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The importance of A level Biology cannot be overemphasised, regardless of if students take H1 or H2 Biology.  A level Biology occupies a significant weightage in the student’s rank point, and a student’s rank point is especially important if students are applying for competitive courses like Medicine, Dentistry, or Law. 

Furthermore, an A in A level Biology is a prerequisite in biologically related courses in University like Medicine and Pharmaceutical Science. More importantly, the knowledge from the A level Biology syllabus enables students to have a good foundation in any biologically related courses in University. 

Although A level Biology is extremely content heavy, it also has one of the highest A rates in the A level examinations. According to the 2017 A level statistics, H2 Biology had the highest national distinction rate of 46.0%, compared to 41.3% for H2 Physics and 38.9% for H2 Chemistry. Hence, as long as students put in the effort, it is very possible to get an A for A level Biology. 

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Common problems faced when studying A Level Biology

No clear study strategy​

Many A level Biology students study A level Biology with no clear study strategy in mind. Students may use the same method that worked for them in secondary school, which is just memorising every piece of information in their lecture book. This will no longer work for A level Biology, as the curriculum increases by more than tenfold, and a lecture book for a single topic could contain more content than the whole O level Biology syllabus. 

A level Biology students must learn how to study smart, using a collection of selective memorisation, active recall, and spaced repetition in order to do well. No matter how good a student’s memory is, sole memorisation will not enable students to get an A in their A level Biology examination.

Not sure how to craft answers​

A common problem that A level Biology students face is not knowing how to craft their answer in a way that will maximise the marks obtained. Thankfully, there is no need for A level Biology students to craft answers from scratch. Both O level Biology and A level Biology have a certain set of standard answers that can be memorised and adapted to most questions. The difference is that there are many more A level Biology standard answers to be memorised, and these answers are much longer and more detailed. 

Fast pace of lessons ​

There are vast amounts of content that needs to be covered to complete the A level Biology curriculum. Biology schoolteachers often find themselves strapped for time, and this results in fast-paced Biology lectures, with possibly 30-40 pages of content being covered in a one hour lecture. 

Even the brightest students would not be able to follow at a pace of 2 minutes per page, and students need to either look through the lecture book before or after the lecture to fully grasp the topic. This poses an extra challenge to students as students must spend additional time trying to understand lessons. Biology tuition will aid students in understanding the materials. 

What to look for in an A Level Biology Tutor

Teach students exam techniques

A good A level Biology tutor should also impart exam techniques to the student while teaching the A level Biology curriculum. Effective use of exam techniques could make a significant difference on the day of the A level Biology exam, and it could be the difference between an “A” and a “B”. Examples of useful exam techniques Biology tuition teachers could share would be taking a few seconds to double check on what the question is asking for before answering, memorising a certain set of model answers, and scanning the paper to get a gauge of the difficulty before starting. 

Study according to “Learning Outcomes”

The A level Biology curriculum has enormous amounts of content to be covered. This results in very thick lecture books for students, and A level students often struggle to finish revising all the information in lecture books. An experienced A level Biology tutor would know that a lot of the information in lecture books is not essential for students to do well. 

Although this information is good to know, the most essential information is the content that addresses the “Learning Outcomes”. Almost all questions in the A level Biology paper are based off of the Learning Outcomes, which can be found in the H2 or H1 Biology syllabus page. A level Biology home tutors should teach students how to study according to these “Learning Outcomes” in order for students to study more efficiently.


Attention to details

Most A level Biology answers are extremely long, with some questions such as the essay question taking up 15 marks. A level Biology tutors must be able to pick out any mistakes in student’s answers, in order to identify possible misconceptions. To do this, A level Biology tuition teachers must be patient and extremely detailed when reading through these long answers, making sure to check through all marking points.

Benefits of A Level Biology Tuition

Different A level Biology students may be good at different topics. However, school Biology lectures often take a “one size fits all” approach, going at an equal speed for all topics. This mode of lesson is detrimental to A level Biology students, as students may get bored during certain lectures while struggling to keep up during others.

Thankfully with A level Biology tuition, lessons are conducted at a personalised pace with one-to-one A level Biology tutors. The adaptable pace of lesson enables A level Biology students to absorb information efficiently and deeply.

Having A level Biology tuition will likely enable students to score higher in their internal school assessments. Doing well in these internal assessments, such as the Block Tests and Prelims, will undoubtedly increase student’s confidence in their Biology ability. This confidence is extremely valuable and could greatly affect the student’s performance on the day of the A level Biology exam.

Ultimately, the purpose of A level Biology tuition is to increase the student’s chances of getting an “A” at the A level Biology examination. Distinction Tutors has excelled in this aspect, with many students getting an A for H1 Biology and H2 Biology. You can rest assured that our services equate to results.

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