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Distinction Tutors’ nursery tuition equips preschoolers with a phonics foundation, literacy, and numeracy skills. Experiential lessons and 1-1 tutor-tutee interactions make for a fun and engaging learning.

A child of three or four years would begin to experience their unique personhood. They come to acknowledge that their body, mind, and emotions (happy, sad, angry, or afraid) are their own.
They can now play “pretend”using props, images, and photos to represent things that are not immediately present; and learn to overcome simple day-to-day challenges like washing their hands, buttoning a shirt, or putting on their shoes.

Nursery one and two (N1, N2) are catered to three and four-year-olds to explore these and other developing capabilities. It is here that children begin to spend some time away from their parents and more time each day with their teachers and peerslearning through playing with peers, adults, and by themselves.

Research has shown that children who are enrolled in a headstart programme like nursery benefit more than children of the same age who choose to stay at home. As a microcosm of society, nursery allows the child to explore their individuality, relationships, and surroundings in a safe environmentenabling them to own their personhood and understand themselves in relation to society.

Nursery tuition supports parents by replicating a conducive learning environment at home. It reinforces what is taught in nursery while equipping children with strong foundations in basic language, literacy, and numeracy skills through age-appropriate play and engagement.

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Common problems faced by Nursery Students

Separation Anxiety

A child attending school for the first time may feel anxious about being separated from his or her parents. He or she may experience anxiety from encountering strange, new people and environments. This is evident in a child’s reticence, bawling, or in their avoidance of group/class participation. If left unresolved, the fear of forming new friendships, meeting new people, and exploring new environments can lead to maladaptive, socially reclusive behaviours.

Excessive Extracurricular Activities

Parents too can experience separation anxiety from their children in worrying about whether they can adapt well to school and people. As such, parents may feel pressured to keep a close watch on their children or bombard them with enrichment programmes and extracurricular classes at a young age. 

This can backfire as excessive extracurricular activities may lead to overwhelming feelings of stress and inadequacy when failing to perform tasks. It may also be anxiety-causing and counterproductive especially if preschoolers do not receive the proper encouragement or support. Conversely, a lack of extra-curricular activities can deprive preschoolers of the rigor needed for developing healthy, psychosocial integration.

Limited Attention Spans

Children are lively and energetic. Add short attention spans to the mix, and parents may have children who are easily distracted and disruptive even. It can be difficult for parents and other grown-ups to sustain their attention as this requires a myriad of ideas and tricks to keep them meaningfully occupied. Parents may be left feeling drained and exasperated in the process. 

As such, they may resort to quick fixes such as television or video games to keep children busy for longer periods. However, this can backfire as an increase in screentime from a young age would also compromise a child’s ability to communicate and build authentic relationships—consequently leading to an unhealthy addiction to digital devices.

What can Nursery Tutors offer?

Phonics Foundation

Literacy comprises mastering a language system, distinguishing between phonemes, and linking sounds with their printed symbols (i.e. the alphabet). With phonics, children will learn letters and sounds to provide them with a headstart for reading, speaking, and writing. As such, a nursery tutor can guide the child in understanding the phonetic sounds and letters of the alphabet. The nursery tutor is well-poised to offer phonics support for English and all three Mother Tongue languages (Chinese, Malay, and Tamil).

1-1 Interaction

Each child develops differently. At this age, children learn, discover, and develop at their own pace without being pressured to measure up to externally imposed standards. With nursery tuition, a child receives warm encouragement from the nursery tutor. He or she will stand to benefit from the focussed attention and guidance that the nursery tutor gives. 

Nursery tutors can pick out and tailor a child’s learning to explore individual gifts, strengths, and abilities. Through a 1-1 exchange, the child will develop confidence and social skills in interacting with non-family members, while being taught to observe social norms and appropriate behaviour in a personal setting.

Accelerated Literacy and Numeracy Skills

Nursery tutors seek to build firm foundations in children’s language, literacy, and numeracy skills by helping them recognise letters and sounds, put letter sounds to form words, recognise numbers, and classify shapes and colours. This ensures that the child receives the requisite academic foundations for the kindergarten syllabus and subsequent primary school subjects like English, Mother Tongue, and Math. Furthermore, nursery tutors take age into account and moderate tuition to a child’s development as they progress through the school year. This allows children to learn more depending on their pace, ability, and comfort level.

Benefits of Nursery Tuition

Learning need not be restricted to school. Rather than being a venue-specific academic endeavor, children are encouraged to learn wherever they are. Nursery tuition supports parents by replicating a conducive learning environment at home. It integrates preschool lessons with their home environment to condition learning as an ongoing, natural part of lifeessential to personal growth and improvement.

Children’s curious minds (like sponges) soak in new stimuli and newfound experiencesbuilding new schemas about how best to accomplish tasks and mental models of the things around them. Nursery tuition taps the natural inquisitiveness of preschool children to engage them in ways that fan their curiosity in learning more about the world around them. 

In posing pointed, exploratory questions through the use of charts, pictures, and other manipulatives, nursery tuition seeks to incite a greater thirst for knowledge in children. This enables them to take a more active role in their learning.

The ages of two to five in children are sometimes referred to as “the play years”. This is apt as children in this age bracket learn best through playing. Play is social and imaginative. Props are used to enact dramas. Pretend or fantasy play turns curtains into tents and cardboard boxes into cars. 

Through play, nursery tuition seeks to engage children’s five senses (taste, touch, sight, smell, and hearing) in experiential learning. This allows for better and more effective encoding of information. Take an apple for instance. The nursery tutor can phonetically sound the letter ‘A’ and the word ‘apple’ while allowing the child to touch, taste, see, and smell the apple. Furthermore, the tutor may be able to get the child to describe the apple as round or smooth (touch), sweet (taste), red or green (sight), or fresh and fragrant (smell).

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Distinction Tutors’ nursery tuition integrates preschool lessons with a child’s home environment to replicate a conducive learning space. Exploratory questions through the use of manipulatives incite a greater thirst for knowledge, while interactive hands-on lessons make learning fun and engaging. Request a nursery tutor today!

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