarification for certain topics. However, students may be shy or embarrassed to ask their school teacher, especially if their teacher is impatient or unfriendly. At Distinction Tutors, our private H1 Math tutors are dedicated to promptly clarifying any doubts students have. Students can raise their queries during math lessons or even WhatsApp message our tutors if they encounter any queries outside of lesson time. This way students can be assured that they will have dedicated support throughout the time period they engage our H1 Math tutor’s services.

At the end of the day, the most important thing is for our students to achieve their desired results at the A level examinations. Thankfully, Distinction Tutors has a track record of achieving stellar results for H1 Math at A levels, with many of our students achieving an A. Choosing an H1 Math home tutor from Distinction Tutors will undoubtedly give students greater confidence of achieving the grade they want.

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