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Importance of Primary 1 Math Tuition

Seeing your child enter primary school for the first time can be a daunting experience; this marks the start of their academic journey for the next 10 years and more. This is their first step into forging a successful future for themselves — yes, it all starts here. Understandably, every parent wants to know what their children can be expected to learn in their very first year in school in a bid to guide them through this journey as much as they can. 

Nevertheless, there will be times when professional guidance is needed, which is where Primary 1 math tuition can prove beneficial. With that in mind, here is a quick overview of the Primary 1 math syllabus, and how enrolling your child in Primary 1 math tuition can help prepare them for the coming years.

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Primary 1 Math Syllabus

Count numbers up to 100

Utilising a variety of activities ranging from group projects to interactive card games, students will be able to:

  1. Quantify objects in a set
  2. Identify place values (ones, tens, etc.)
  3. Read and write numbers in numerals and words
  4. Compare objects between sets of 2 or more
  5. Compare and order numbers
  6. Understand patterns in number sequences
  7. Ordinal numbers (1st, 2nd, etc.)

Addition and Subtraction

Students will have opportunities to create addition and subtraction stories using objects and pictures, as well as other equation-forming practices. They should be able to:

  1. Understand the concepts of addition and subtraction
  2. Add more than two 1-digit numbers
  3. Add and subtract within 100
  4. Add and subtract using algorithms 
  5. Solving simple word problems involving addition and subtraction within 20
  6. Simple mental calculations

Multiplication and Division

By practising the sharing of objects and separating them into groups, students will:

  1. Understand multiplication and division concepts
  2. Multiply within 40 and divide within 20
  3. Solving simple word problems involving multiplication and division using pictures


Students are encouraged to communicate and share their shopping/purchasing experiences, identify and count coins and notes of different denominations, and use play money to simulate monetary equations. They will learn to:

  1. Count money
    1. In cents (up to $1)
    2. In dollars (up to $100)
  2. Solve simple math questions involving the addition and subtraction of money

What can Primary 1 Math tutor offer?

Accurate Identification of a Student’s Strengths and Weaknesses

Like every other subject, each student has their unique learning aptitude. Some learn more quickly and understand concepts more easily than others. A good Primary 1 math tutor is able to identify where each student excels and struggles in, and has the flexibility to tweak lesson plans that best addresses areas that they need help in the most. This is especially important because teachers don’t always have the time to be able to identify the strengths and weaknesses of every student in their classes.

Creative Approaches

A competent Primary 1 math tutor is able to explain concepts in a language that students can understand. It can be difficult to bridge the linguistic gap between adults and children, so it’s important for tutors to be constantly aware of how lessons and ideas are communicated. Beyond linguistics, if a student is unable to grasp concepts taught in school, a good Primary 1 math tutor should be able to approach them in a unique and creative manner that allows for students to understand them better.

Long-Term Understanding

Beyond scoring good grades for their next test, a true hallmark of a student’s understanding of a subject is their ability to understand future concepts in the years ahead, as this is an indication of how strong their foundational knowledge is. A good Primary 1 math tutor is not just merely concerned about that coveted A, however important it is; they should also be dedicated enough to ensure that students truly understand the rationale behind every concept they learn. After all, math is different from other subjects in the sense that without a strong foundation, it will be difficult to pick up future concepts.

Benefits of Primary 1 Math Tuition

Math is arguably one of the most important subjects in school; it transcends industry-specific applications and is prevalent in our everyday lives. This is why having a solid foundation in math is essential in your child’s ability to function well as a human being in day-to-day activities. Whether students choose to major in science or humanities down the road, math remains consistently important in their lives. Having Primary 1 math tuition enables your child to have a higher chance of getting the basics right.

It is never too early to enrol your child in Primary 1 math tuition, not only to give them a head start in their education, but to solidify their foundational math skills. Having a dedicated Primary 1 math home tutor is going to provide your child with undivided attention that they might not have the opportunity to receive in school, and this enables them to have as many questions addressed as possible. For a subject that is practically new to them, the basics have to be mastered.

Enrolling in Primary 1 math tuition allows your child access to a wide variety of resources at our disposal, from unique activities designed to augment your child’s understanding of each subject, to past papers that provide more avenues for practice. Having additional help that might not always be available in school enables your child to have an even broader understanding of the subject.

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