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Importance of Secondary School Tuition

Secondary school is one of the most crucial periods of a Singaporean student’s life. It determines a youth’s academic route for years to come which is why it is important to remain competitive and at an advantage.

Secondary school tuition is important and plays a major role in a child’s academic excellence as it pushes for frequent additional practices, class discussions and teaches content based on real-time happenings.

To nurture Secondary school students into naturally critical thinkers and effective communicators, they must be able to see why and how the subjects they are taught has immediate relevance. For this to become a reality, students would need an experienced expert’s guidance out of school to ensure they are kept on track and responsible for the sake of their own bright future.

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General problems faced by Secondary School students when studying

Difficulty in Memorising Content​

Subjects taught in Secondary school are broad and rely heavily on a student’s ability to memorise, and then apply accordingly when necessary. To acquire this skill, a student would need to explore various learning styles and find out which works best to their benefit.

Even so, not every student is built for memorising and would have to explore other means – such as Secondary school tuition classes – to achieve their aim of getting all the concepts and theories down.

Poor Time Management Strategies​

Secondary school examinations are jam-packed and rarely leaves a student with time to spare afterwards. Not being able to pinpoint the formula or steps to use to achieve the final answer can waste time. Difficulty in translating previously memorised theories and concepts into words would also lead to a loss of time.

To get through examinations smoothly, the student would need to practice good time management strategies. With the help of expert Secondary school tutors, they can do so effortlessly.

Feeling Overwhelmed​

In secondary school, students are introduced to an array of subjects which are entirely new to them such as Literature, Physics, Chemistry, Geography and the sorts. With these brand new subjects added into their curriculum, the workload would automatically increase as well.

Each passing day would bring in more concepts to master, homework to complete and exams and tests to ace. If a student is not careful and sharp enough to handle their to-do tasks, they could fall under the victim of feeling overwhelmed and struggle to catch up with the syllabus.

What to look for in a Secondary School Tutor

Connection With Student

It is very important that a secondary school tutor can connect on high levels with the student. When the secondary school tutor’s teaching methods do not mesh well with the student, their learning process and results might suffer from the brunt of it.

When a student and tutor can connect well, be it personality-wise or learning style, the student will be attuned to be more receptive to everything being taught. As they both understand each other, going for extra classes after school hours will not feel like a chore too.


Long school hours with the addition of CCAs can get quite taxing on a student’s physical and mental health. When secondary school tuition is added into the mix, students tend to turn sourer as they feel exhausted.

However, with a motivating and encouraging secondary school home tutor, students will look forward to attending tuition. They can help instill a student’s enthusiasm for learning and keep their chins held high as they soldier through the rest of their bumpy academic years with helpful advice.

Skilled Explainer

A good private secondary school tutor is one who has multiple ways of explaining a material up their sleeves. This is an important skill to have as not all students can digest and take in information from the very first time.

When it is proved that a student is still left in confusion even after the second or third round of explaining, the secondary school tutor should be wise enough to change up their approach until the student can get it down.

Benefits of Secondary School Tuition

As opposed to a big and hectic classroom setting, secondary school 1-1 tuition classes are highly conducive to learn in. In such an environment, a tutor is able to focus on each student much more effectively. When a tutor is able to meticulously observe the student’s performance in class, they are able to provide direct and spot-on feedback.

This includes pointing out useful learning methods to try, what the student should focus on more to see improvements and even how parents can help their child study better when at home.

One of the most common sights in classrooms are witnessing the same bunch of students answering and asking questions to teachers. While those handful of students are inquisitive and not afraid of speaking up, there are still students who are shy and feel intimidated to raise their hands to pose a question. Secondary school tuition will enable these students to clarify their doubts with the tutor.

When not under supervision, studying at home is usually done very light-heartedly for students who lack motivation and drive. Even so, studying at home typically consists of spending some minutes skimming through notes and completion of homework.

No proper revision of the materials taught in class is done and without it, no actual time is actually spent on studying when not on school grounds. With 1-1 secondary school tuition, secondary school tutors can help students remain focused and help them build a studying routine from scratch.

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