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Distinction Tutors offers Biology tuition across all levels. At a secondary school level, we offer Biology tuition catering to both O level Pure Biology and O level Combined Biology. At a JC level, we offer Biology Tuition at both the H1 and H2 levels. Get in touch with us today to find the right Biology tutor for you!

Biology is an essential part of our daily lives

Biology is the study of life; hence it makes sense that Biology permeates every aspect of life.  Through Biology, students are able to learn about our own bodies, from how the various systems in our body work together to how the food we eat affects our health. Students are also able to learn about how the living things around us behave, from plants and animals to viruses and bacteria. 

Furthermore, students learn about how these living things interact with the environment around them to form an ecosystem. Everyone should have a basic understanding of how their body and the living things around them function, and the knowledge in Biology provides an answer to these natural curiosities.

Biology lays the foundation for many University courses

The popularity of Biology related University courses has been increasing steadily. University courses like Life Sciences and Environmental Engineering that are centred around Biology have become taken up in much greater numbers. This is in addition to the already highly competitive and popular courses like Medicine and Pharmacy which are based in Biology. Having a strong foundation in Biology at the secondary school and junior college levels will greatly aid students in University, especially if students choose a University course related to Biology.

Taking Biology is an option to Science students who struggle with Physics

Chemistry is a compulsory subject at the secondary school and junior college levels. However, students will have a choice to take physics or biology or both at a secondary school level. Similarly, Science students will also have a choice to take either Physics or Biology in Junior College. Physics is a science that requires full understanding, and as such many people not naturally inclined towards Physics struggle with it no matter how much they study Physics. 

Junior College students who still want to be in the Science stream should consider Biology as an alternative science. This is as Biology is a subject that can be learned as long as students invest enough time into it. Essentially, Biology is a subject that is “easier” to students who are not gifted with an especially logical and mathematical mind.

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Common problems faced when studying Biology

Enormous amounts of content

Biology is one of the most content heavy topics in both secondary school and junior college. There is a huge amount of knowledge to be understood and memorised, and this content is covered at a breakneck speed by schoolteachers. Students often fail to understand topics fully before being rushed to the next topic. 

Furthermore, students are required to remember vast amounts of information before each exam, and a common complaint by students is not having enough time to memorise every piece of information. A solution to this problem is for students to study Biology strategically. Students must be able to understand the big picture in each chapter before going into the more minute details. Biology tuition will help students to understand the content.

Phrasing answers incorrectly

All Biology examinations at both the secondary school and junior college levels will have a strict answer key to follow. This answer key will contain keywords which students are required to write to score credit for the question. 

A common mistake that students make is “spamming”, or writing everything they memorised for a particular topic before understanding what the question is asking. This will cause students to waste valuable time in their examinations, and often students do not even write the keywords required by the answer key when they” “spam”. This results in no marks being obtained. In Biology tuition, the Biology tutors will teach students on the proper answering techniques. 

Difficulty in visualising concepts

Many biological processes occur at a microscopic or even sub-microscopic level. Examples would be how cellular organelles like the mitochondria function, or how DNA undergoes transcription and translation. These processes are often harder for students to understand in comparison to more macro processes which students can experience, such as digestion and breathing. 

However, as students delve deeper into Biology, most of the systems and processes they learn will be at a sub-microscopic level that they cannot easily visualise. Students must make use of videos and online technology that can simulate how these processes work in order to aid their understanding. 

What to look for in a Biology Tutor

Patience and Dedication

Everyone knows that primary school children can be a handful sometimes. These children are still at the stage where they are exploring the world, and this may manifest in playful behaviour. Primary school English tutors need to have the patience to work with young children and they cannot get easily frustrated if the child is uncooperative. Feedback from parents to Distinction Tutors has shown that the  primary school English tutors we engage are both dedicated and patient. They teach students in a fun and engaging manner while ensuring that subject matter has been covered fully.

Qualifications and Experience

Primary school English tutors must have experience working with primary school students and have the right qualifications to teach English. At Distinction Tutors, we only recommend tuition teachers that have both experience working with children and possess stellar English achievements or qualifications to tutor primary school students in English.

Familiarity with Syllabus

The Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) is one of the most important examinations in a student’s life. However, the everchanging PSLE English syllabus makes life difficult for both English tutors and English school teachers alike. It is important for English tutors to be up to date with the current syllabus to ensure that what they teach is in line with what the school teaches.

Benefits of Biology Tuition

Biology is an extremely content heavy subject that requires students to spend much of their time on. A key benefit of Biology tuition is that private Biology tutors would be able to summarise the mountains of information in the Biology textbooks down to the most essential notes. This process of filtering out the extra information would save Biology students a lot of time during their exam revision. It is also a more efficient way of studying for students as students start by understanding the most core concepts before going on to the details.

A capable private Biology tutor will not only be able to help students score higher for Biology, but also nurture the student’s passion in Biology. Many students feel that Biology is a dry subject, with a lot of memorisation to be done. 

In reality, Biology is an extremely interesting subject that has many real-life applications. For example, learning about the macromolecules in food would help students understand more about their own dietary requirements and make healthier life choices. Hence Biology home tutors should also focus on developing the student’s interest in Biology by showing them how Biology is pertinent to their everyday life.

Some may feel that Biology is a subject that can be studied solely by memorising content. While a certain degree of memorisation is needed, what is more important is having a high degree of understanding. This especially applies to topics like inheritance, DNA transcription and translation, and mitosis and meiosis. 

One to one Biology tuition teachers can guide students through more difficulty concepts in a stepwise manner, ensuring that the students have a full understanding before going on to the next topic. Our Biology private tutors will also be able to provide novel explanations to difficult topics, and these novel students may be more suited to help Biology students as compared to the explanation Biology school teachers give.

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At Distinction Tutors, we have numerous Biology tutors catering to all levels, from secondary school to junior college. Our Biology tutors have shown proven results, and they can’t wait to help you secure your desired grade as well! Reach out to us to learn more!

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