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H2 Biology is probably the most content heavy subject in Junior College. The content in H2 Biology is many times more than that of O level Biology, and the content itself is vastly different. H2 Biology focuses on the micro aspects of Biology much more than broad base systems, and H2 Biology also places much more emphasis on the cellular and molecular basis of Biology. 

This emphasis is because H2 Biology is designed to set the foundation for students studying Human Biology related courses like Medicine, Pharmacy, and Dentistry in University. Hence doing well in H2 Biology will put students at an advantage in biologically related courses in University. 

Due to the sheer volume of content, H2 Biology students can no longer do well in Biology by solely memorising. Students must understand the mechanics beyond Biological processes at a cellular and molecular level as well. 

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Common problems faced when studying H2 Biology

Massive amounts of content

The H2 Biology curriculum is extremely content heavy. Topics in H2 Biology delve into great detail about how specific processes work, and students are expected to memorise all the exact steps and details of each process. H2 Biology students need to spend lots of time revising and re-revising their lecture books to ensure that they understand all the content taught. Students can no longer score well by only memorising content, as there is way too much content to memorise.

Trouble understanding topic of Infectious Diseases

Infectious Diseases is one of the two extension topics in the H2 Biology syllabus, and it is a challenge to many students. This is because the topic of infectious diseases dives into a very detailed level of analysis of how the body’s immune system works against intruders, and this content borders on the knowledge required for a healthcare related course. 

Students must go into the technical details of how various cells (like B cells, T cells, macrophages) and molecules (cytokines, antibodies) of the immune system interact to generate an immune response to pathogens. Students must also recall knowledge of how Bacteria and Viruses work in order to do well in this topic.

Difficulty studying Viruses and Bacteria

H2 Biology students are required to study viruses and bacteria to an in-depth degree. Students are required to identify the organelles of viruses and bacteria and explain their mode of action and reproduction. 

The understanding of concepts goes to an incredibly detailed and almost medical level. For example, students are required to know the differences in antibiotic action on gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria. These two chapters pose exceptional difficulty to students as bacterial and viral processes are hard to visualise. As a result, students often struggle with these chapters.

What to look for in a H2 Biology Tutor

Highlight essential concepts

H2 Biology’s curriculum has enormous amounts of content, and sometimes H2 Biology students may not have the time to study every topic and concept in detail. In such cases, students must adopt selective studying practices, with more emphasis on certain topics while brisking through others. It is important for private H2 Biology tutors to guide students on which concepts are more important or more likely to come out. 

This way, when H2 Biology students are selectively studying, they can place more emphasis on the topics that are proven by experience to be important while ignoring those less likely to come out during examinations.

Teach students how to answer essay questions

In Section B of Paper 3 in H2 Biology, students are expected to choose one out of two essay topics and write a 25 mark essay about this topic. Usually, this essay is divided into two sub-parts which ask for different things. However, it is still extremely difficult to write a 12 or 13 mark essay on a certain topic, especially when each marking point is usually only half a mark. Hence a 13 mark sub question would require 26 points to be written, and students often struggle with structuring so many points properly. 

A private H2 Biology tutor should make an effort to teach students how to structure their answer for these long essay questions, and also help students predict which concepts might come out. Usually for each topic, there is only one or two potential essay questions that can be tested, and it would be beneficial to the H2 Biology student if their H2 Biology tutor could point out these potential questions to them beforehand.

Give tips for the practical paper

A big part of the H2 Biology Paper is Paper 4, otherwise known as the practical examination. The H2 Biology practical takes up 20 percent of the weightage at the A level examinations, and the duration of the paper is 2 hours 30 minutes. Although the H2 Biology Practical paper does have its challenges, it is also a relatively easier paper to score in compared to the other Biology papers. 

H2 Biology tutors will know that the H2 Biology practical paper contains a lot of repetitive information. It is possible to score much higher in the H2 Biology practical as long as students memorise a certain format to present their answers. This is especially for tables, graphs, sources of error, and the planning question. H2 Biology tuition teachers should draft some model answers for these repetitive aspects of the H2 Biology practical paper, in order to make memorising this content easier.

Benefits of H2 Biology Tuition

Many H2 Biology tuition teachers will create summaries for their students, as lecture notes are often too lengthy and may contain irrelevant information. H2 Biology students stand to greatly benefit from these summaries, as students can now know what the important concepts in each topic are. Students also no longer need to spend time looking through their notes to find this important information themselves.

A significant proportion of H2 Biology students have targets to study Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, or another biologically related course in University. The H2 Biology curriculum forms the basis of these biologically related courses, especially with H2 Biology’s emphasis on Biology at a molecular and cellular level. Having H2 Biology tuition would enable students to clarify doubts earlier on and gain a better understanding of core biological courses. This would enable students to do better in their biologically related University courses in future.

H2 Biology tuition has the potential to make a dry and content heavy subject much more interesting. H2 Biology home tutors can employ a variety of ways to make lessons more engaging, such as incorporating videos, diagrams, and useful acronyms into the lesson. H2 Biology tuition will also enable students to see the relevance of certain concepts to their future study, especially if students want to pursue a biologically related course in University.

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