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Importance of Primary School English Tuition

It is essential for primary school students to learn proper English at a young age. English is the medium of instruction at all educational institutions in Singapore, and it is also the language of the internet, of aviation, of tourism, of diplomacy, and of science. English is spoken by 750 million people worldwide either as a first or second language, and thus having a solid foundation in English will allow primary school students to unlock more doors in future.

Studies have shown that children are much better at learning languages than adults. Hence it is critical that primary school students are provided with an encouraging environment and personalised guidance for them to excel in English both in the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) and beyond. Primary school english tuition will help to ensure that your child build the right foundation from an early age. 

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Common problems faced when studying Primary School English


English grammar is complex and confusing. The many grammatical rules can make speaking and writing English difficult, especially for non-native speakers. Many primary school students, even those from English speaking families, struggle with understanding and following the many grammatical rules. 

Yet grammar forms the basis of English and it must be mastered early on to speak, read, and write at a higher level. It is therefore essential that English grammar is mastered at a primary school level to do well in English at secondary and tertiary levels. Primary school English tuition will help to ensure that your child master the grammar rules. 


English has one of the biggest vocabularies in any language. An early mastery of vocabulary will help your child excel in all areas of communication, be it writing, speaking, reading, or listening. Vocabulary is also a key component of the PSLE English Composition Paper, with as many as 40 percent of the marks being allocated to good use of vocabulary.

Speech and Pronunciation

Poor English pronunciation is the biggest blow to a student’s confidence. It will create a vicious cycle where the student is discouraged from speaking, further denying the student a chance to improve his speech and pronunciation. It is important to pick up the subtleties of pronunciation at an early age, not just to do well in English, but also to be a strong and confident communicator.

What to look for in a Primary School English Tutor

Patience and Dedication

Everyone knows that primary school children can be a handful sometimes. These children are still at the stage where they are exploring the world, and this may manifest in playful behaviour. Primary school English tutors need to have the patience to work with young children and they cannot get easily frustrated if the child is uncooperative. 

Feedback from parents to Distinction Tutors has shown that the  primary school English home tutors we engage are both dedicated and patient. They teach students in a fun and engaging manner while ensuring that subject matter has been covered fully.

Qualifications and Experience

Primary school English tutors must have experience working with primary school students and have the right qualifications to teach English. At Distinction Tutors, we only recommend english tuition teachers that have both experience working with children and possess stellar English achievements or qualifications to tutor primary school students in English.

Familiarity with Syllabus

The Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) is one of the most important examinations in a student’s life. However, the everchanging PSLE English syllabus makes life difficult for both English tutors and English school teachers alike. It is important for private English tutors to be up to date with the current syllabus to ensure that what they teach is in line with what the school teaches.

Benefits of Primary School English Tuition

Speaking proper English will increase your child’s confidence. Many children, especially non-native speakers, will struggle with the pronunciation and sentence structure of English. Making mistakes is often embarrassing and a hit on their confidence. As a result, children often stop trying to articulate themselves for fear of embarrassment. 

This leads to a vicious cycle whereby children are unable to practice speech and get better. At Distinction Tutors, our Primary School English tuition teachers make a conscious effort to help your child improve not just in grades but also oral communication. Children can build confidence through practicing with their English Tutors, and this confidence in speaking could be the key to their future success.

A key benefit of private tuition for primary school English is that your English tutor focuses solely on your child, and their attention is not split amongst other students. This makes it easier for your English tutor to spot your child’s mistakes in grammar and vocabulary and correct them on the spot. Correctly foundational mistakes promptly will help your child improve in English much faster.

Proficiency in English is a prerequisite to excel in further education and in the workplace. In Singapore, all subjects and courses (other than Mother Tongue) are taught using English as the medium of instruction. Our experienced primary school English tutors will work with you and your child to ensure that your child will be equipped with the right tools to excel in their further studies.

PSLE English is one of the hardest subjects to score a AL1  in. A lot of guidance is required to do well in PSLE English. However, it is hard for a primary school English teacher to pay attention and offer individualized help to each of their students. Rest assured that at Distinction Tutors, your child will be in capable hands. Our English tuition teachers will provide personalised guidance while practicing key examination techniques with your child, to ensure that your child scores their desired grade for PSLE English.

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Distinction Tutors has always been synonymous with quality. We filter our tutor databases frequently so that only primary school English tutors that are qualified, patient, and familiar with the syllabus are recommended to students. Our English tutors have received many positive reviews from parents and students alike, and we are confident that we can help you too.

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