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Importance of Physics Tuition

With science being split up into three main categories in the Singapore education, namely Chemistry, Biology and Physics, Physics takes up a small but extremely important component in the world of science and our everyday lives. Furthermore, traces of the subject can be seen in the other sciences like the kinetic model of matter in Chemistry’s ideal gas law. Once the student identify the relationship between Physics and the other sciences, they will come to understand and love the subject, highlighting the importance of mastering it.


The subject is also a very fundamental prerequisite to many job scopes in the future such as engineers and physicists. With its ubiquitous influence reflected in our daily routines from the structure of our buildings to how many machineries operate, it is evident that there is a need to be able to understand how Physics aims to improve our lives so that we better upgrade our current state of technology further. Given the increasing demand for engineers to boost our current standard of living such as the need for bioengineers in the medical field, learning Physics is becoming more essential for many.

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General problems faced when studying Physics

Dry Content

As compared to the other two sciences, Physics is arguably the driest of the trio given its abundance in formula based content centered around calculations. Many students would also express greater interest in learning about the human anatomy or the periodic table, rather than learning about moments or kinematics. Such mindsets result in students lacking the motivation to focus their efforts on studying for the subject and cause them to fall into a downward spiral. It is thus important for the students to cultivate an interest or an innate curiosity for Physics which induces them to want to learn and research more.

Difficulty in Linking Concepts ​

In the Physics syllabus, there are many topics that are intertwined and related to one another with cases of questions mixing topics to generate new concepts that must be applied. In such cases, it challenges students to draw a connection between the ideas so that they are able to smoothly combine the knowledge learnt throughout their whole Physics journey. 

Moreover, there are also instances where Physics is also carried over to other subjects like kinematics in Mathematics or the electromagnetic spectrum in Chemistry. By mastering the skill of connecting the dots between the various topics and subjects, it would definitely aid the student in doing well as it shows that the student has sufficient understanding of the concepts to be able to make such links.

Do Not Understand Equations​

Everyone knows that mathematical formulae form a huge bulk of the Physics syllabus and plays an extremely important role in solving questions. However, many people do not know how the equations are derived or what the equations mean. Simply memorising the equation and subbing in values into moment = F x d may not be the best way to go about, especially in Physics. 

Additionally, students may even fail to recognise that the d stands for the perpendicular distance and may simply just pluck readily available values into the equation, as seen in this example. This causes them to be easily tricked by questions with numbers that may not be so straightforward as students will want the easy way out and just fit in the values into the equation without understanding what each variable of the equation stands for.

What to look for in a Physics Tutor

Able to Teach the Subject in a Fun and Engaging Manner

Many teachers often make the mistake of teaching Physics in a boring, lecture-styled, yawn inducing setup that only invites students to dread the subject further. Physics in itself can be very intense and hard to follow if narrated and taught directly in a dull fashion. In order to liven things up, Physics tutors need to be entertaining in a sense that the students will be drawn in by their interesting lessons so that they will not be easily distracted by other things mid discussion. One such method that Physics home tutors use would be to engage the students in fun Physics experiments that are eye catching but will also incite curiosity in the students so as to kickstart their passion and interest in the subject.

Able to Make the Student Visualise

Without visualisation, Physics may be very hard to understand as students would not have an inkling as to what the teacher is talking about or how it relates to the topic at hand. With a good Physics private tutor, they are able to walk the students through scenarios where the concepts can be applied so as to provide a vivid and more accurate description and example to the materials being taught. They will be able to paint an apt illustration in the students’ head for them to link the topics to real life experiences they have encountered before like how a straw seems distorted in a glass of water due to refraction of light. This is an effective way of teaching students and will surely boost the students’ understanding of what the Physics tutors are teaching them as they can easily recall and utilize the information in their heads.

Good Communication Skills

Most times, students tend to feel intimidated to ask their school teachers questions regarding the topics taught. This will prove to be a fatal constraint as there will be misconceptions left uncleared and mysteries left unsolved. In the eyes of a student, they may not want to disrupt the lesson in such a huge group setting or may simply feel shy about asking their questions. With a Physics tutor who has good communication skills, he will be able to get his point across to his students and will be able to let the students be at ease when asking their queries. This will allow the students to be able to freely address any doubts that they have as there will be good communication between the student and the Physics tutor.

Benefits of Physics Tuition

In a large class setting such as in school, the teacher may not have the time to get to know every student in depth individually. They may be able to point out the ‘on the surface’ problems that can be seen in the students but it will require greater effort to pinpoint and pick out the more intricate problems that the students may possess which may be not so obvious. As Physics tuition are normally conducted in a smaller environment with a few people or even one to one, the tutor can devote most if not all their attention to the particular student and can easily identify the mistakes that they are making, quickly rectifying them so as to not make the same mistakes in the future.

On top of the school work and assessment papers that the teachers may give, Physics tuition encourages the students to do more questions as the tutors will also assign their own homework and provide their own test papers for them to complete. On a normal basis, most students without tuition will not do their own practice outside of their usual homework as they do not deem them as mandatory and therefore will not do more than necessary. However, by enrolling in the tuition, it gives the students a reason to do more outside of their school assignments as they are also being assigned more practice on top of their usual homework

Students tend to be more distracted in school as they are surrounded by their friends and may even sneakily use their phone when their teachers are not looking. This can be avoided by enrolling in a Physics tuition as the tutors are fixated on the student with a more personalised setting and the student is also provided with a more comfortable and conducive environment to study in, greatly boosting their productivity as compared to studying in school. This is further attributed by the fact that Physics is a very focus driven subject and distractions may only affect the student’s learning and understanding of the topics unless they give their full attention to the tutor.

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