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Importance of O-Level History Tuition

Firstly, history allows students to understand the construct of the modern world. The future is shaped by the past. O-Level history explores the making of the modern world so it is an extremely relevant subject. Secondly, critical thinking is one of the top assets sought after in the workplace. Students taking O-Level history are trained to question things beyond the surface. 

They are taught to come to an objective conclusion after assessing different evidence and arguments. Hence, O-Level history trains students to be highly perceptive, a useful yet versatile skill that can be applied anywhere. Thirdly, in our diverse society, it is important to practice open mindedness. O-Level history pushes students to display tolerance for different viewpoints. There is no one true way of life, much like how there is no one true opinion. Different opinions are equally valid and O-Level history provides an avenue for students to understand that.

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Common problems faced when studying O-Level history

Overly subjective writing

When looking at the atrocities committed by leaders of the past, it is easy for students to get caught up in emotions. This is unfortunately reflected in their writing, which may sound overly biased and emotive. The O-Level history syllabus requires students to display an objective tone throughout their writing. 

Different viewpoints should be considered, even if the student disagrees with them, before coming to their own historical interpretation. Students are also required to leave aside their modern day standards when judging historical events. This is necessary to maintain overall objectivity. Yet it can be challenging for students to take out their modern day lenses when examining historical sources.

Shallow thinking

It can be very difficult to read in between the lines. In O-Level history, it is common to find face value analysis that did not consider deeper motives or implicit messages. In source based analysis, the syllabus demands students to analyze the sources critically and back their statements with proper evidence. 

If students are unable to perceive the sources accurately, it would be hard to come up with the right evidence and give a convincing argument. Similarly, in the structured essay questions, students need to explain historical events with depth. If their essays only scratch the surface of layered historical events, scoring well would be tough.

Unable to handle memory work

O-Level history requires students to memorize different historical dates and events. This could be a huge obstacle for students who struggle to remember facts. Under exam pressure, it would be even harder to recall information. However, to analyze historical sources accurately, historical context is needed. This means that students need to know important dates and events to use as evidence in their essays. Unfortunately, this is also the downfall of many students as they struggle to remember such dense information.

What to look for in an O-Level history tutor

Understands the O-Level history syllabus

This might come off as a no brainer. However, it is a key quality found in all good history tutors. The O-Level syllabus is different from other academic Levels of history. In order to teach O-Level history well, the history tutor should have a good understanding of the requirements of the syllabus. 

Even if a history tutor displays fantastic knowledge of tertiary Level history, it would be pointless if they are unable to impart the necessary skills to O-Level history students. Beyond syllabus requirements, the history tutor should understand the key traits that cambridge examiners are looking for in a good script. This would greatly benefit students in gearing them towards better scores.

Passion for history

Passion is the key element that makes lessons engaging. Even if history is not a student’s favourite subject, a passionate history tutor would still make classes enjoyable. History can get dry and it’s important to find a teacher who knows how to inject life into the subject. Intuitively, a passionate history tutor would also have a more in depth understanding of history.

Understands your weaknesses

When looking to improve, the first thing we focus on are our weaknesses. Likewise, a good history tutor should assess a student’s weakness and tackle it with them. Some students might not have enough practice to know what their specific weaknesses are. Hence, history tuition aids in providing students with sufficient practice to know where their strengths and weaknesses lie.

Benefits of O-Level history tuition

Our O-Level history tutors are instrumental in exposing history students to different opinions. Beyond the historical sources given in school, O-Level history tuition provides students with additional sources that add up to a bigger picture. This allows students to have an objective and all rounded understanding of history. Beyond looking at the sources from an objective point of view, O-Level history tutors will instil students with an objective tone in writing.

O-Level History tuition helps students in gaining a deeper understanding of important historical events. By having a good understanding, students are equipped to provide an in depth analysis of historical events. O-Level history tutors would have a step by step guide for students to analyze the different layers of a source. On the surface, how would the source be perceived? After giving students the important historical context to a source, how would the source be interpreted differently? Are there any implicit meanings to it? O-Level History tuition would thus be beneficial in helping students come up with a more nuanced analysis to historical sources.

O-Level history is undoubtedly one of the heaviest syllabus in the O-Level curriculum. But fret not as O-Level history tuition equips students with in depth notes that are easy to understand. Our history tutors are experts at condensing vast information into a concise format such as concept maps or infographics. This helps students better visualize the content. Moreover, by breaking down O-Level history content into bite sized pieces, students are able to better retain the information.

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