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Importance of O-Level AMath Tuition

Additional Mathematics (AMath) is unlike any other O-Level subject that students take. It is embedded with abstract concepts and theories that will be the building blocks for students when they pursue further studies in the field of mathematics, be it in Junior College (JC), or Polytechnic. 

Consequently, it is highly desirable to secure a rock-solid foundation in this subject. Likewise, stellar results in this subject will not only make further studies easier to grasp, but also guarantee students’ admission into their course of choice. This is because all Science courses in JC require students to take Math (while H1 Math is allowed in some schools, H2 Math is the standard set by most Science students), and most Engineering courses in Poly/ITE require mathematical concepts like calculus, which are studied in O-Level. 

Thus, students should do their utmost in securing the highly sought-after A1 for AMath at their O-Level examinations.

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Common problems faced when studying O-Level AMath

New, Abstract Concepts and Different Style of Learning

AMath branches out from conventional Elementary Mathematics (EMath) that we are normally used to. This is mainly because AMath is the bridge between daily-use Math and Math as an academic concept. So, most students face difficulties in adapting a new style of thinking while doing problems in AMath, because the subject relies heavily on ‘mathematical thinking’ (also known as logic/problem-solving). 

Furthermore, there are a multitude of new ideas, like differentiation, integration and further trigonometry, developed throughout the 2 years that students are expected to grasp and absorb just as quickly as they are taught, which adds on to the workload.

Time Commitment Required

For many students, they face difficulty juggling the rigours of AMath with other subjects and extracurricular activities and commitments like CCA/VIA, etc. However, AMath is a subject that must always be practised; without practice, students lose touch with the concepts and techniques taught to them.

Practising Methods and Techniques

Certainly, every student would want to ace their AMath exam. However, many students lose out because of the way they approach the subject and revisions. Students usually just memorise formulas and drill questions thinking that quantity will somehow lead to quality but unfortunately, this is not the most efficient way to study. For a subject like this, a deep understanding of concepts will serve students better, because ultimately, true understanding enables students to retain knowledge better.

What can an Amath tutor offers?

Difficult Topics Made Easy and Straightforward

With the help of an O-Level AMath tutor, students can easily understand every single topic in the syllabus, from quadratic functions and surds to calculus. Additionally, AMath tutors can cater to each student’s specific needs, and address any difficulties faced by students in the most efficient way. 

Furthermore, AMath Tutor can teach students in a way that brings about an appreciation for the subject, and the profound understanding required to master the concepts taught in the subject, through derivations of formulas, instead of encouraging plain memorisation.

Create Summarised Notes and Formula Sheets

During exams, students will have the formula page to refer to if they forget certain formulas or identities, and it is no secret that in AMath, there are at least twenty formulas that students are expected to know. AMath tutors can prepare concise, clear-cut formula sheets for students to carry on-the-go as they attempt and practise more questions, which will also boost students’ memory and understanding. 

Ultimately, this will aid them by saving precious time in their O-Level AMath examination. On top of that, AMath tutors can prepare summarised notes, fitting the most salient points from each chapter in short, comprehensible lines that students can use to jolt their memory or refer to just before their examinations or even while practising.

Benefits of O-Level AMath Tuition

O-Level AMath introduces a variety of new concepts, offering an insight into abstract mathematics. To many students, this new, abstract perspective of a seemingly straightforward subject can become very daunting very fast. In school as well, teachers may sometimes be concerned with finishing the syllabus on time, which leads to rushing through new topics that are sometimes harder for students to grasp. 

However, with an AMath tuition teacher, these same abstract topics will be broken down into simpler versions, analogies and the like, for students to understand concepts easier. The important point would be to teach in a method that works for the student.

Of course, every student is different and has their own strengths and weaknesses. AMath tutors will buttress the student’s strengths, ensuring that they have a rock-solid foundation, and even stretch them further where possible. At the same time, for their weaker topics, AMath tutors will tailor their teaching pedagogy to the student’s needs, and the preferred pace that works for the students.

The goal of AMath tuition is to ensure as best as possible that the student can clinch an A1 in the O-Level examination. Distinction Tutors has a team of AMath tutors who have consistently produced stellar results, with many of our students getting an A1 for O-Level AMath. With our help, we can provide you with excellent AMath tutors, who will definitely give students the required reassurance and most importantly, the confidence of obtaining their highly coveted A1 for AMath in O-Level.

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Distinction Tutors can help

Distinction Tutors can provide your child with passionate and distinguished AMath tutors in Singapore. The tutors have time and again always provided dedicated support to all their students, often even going the extra mile to answer questions late at night, and spending extra time creating notes or explanations that cater to different students’ learning needs, ensuring that they understand the chapters thoroughly.

 Undoubtedly, their efforts have proven to bear fruit when their students obtain an A1 in AMath at their O-Levels. Reach out to us to solidify the chances of your child’s A1 as well!

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