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Importance of H2 History Tuition

H2 History is one of the most rigorous subjects to take at Junior College level. As many who choose to take H2 History at the JC level have a strong passion and talent for it, excelling amongst a strong cohort may be harder. Although many courses in Singapore universities do not have H2 History as a prerequisite, it gives students a competitive edge over others especially in written entrance tests or even applying to popular universities in the UK, where H2 History can be a subject prerequisite. Hence, doing well for H2 History will create even more opportunities for students, and this is where H2 History tuition can help.

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Common problems faced when studying H2 History

A Lot of Content to Study

Many H2 History students struggle most with memorising the content for their papers. This is problematic because students run the risk of spending too much time on H2 History, neglecting their other subjects. Students may also attempt to spot topics that will sacrifice the quality of their revision, and will cost them a lot should questions they did not prepare for come up during the exam. H2 History tuition can help manage this workload, making the time spent on studying H2 History more efficient.

Longer and More Complicated Essays to Write

Unlike O-Level History, H2 History essays are very long and consist of many skills components like Inference, Reliability, and Utility skills. The failure to write one component well can result in the whole essay failing to achieve the required score criteria in the Level of Response Marking Scheme, despite having the rest of your essay written well. It is hard to demonstrate all of the skills competently and consistently throughout the long essays students have to write in the H2 History exam. However, mastering these skills is crucial in securing an ‘A’ for H2 History.

Quick Pace of Learning

H2 History is taught at a rapid pace. For instance, the lengthy history of Southeast Asia’s Political Stability from 1920 to 2000 for 7 different countries can be covered in 7 1-hour lectures alone, making self-study and pre-lecture readings a must if students want to follow the pace of the lesson well. Some students may lack the discipline or motivation to do this, causing them to fail to keep up with the quick pace. It is essential that students have good support to keep up with this quick pace of learning.

What can a H2 History Tutor offer?

Consolidate the Content Taught

The heavy content load taught in H2 History can be extremely daunting and intimidating, causing students to fall behind in classes and exams. A H2 History Tutor can explain and interpret the content in a concise and efficient manner, helping students catch up and learn more efficiently. A H2 History tutor can also filter through unnecessary content and really zero in on what is crucial for exam preparation. They can also support students in keeping up with the pace of lessons with a more efficient way of teaching. In short, H2 History tuition is a good way to consolidate learning.

Answering Technique

As many of the skills required in H2 History are built around the O-Level History syllabus, many students may forget how to execute certain skills in their History essays. A H2 History Tutor can help these students refine their understanding of these skills and provide personalised feedback on them. Unlike schools that have to spend an equal amount of time teaching everything, a H2 History tutor can spend more time on skills and topics that students are less confident in.

Exam Skills and Tips

A H2 History tutor is experienced in not just taking the H2 History exam but also teaching students who have since gone on to take the exam as well. They can consolidate commonly made mistakes so students learn how to avoid perpetuating those errors. This allows students to not only adjust their own exam habits but also anticipate the common mistakes that others have made in the past. A H2 History tutor can provide constant reminders and feedback, as well as consistent examination tips so that students can remember them. Schools often do not spend time teaching students on exam tips and tricks, which is where having a H2 History tutor can come in handy.

Benefits of H2 History Tuition

H2 History introduces many new topics, and students need to know all of them equally well. Having H2 History tuition will definitely help students process and understand the content better. With the rapid pace of learning in school, H2 History tuition helps to reinforce students’ understanding and address questions about the content taught. Furthermore, school teachers may explain things either too briefly, or in a manner that is hard for some students to comprehend. H2 History Tuition will help clarify these explanations and give students an easier way to understand things, making them less stressed about their studies.

Different JC students are weak at different topics and skills. This is especially so in H2 History when there are many topics and skills to learn. H2 History Tuition will provide worksheets and activities that best suit each student’s needs. H2 History Tutors will work on the students’ weak points and further refine their strong points, so that they can master all the skills and content equally well. This is hard to achieve in school as a teacher has to manage a large group of students. With private H2 History tuition, students get to learn in a wholly personalised environment..

With H2 History tuition, students are exposed to more practices. This equips students with greater knowledge on how to deal with different questions during the actual exam, giving them a huge confidence boost. All these resources are made available to each student enrolled in H2 History tuition.

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Distinction Tutors has one of the most dedicated networks of H2 History tutors in Singapore. They are knowledgeable, passionate, and dedicated, often taking the extra step to support JC students, create tailored lessons that will truly benefit them, and are always responsive to queries. This has contributed to an impressive track record of helping students excel in A-Level History. Reach out to us today to improve your child’s chances in getting an ‘A’ for A-Level History.

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