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Importance of private O-Level Literature Tuition

Literature is a compulsory Lower Secondary subject and is also commonly taken in Upper Secondary. The common myth is that if a student is proficient in English, they will be able to perform well in O-Level Literature. However, this is truly not the case. This is because Literature also tests their ability to interpret and infer. Literature texts often consist of complex words used in old and middle English which are no longer used today. Furthermore, even the same words could have very different meanings in different contexts as compared to today’s modern English. 

Apart from the language, different people infer and interpret Literature texts differently. To one, a rainy day could symbolize peace and tranquility while to another person, the same setting could reflect sadness and setbacks. Learning solely from one teacher would mean that the perspective shared is limited. With limited perspectives and understanding of the Literature text, it will be more difficult to tackle different question types during the O-Level Literature examination. This is why O-Level Literature tuition is important in helping students navigate this challenging subject. 

In this article, we explore common problems faced by students when studying for O-Level Literature, and how having an O-Level Literature tutor could help students to overcome these challenges.

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Common problems faced when studying O-Level Literature

Huge Time Commitment Required

O-Level Literature is a time-intensive subject as it requires students to read texts repeatedly and conduct intensive analyses of those texts to prepare for examinations. A typical O-Level Literature examination text is a novel that has at least 200 pages, and for Pure Literature, it could even consist of two such novels. 

In order to be well versed with the numerous Literature texts and well prepared for examinations, students will have to read the prescribed Literature text at least ten times in detail, with a greater focus on important excerpts that require additional reading and analysis. This takes up a lot of the student’s time, with each detailed read taking around ten days on average.

Limited Perspective of Each Student

Each student has their own different perspective when it comes to inferring texts . Unlike other subjects like Math and Science with fixed logic, Literature is entirely up to one person’s interpretation and inference. An individual’s thinking and analysis is limited to their sole perspective, which hinders their Literature revision, as it’s difficult to see things from another perspective. With limited perspectives and analysis of the text, students may find it challenging to answer unconventional questions during their O-Level Literature examination.

Absence of Model Answers

Many students learn from their mistakes and try to memorise the correct answers — this is the most common method for excelling in subjects like Math, Science, and even certain portions of English. However, in Literature, there are no model answers for students to refer to and learn from. There is only a better answer and a less ideal answer. Therefore, students find it very difficult to study and revise for Literature, as there isn’t a standardised answer sheet. Whilst there is no wrong answer in Literature, the caveat is that it’s difficult to score high marks as only answers with excellent analyses can do so.

What can an O-Level Literature Tutor offer?

Better Guidance and Deeper Analysis of Literature Texts

With an O-Level Literature tutor, students can save time on repeatedly reading the same texts. Students will be told where the important points are in the texts, and thus spend more time on them. In this case, students will be able to read more efficiently and pinpoint the important points to focus on, rather than meaninglessly reading through several times with no significant improvement in their understanding of the text.

Different Perspectives of Literature Texts

With O-Level Literature tuition, students can get to learn out of their classroom and beyond the teacher’s perspective. As each person has different perspectives, learning from only one teacher limits the perspectives the student is being exposed to. With an O-Level Literature tutor, students will be introduced to fresh perspectives, and are thus able to churn out better analysis.

Personalised Teaching

O-Level Literature tuition offers students the opportunity to learn at their own pace. An O-Level Literature tutor will personalise their lessons to suit the needs of each student. This is something that schools can’t afford due to the sheer size of each class and the obligation to complete the syllabus in a limited amount of time.

Benefits of private O-Level Literature Tuition

Given the size of classes in school and the fast pace of teaching, many students find it tough to learn in such a pressurising environment that often feels like an academic factory. Having private O-Level Literature tuition places students in a slower and more conducive space without external pressure — just a tutor and a tutee in a one-to-one setting, where the latter is able to ask questions unreservedly without fear of judgement. This allows students to focus solely on learning, and not the noise and distractions around them.

Without the constraints of having to stick to the syllabus to the latter, enrolling your child in private O-Level Literature tuition allows them to approach the subject in more creative and unconventional ways. Lessons do not always have to stick to prescribed texts; helpful external reading and analytical exercises that are either relevant to the author or genre could be used so that students are able to form a more complete picture of, for instance, the psyche behind the texts.

Having private O-Level Literature tuition gives your child the opportunity to be exposed to a greater variety of study material that may not always be so readily available in schools. This allows students to gain a slight edge when it comes to picking apart prescribed texts, as greater exposure to different writing styles naturally helps students gain better familiarity and comfort when it comes to analysing literary works.

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