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Importance of Pure Physics Tuition

Pure Physics is widely regarded as one of the toughest pure science subjects at the higher secondary level. It builds on the foundation that has been developed in Lower Secondary and goes into much greater depth as compared to the Lower Secondary level. 

There are many new concepts that are introduced at this stage and the learning curve can be steep for a student who does not possess a strong background in science. Despite its conceptual difficulty, a student should develop a strong background in Pure Physics as strong fundamentals would give him an edge when taking Physics at the Junior College level. This makes Pure Physics tuition crucial for the student’s development.

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General problems faced when studying Pure Physics

Conceptual Difficulties

Doing well in Pure Physics requires a strong understanding of the concepts and principles of each topic. The examinations require students to conduct a large amount of both quantitative and qualitative analysis, which cannot be done without a strong grasp and understanding of the relevant concepts. For instance, one is frequently required to apply formulas to produce a given result. 

Thereafter, the student would be expected to evaluate this result. To do so effectively, the student must first understand what the formula means, before being able to explain this result. This is something lacking amongst students as many just memorise the formulas, building a shaky foundation in Pure Physics.

A Stronger Focus on Depth

Unlike Lower Secondary school and Primary School science, Pure Physics is a subject that stands on its own. For some, this can be daunting because it goes into much greater depth as compared to what students are previously used to. 

Students are expected to master a larger amount of content, encompassing five themes: Measurement, Newtonian Mechanics, Thermal Physics, Waves, and Electricity & Magnetism. This covers more topics in greater depth and students are expected to have a full understanding of them. Pure Physics tuition would assist in ensuring that depth is not an issue.

Lack of Foundation

In theory, Pure Physics should be built on the foundation that a student has developed in Lower Secondary science or Primary School science. The reality is not that simple. As Pure Physics is a standalone subject, it goes into far greater depth compared to what Primary and Lower Secondary school science require. As such, the current system does not provide a smooth transition for the student to study Pure Physics. The learning curve would be steep no matter how strong the student was in Lower Secondary science.

What can a Pure Physics Tutor offer?

Strengthening the Foundational Knowledge

Understanding is the key to excellence. Pure Physics tutors are laser-focused on their task of ensuring that students understand the basic concepts and principles that underlie the wide variety of topics that students encounter. Pure Physics tutors are trained and experienced in ensuring that difficult and abstract concepts that students encounter may be explained in a simple manner, hence allowing students to memorise such concepts without expending much effort.

Streamlining the Subject

The number of topics and formulas that Pure Physics students must understand and remember might be daunting. However, students should only be focused on the key principles behind each topic. There is no need to memorise everything as this would be inefficient. 

Pure Physics tutors are here to create a framework to enhance the student’s learning and distil important principles from each topic, hence streamlining the student’s learning process and giving him more time to focus on other subjects. Furthermore, Pure Physics tutors could create bite-sized notes for each topic to ensure that students understand the key concepts of each topic.

Extra Coaching

Like any other skill, Pure Physics can be mastered through practice. Pure Physics tutors provide an avenue where such practice could be supervised. Where students go the extra mile by doing more practice questions that are made available to them, Pure Physics tutors are here to clarify any doubts that students might have in the learning process. 

Not only do Pure Physics tutors ensure that students can get the correct answer to a particular problem, they also develop problem-solving skills of the student by giving them tips to come to the correct conclusion in a more efficient manner.

Benefits of Pure Physics Tuition

Pure Physics is a content-heavy subject where students must cover many topics prior to the examinations. They include Static Electricity, Current of Electricity, General Wave Properties and Sound. This is a wide range of topics that might not be covered in sufficient depth at school. Furthermore, due to the lack of resources, schools might only breeze through certain portions of the topic. 

Here, Pure Physics tuition is essential as it bridges the gap that students may face by ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the topic. Pure Physics tuition provides extra material and notes such that they have a deeper knowledge of the subject, ensuring success in the examinations.

The class sizes in secondary schools prevent students from getting an equal amount of attention. This could stymie the learning process and prevent students from understanding complex concepts in Pure Physics. Pure Physics tuition solves this problem as it ensures that no student is left behind in the learning process.

 Pure Physics tuition aims to devote a high level of attention to each and every student, ensuring that they can understand the given material that would be tested in the examinations. As such, Pure Physics tuition greatly increases the chances of students scoring a distinction grade.

By improving the understanding of complex problems and concepts within the subject, Pure Physics tuition ensures that the student is confident when encountering questions in the examination context. Pure Physics tuition provides a conducive environment where students are encouraged to clarify their doubts and develop an interest in the subject. As such, Pure Physics tuition produces a virtuous cycle where students practice more and hence increase their confidence in the subject.

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