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Importance of PSLE Higher Chinese Tuition

While most students in primary school take standard Chinese, top performing students in the cohort after primary 4 are presented the option of taking Higher Chinese. Even though it is more challenging than standard Chinese, taking Higher Chinese has a whole host of benefits. Firstly, taking Higher Chinese allows students to qualify for more exclusive SAP and IP Secondary Schools. Students can benefit from the higher quality learning environment in these top schools. Secondly, taking Higher Chinese in PSLE prepares students to take Higher Chinese in the O-Level. If they do well in O-Level Higher Chinese, they can qualify for an exemption from taking H1 Chinese in JC.

Many students nowadays face difficulties with Higher Chinese due to the increasing use of English as a medium of communication. As such, they should consider taking PSLE Higher Chinese Tuition to boost their grades and make their portfolio more competitive.

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Common problems faced when studying PSLE Higher Chinese

Lack of exposure to the Chinese language

Nowadays, most families converse in English, which is the natural work language that many adults converse in. In addition, most of the entertainment that students seek are in the English language. Students are hardly exposed to any conversational Chinese. As a result, students may find it hard to express their thoughts in Chinese during essay writing. 

This may cause points to be deducted for poor use of language. Furthermore, students may find it difficult to understand many phrases and idioms in Higher Chinese comprehension passages because they have never heard its use before. This results in them being unable to answer the comprehension questions. Thus, they may require PSLE Higher Chinese tuition to cover for these shortcomings.

Difficulty adapting to the different essay focus in Higher Chinese

For standard Chinese in PSLE, students are allowed to choose between a picture-based writing prompt or a topic-based writing prompt. While the picture-based prompt is considered by many to be simple and easy to score, it is absent in PSLE Higher Chinese. Students are forced to choose between the topic-based prompt or continuous writing. 

These essay types are inherently more challenging because they require question analysis instead of mere descriptive writing where all the student needs to do is follow the story structure as depicted in the image panels. To get more practice for these types of essays, students should consider taking up PSLE Higher Chinese Tuition.

Lack of interest in the Chinese language

Part of the reason why students perform badly for PSLE Higher Chinese is because they do not enjoy studying for the subject and therefore have no motivation to study hard for it. A lack of interest in the subject is also problematic since it limits their exposure to the language even further. For instance, students may avoid reading Chinese newspapers and books, or even Chinese entertainment on TV shows. This lowers their proficiency in Higher Chinese even further. As a result, students may find it difficult to write well and accurately in examinations.

What to look for in a PSLE Higher Chinese Tutors

Qualified to teach PSLE Higher Chinese tuition

Before engaging a PSLE Higher Chinese tutor, it is important to check whether he or she has the appropriate qualifications needed to teach the subject. For instance, if students are looking for an experienced and professional PSLE Higher Chinese tutor, then they must check if the tutor has experience in teaching Higher Chinese or studied Chinese in University. For part-time PSLE Higher Chinese tutors, this can be done by checking either past testimonials from other students or whether they have gotten a distinction grade for Higher Chinese in the past. With these important qualifications, students can be more confident that they are receiving the highest quality teaching.

Guide students to write outstanding essays

PSLE Higher Chinese is more challenging than standard Chinese. Students are expected to have a greater command of the language. Naturally, in order to score an ‘A’ for the subject, students must be able to write with more advanced vocabulary. As a result, the PSLE Higher Chinese tutor must be able teach broaden the student’s vocabulary.

Provide students with learning materials

Some students need a lot of practice in order to write effectively. However, school homework and tests may not be enough to prepare students for the final PSLE examination. As such, the PSLE Higher Chinese tutor must be able to provide more resources for students to practice such as past year examination papers or Ten-Year Series. During PSLE Higher Chinese home tuition, the tutor can also consider using external resources like books, newspaper clippings and even videos to augment learning.

Benefits of PSLE Higher Chinese Tuition

Each student will have their own writing style. However, the classroom may not be very conducive for learning because the school teacher would generally address the common mistakes most students, which may not be applicable for some. The lack of targeted feedback therefore slows down the learning process. With a private PSLE Higher Chinese tutor, the student can focus more on his or her own strength or shortcomings. This would enable the student to improve quickly.

While many students may have trouble finding interest in the subject, the PSLE Higher Chinese home tutor can provide more engaging learning resources to boost the interest in the subject. For instance, instead of covering essays and comprehension passages during PSLE Higher Chinese tuition, tutors can make use of engaging Chinese songs, skits and even comedy to heighten the learning experience. If students are more engaged during lessons, they will be able to improve faster.

With additional time devoted to the subject in PSLE Higher Chinese tuition, students can get more practice dealing with tough comprehension passages and writing about a wide range of essay topics. As a result, students are more prepared to deal with the types of questions that can come out during the PSLE.

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