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Both pure sciences and combined sciences are offered to Upper Secondary Students in the Express stream. It is highly advisable for students to take pure sciences, especially pure chemistry, in order to have more options open for further education.

The importance of pure chemistry cannot be overstated. Students taking only pure sciences will know that pure chemistry is a compulsory subject, whereas you can select either pure physics or pure biology or both. This is because chemistry relates to both physics and biology, and studying pure chemistry allows for a bridging between the two (or three) sciences. 

This is something a student studying only pure biology and pure physics cannot do as there is little relation between biology and physics. Chemistry acts as this link and it is hence essential for students who are studying pure chemistry to understand it well.

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Common problems faced when studying Pure Chemistry

Difficulty Understanding Electrolysis

Electrolysis is a topic that is in the syllabus for Pure Chemistry but not Combined Chemistry. This could be due to the difficulty of Electrolysis, which is perhaps the topic Pure Chemistry students struggle with the most. Electrolysis is strongly related to Physics, and students must be able to be good at the topic of Electricity in Physics in order to have a better understanding of Electrolysis. 

Furthermore, Electrolysis is also a big topic that has many sub-components, such as electrolysis of molten electrolytes, electrolysis of aqueous electrolytes, electrolysis with an active electrode, electroplating, and the working of an electrochemical cell. A Pure Chemistry tutor would be able to help students organise this convoluted topic in an easier to understand manner.

Trouble with The Periodic Table

The Periodic Table is a topic that some students struggle with, and this is largely due to the abstract nature of group and periodic trends. Students are not able to visualise what the atomic form of each element looks like, resulting in many students not being able to understand why certain trends form. 

To do well in the topic of the Periodic Table, it is important for students to understand the topics of Atomic Structure, and Ionic, Covalent, and Metallic Bonding, as these topics form the basis for understanding Periodic Trends. Pure Chemistry tuition would be able to clarify many doubts Pure Chemistry students have regarding the Periodic Table.

Problems with Redox

Redox may be a confusing topic for some Pure Chemistry students. This is mainly due to the many definitions of Oxidation and Reduction. The four definitions of Oxidation and Reduction are in terms of Oxygen gain or loss, Hydrogen gain or loss, electron gain or loss, and changes in oxidation state. Students may get confused over which definition to use in each scenario, and hence derive an incorrect answer. An experienced Pure Chemistry tutor would be able to guide students on the appropriate definition to use in each scenario.

What can Pure Chemistry Tutor offer?

Systematic Teaching of Topics

It is important for Pure Chemistry tutors to teach Chemistry in a systematic manner, especially for topics with a lot of information such as Electrolysis or Organic Chemistry. Pure Chemistry tutors should understand the relative difficulty of sub-topics and start off by teaching the easier and more foundational concepts to students. 

For example, for the topic of Electrolysis, Pure Chemistry tutors should start off by teaching the electrolysis of molten compounds before the electrolysis of aqueous compounds, followed by active electrodes, electroplating, and finally how an electrochemical cell works. If Pure Chemistry tutors teach the topic in any other order, or if they bring in all the content simultaneously, it will definitely cause the students to be confused.

Assurance of Sufficient Qualifications

Pure Chemistry Tutors must possess sufficient qualifications to teach Pure Chemistry. Pure Chemistry tutors should study Chemistry at a higher level, ideally at Junior College or University, in order to teach Secondary school level Pure Chemistry. This is as learning Chemistry at a higher level will enable tutors to understand Pure Chemistry concepts better. At Distinction Tutors, we conduct stringent background checks on our Pure Chemistry tutors to ensure that all the Pure Chemistry tutors in our database have Chemistry qualifications at a Junior College level or beyond.

Simplification of Complex Concepts

Pure Chemistry tutors can offer a much simpler explanation for complicated concepts that may not be provided by school Chemistry teachers. Pure Chemistry tutors should breakdown complex concepts into more bite sized pieces. For example, Pure Chemistry tutors can simplify the topic of Qualitative Analysis by subdividing it into cations, anions, and gases, and then further subdividing cations into those producing white precipitate and those producing coloured precipitate.

Benefits of Pure Chemistry Tuition

A key benefit that pure chemistry tuition can provide is convenience. All pure chemistry tuition sessions are conducted from the students own home, allowing students to both save valuable travelling time and study from the comfort of their own home. All our Pure Chemistry Tuition sessions are also one-to-one sessions, allowing for more flexibility in terms of lessons. If students need to reschedule lessons, they can just contact their Pure Chemistry tutor to do the necessary rescheduling. This flexibility is not offered by Pure Chemistry tuition centres, which have a fixed timetable to follow.

Most Pure Chemistry students will be taking H2 Chemistry in Junior College. Pure Chemistry tuition allows students to understand topics and concepts more deeply through routine revision and doubt clarification. This will enable students to have a better grounding in basic Chemistry topics, and hence Pure Chemistry tuition will better prepare students for their H2 Chemistry syllabus. Pure Chemistry tuition can also help students learn extension topics that will be useful to the H2 Chemistry syllabus or Chemistry related courses in University.

An essential benefit of Pure Chemistry tuition is creating an improvement in results. Pure Chemistry tuition enables an improvement in results through constant revision and clarification of doubts. This improvement is essential as it increases the student’s confidence level before going into the O level Chemistry examinations. You can be assured that our Pure Chemistry tuition sessions are effective, as many of our students have improved in their Chemistry after 6 months of engaging our Pure Chemistry tutors.

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