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Importance of JC General Paper Tuition

JC General Paper is one of the subjects with the lowest A rates in A-levels. It is often that one subject which prevents outstanding students from getting their perfect 90 Rank Point for A levels. Getting that coveted “A” in General Paper can place students trying for competitive courses like medicine or law at a significant advantage.

The most common and most easily avoidable mistake students make in the General Paper examination is not answering the question. This is especially the case in their Paper 1 Essay and Paper 2 Application Question (AQ). Although answering the question seems relatively straightforward, students taking General Paper often forget to address all the keywords and the context in the question.

An example is the 2018 A level General Paper 1 Question: “To what extent is the pursuit of continuous economic growth a desirable goal?” Many students celebrated this seemingly simple question and regurgitated whatever benefits and drawbacks of economic growth they could remember from their economics textbooks. However, these students did not answer the question fully, as they missed out the keyword of “continuous”.

The students that did not take into account the keyword of “continuous” had essays that became a description of the pros and cons of economic growth. Astute students who understood the question fully would have realised that the question was really asking if the pursuit of economic growth was always desirable at all given economic stages. They would have gone on to write essays on whether “continuous economic growth” was desirable in countries still concerned with bread and butter issues, as compared to developed countries who should have more emphasis on intangible aspects in life, such as cultural preservation.

JC General Paper tuition will teach students the technique to answering question fully to excel in A Level General Paper. No matter how good a student’s writing ability is, their marks would have been capped if they did not address each aspect of the question fully.

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Common problems faced when studying for JC General Paper

Not Knowing What to Study

In math and sciences, understanding and practice will help students achieve an A. In humanities, there are frameworks and notes to help students perfect their essays. However, with General Paper, Junior College students are often confused as to what the examiners want, or even what they should study to improve in General Paper. This is because of the subjective nature of General Paper. 

There are no proper frameworks or notes to help students improve, and students are often left to their own devices trying to find relevant examples to use in their essays by combing through the internet. Thankfully, our General Paper tutors are experienced enough to guide you in the right direction, and they provide you with frameworks and notes you can use to excel in your General Paper examination.

Essay Examples Lack Breadth

Many A-level students find that they are unable to generate enough examples when faced with a essay topic. This is mainly because most Junior College students do not have the time to read widely enough to come up with a variety of examples from different sectors. 

In reality, there are multitudes of examples that are relevant to the essay question. Other than reading more broadly, students taking GP also need is a proper framework to organise these examples.  A framework recommend by many JC General Paper tutor is the SPERMS framework (S-Social, P-Political, E-Economic, R-Religious, M-Media/Military/Moral, S-Science and Technology).

Trouble Paraphrasing for Paper 2

The A-level GP 2 consists of the short-answer comprehension questions, the summary, and the Application Question (AQ). The short-answer questions and the summary both require all keywords to be paraphrased. This is challenging to many students, especially to those students that do not have an extensive command of vocabulary. 

The GP home tutor at Distinction Tutors often find that students are able to understand what the question is asking for, but are unable to paraphrase their answer accurately and concisely. JC General Paper tuition will teach students the techniques and method to tackles these questions. 

What to look for in a JC General Paper Tutor

Capable of Teaching the Various Skills involved In General Paper

General Paper involves a lot of skills that Junior College students struggle with. In Paper 1, students must be able to come up with topic sentences that answer the question directly, use relevant examples from multiple perspectives, and come up with a convincing explanation that shows the importance of the example in the question. 

In Paper 2, students need to infer hidden meaning in the passage, paraphrase and summarise, and bring up relevant examples from their own society. A qualified private GP tutor must be able to impart all these skills into their students in a succinct manner.

Provide Notes and Model Essays

Students are often at a loss for what to study for General Paper. Experienced General Paper tutors understand this problem and provide notes and model essays that are easy for students to digest and apply. This saves students time from both finding their own examples on the internet and generating arguments to explain these examples.

Ability and Qualifications

Although General Paper is a subjective topic, the qualifications required to teach General Paper are generally objective. General Paper tutors should be students who excelled in General Paper in Junior College, or teachers who have been teaching General Paper in schools or at tuition centres for many years. 

At Distinction Tutors, we conduct comprehensive background checks to ensure that only qualified General Paper tutors remain in our databases, so you can rest assured that the tutor we recommend will be more than capable of helping you.

Benefits of JC General Paper Tuition

The most important goal of General Paper Tuition is for you to secure an A at the A-level examinations. This is most easily done through drilling students in examination techniques. Two of the most important skills JC students need to excel in GP are explaining their examples in their essay and paraphrasing their answers in comprehension. Our GP tuition teachers will put additional emphasis on ensuring that students can explain their examples in a way that answers the essay question, while drilling students in the skill of paraphrasing their comprehension answers.

Our experienced General Paper tutors would have made lists of relevant examples across all sectors that you can use for your essay. Instead of combing through newspapers or the internet for relevant articles, you can just take the General Paper tuition teacher’s recommended examples and apply them in your essay. This not only saves you time, but also gives you peace of mind that your examples are written in the best phrased way and are pertinent to the question.

The General Paper lecturers in school often do not have enough time to review every essay, AQ, or comprehension in detail with individual students. Comments given are usually generic and the student does not have anything solid to work on. With 1-to-1 General Paper tuition, our General Paper  tutors will be able to provide step by step guidance and in depth review of your work. Our feedback will be detailed and tailored towards you, and we will work together with you in a specified direction.

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Distinction Tutors has many excellent General Paper tutors in our databases. Our databases ranges from recently graduated A level students with numerous model essays, to current/ex MOE General Paper lecturers with years of experience guiding students. In the past few years, we have helped many Junior College students achieve an “A” for GP, and we are confident that we can help you as well. 

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