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H2 Chemistry may be a major roadblock for many JC students, but with H2 Chemistry tuition, our professional H2 Chemistry tutors are able to help you overcome the difficulties of Chemistry!

Importance of H2 Chemistry Tuition

Chemistry remains the most common science subject taken in JC. While many students have opted to take the subject at the H1 level due to the smaller range of content covered, many prestigious courses in University require students to take H2 Chemistry. For instance, competitive courses like Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical science all require a good pass for Chemistry, suggesting a B grade at minimum to even be considered. 

Moreover, H2 Chemistry opens up doors to take H3 Chemistry, which can help to differentiate the student from other peers in school, and help them to secure exclusive scholarships or course placements in local or overseas colleges. Hence, if students want to get an early advantage over their peers and prevent themselves from falling behind, they should consider signing up for H2 Chemistry tuition under our experienced H2 Chemistry tutors.

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Common Problems Faced by Students when Studying H2 Chemistry

Difficulty coping with the practical component

H2 Chemistry includes a Paper 4 which tests students on practical skills in chemistry-related experiments similar to the O level format. However, many students still struggle in this area because they either lack the hands-on ability to complete experiments efficiently, or lack the ability to consolidate theoretical chemistry knowledge with real-world experimentation. 

As a result, many students face problems completing the experiments and answering the related evaluative questions that carry significant weightage. Furthermore, the limited lab time students get in school may hinder their ability to build the necessary practical skills to excel in paper 4.

Greater intensity of content

While the rigour of topics in H2 Chemistry is similar to that of H1 Chemistry, H2 Chemistry students are required to study for more topics such as Electrochemistry, Transition Elements and Chemical Equilibria. Even for shared topics like Organic Chemistry and Acid-Base Equilibria, the content in H2 Chemistry is greater, which may present an added difficulty to students especially because they also need to study for the practical paper. Over here, students may struggle to keep pace with lessons if they are building up significant gaps in knowledge from previous topics.

Difficulty transitioning from O level Chemistry

Some students may find it difficult to transition from the demands of O level chemistry, especially if they have taken combined science in secondary school. This is because many topics like Energetics, Kinetics and Electrolysis are covered in pure chemistry, but are excluded from the combined chemistry syllabus. 

The foreign nature of topics may cause combined chemistry students to lag behind their peers and take longer to master concepts. In addition, even for students that took pure chemistry, the added rigour of calculation in evaluative questions in H2 Chemistry topics may also be difficult for many students to adjust to, which may be worsened by a poor foundation in mathematics.

What to look for in a H2 Chemistry Tutor

Ability to help students study for the practical component

Since H2 Chemistry has a practical component that takes up a significant 20% of the overall grade, H2 Chemistry tutors should be able to impart crucial practical skills such as time management and calculation techniques to ensure that students can effortlessly secure the ‘A’ grade. Furthermore, the H2 Chemistry tutor should also be able to tie in theoretical chemistry knowledge with practical experiments so students are able to easily identify concepts at a glance while doing the experiment.

Ability to ground theory in real world examples

Many H2 Chemistry concepts are extremely theoretical, so students may find it difficult to appreciate the content that is being taught. This can also lead to a detachment from the reality of Chemistry and its real-world applications, so students may struggle in application-type questions. Therefore, an effective H2 Chemistry home tutor is expected to be able to provide students with many real-world examples of chemical reactions such as in industrial chemical synthesis. Furthermore, an exposure to commonly-used real world chemicals compounds can also help students to apply concepts more easily.

Ability to teach higher order thinking skills

H2 Chemistry also has many high order thinking questions that extend past the regular demands of memorization. As such, the H2 Chemistry tutor should also be able to help students achieve mastery of critical thinking aside from teaching them content knowledge and its applications. This is especially useful in areas like Chemical Elucidation or Organic Chemical synthesis which often appear in paper 3 of chemistry, since a large amount of deductive reasoning skills are required to get full credit for the question.

Benefits of H2 Chemistry Tuition

Students are able to learn at their own speed and pace as our H2 Chemistry tutors are able to accommodate to the learning style and efficiency of the student. Having personal one-on-one H2 Chemistry tuition is especially useful for topics that have many interrelated subchapters, because students may fall behind in one of the earlier topics like Addition reactions, and find it difficult to advance to further topics like Condensation Reactions. This contrasts heavily with the school setting where students have to conform to the speed of the class or lecture and be expected to keep up.

Our experienced H2 Chemistry tutors have significant experience dealing with the demands of the H2 Chemistry syllabus and guiding students through it as well. As a result, students can be well assured that the teaching method and tips given by the personal tutor during H2 Chemistry tuition are the most effective ways to score an A in the eventual A levels.

Our personal tutors for H2 Chemistry tuition will be able to provide students with a wide range of past year papers, other school papers, or even their own personally-curated questions for students to practice on, during H2 Chemistry tuition and in their own personal revision. This augments the exposure that schools have already given to students via the Ten Year Series or internal school practice booklets, so students are more familiar with the types of questions that can come out for the A levels.

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