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Even though students may not be able to take Physics at the H2 level, taking it at the H1 level remains an appropriate choice for many that plan to study subjects such as Architecture, Industrial design and Real Estate, that require some technical knowledge about Physics, but not to the extent learnt in H2 Physics. 

In addition, even when pursuing popular courses that are less technical like Business or Economics, the fundamental content knowledge taught in H1 Physics is still useful because it can contribute to a greater understanding of current trends in innovation and technology around the world. In addition, H1 Physics lacks a practical component, which allows students to save time studying for practical skills and instead focus on learning about the theory of Physics.

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General problems faced when studying H1 Physics

Less content, but still at the same rigour

Students often make the mistake of assuming that H1 Physics is easier than H2 Physics simply because it is a H1 subject. However, this is not the case and the rigour of both subjects are equivalent, and they only differ in the amount of content that one has to be familiar with. Topics and concepts that are also present in H1 Physics such as resolving of forces in 2 dimensions in Newtonian Mechanics can still be tricky to some students and as a result, weaker students that take H1 Physics may still find themselves stuck.

Deeper conceptual knowledge required​

Despite taking a subject at a lower difficulty level, the gap between H1 Physics and O Level physics can be quite large because of the depth of conceptual understanding involved, and the need to have a good working knowledge and understanding of O level Physics in order to excel at the subject. 

This problem is amplified for students that take combined sciences in secondary school, since they are not entirely used to the rigour of analysis in H1 Physics. As a result, students sometimes struggle when transitioning to learning about H1 physics in year 1. H1 Physics tuition will help student to cope with this new subject. 

Greater emphasis on qualitative analysis​

While it may be a good thing that H1 Physics excludes topics such as Gravitational Field, Electric Fields, Electromagnetic Induction and Quantum Physics, it also means that there is less opportunity to score using quantitative skills learnt in mathematics because these topics are often calculation heavy. 

This gives more room to test qualitative skills such as explanation and elaboration of definition and concepts, which can be less straightforward than solving physics problems with mathematics. As a result, this may be a challenge for some students, especially if they are unable to memorise concepts well or if they have a more quantitative mind. With the help of H1 Physics tuition, students will be able to master the right technique to do well in exam. 

What to look for in a H1 Physics Tutor

Ability to help students build on a weak foundation

Even though students that did not take pure physics may opt for the lower level H1, the fact that they did not take pure physics in the O levels makes it difficult for them to cope with the rigour of the subject, especially in JC1 where they are freshly thrown into the waters. 

Because teachers often do not have the time to correct the poor foundation that students may have, many of them often fall behind in class with little hope of catching up. As a result, a good private H1 Physics tutor should be able to identify these weaknesses and improve on them so they are able to keep up in a fast-paced JC learning environment.

Ability to explain how to apply concepts well

Much of H1 Physics relies on qualitative explanation questions, with a lesser focus on the more intuitive quantitative reasoning. Hence, H1 Physics tutors need to make sure that their students are able to grasp concepts well. In addition, they should be able to teach students how to fully unpack the question and contextualize their concepts to even the most unfamiliar situations in order to score well qualitatively.

Ability to augment understanding with resources

Like any technical subject, students benefit immensely from repeated practice and exposure to different types of questions, so they would not be surprised at any question that comes out for the A levels. Therefore, an effective H1 Physics tutor has to be able to provide resources for students to learn from, such as Ten Year Series questions, past year school papers, lecture notes, and even personal notes on the different kinds of real world application of H1 Physics concepts.

Benefits of H1 Physics Tuition

Whether the student has a strong background in physics from secondary school or a weak one, H1 Physics home tutor are always prepared to ensure the best possible learning experience, either through addressing shortcomings, or by accelerating learning commensurate with how confident they are in the subject already. Learning at a speed dictated by the student instead of the cohort allows them to be more comfortable, enabling them to spend more time mastering the topic, or spend the excess time dealing with weak areas.

Sometimes, because of the workload from taking many A level subjects, students may not have time to effectively do up their notes and summarise to aid in memorisation. More often than not, students simply rely on lecture notes and prior memory, which can be extremely inefficient. Over here, a H1 physics tuition teacher is able to provide ready-made notes and explanations complete with easy-to-remember formula sheets, which allows students to memorise content more efficiently through the better organisation and linking of ideas.

H1 Physics tuition teachers can provide students with the benefit of hindsight as well, because most of them are familiar with the syllabus with most of them having some experience taking the subject itself. As a result, they are able to offer tips outside of academic help such as exam time management skills, how much effort to put in for different topics as well as revealing what the popular question types are. This allows the student to study more efficiently for a subject like H1 Physics with many different question variants that can appear.


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Mastering H1 Physics is no easy feat and requires a high level of conceptual understanding and analytical skills. As these skills are best built early on, it would be prudent to seek help early if you aspire towards an A for the subject. Contact us now and we will be able to connect you with some of the highest quality H1 Physics tuition teachers!

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