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Importance of IP Chemistry Tuition

Almost all students in the IP program take pure triple sciences from year 1 to year 4 of the IP program before they move on to JC. Since most JC students will also take Chemistry as a science subject together with either Physics or Biology, IP Chemistry is an important subject for students to focus on. 

Moreover, knowledge from Chemistry can be applied in other science. For instance, the Ideal Gas Law learnt in Chemistry is also used in Thermal Physics, while Organic Chemistry concepts can be applied when learning about biological molecules like Carbohydrates, Lipids and Proteins. 

The IP Chemistry program is also designed to impart foundational skills needed for H3 Chemistry, so students can make their portfolios more competitive for entry into prestigious courses in university. However, IP Chemistry is no walk in the park, and students may require IP Chemistry tuition to overcome some of the difficulties that they face.

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Common Problems Faced by Students when Studying IP Chemistry

More intensive calculation-based questions

Since the IP Chemistry curriculum’s purpose is to prepare students for the A levels, it is natural for school teachers to emphasize on skillsets that are required in JC Chemistry, such as the ability to effectively answer calculation-based questions. Some topics such as Electrochemistry are therefore more calculation-intense, requiring students to calculate the potential difference from an electrolytic cell similar to H2 Chemistry. However, many students may not be used to the rigour of calculations required considering the qualitative nature of PSLE-standard questions, and therefore score badly for IP Chemistry examinations.

Difficulty learning concepts at a deeper level

IP Chemistry also exposes students to challenging concepts that they would have otherwise only learnt in JC. For instance, IP Chemistry students learn the full extent and applications of Chemical Equilibrium, whereas O level pure chemistry students only learn about reversible reactions in the context of ammonia production. The added difficulty of concepts can sometimes be difficult to grasp, and students may fall behind if they are unable to understand concepts at the pace that tutorial lessons are held.

Lack of notes and practice

While there are a lot of assessment books and summarized notes sold externally for O level pure chemistry, IP students do not get this benefit because the IP Chemistry syllabus will differ from school to school. As a result, there is no one single practice booklet or concept summary that is fully applicable to IP Chemistry students. This means that they have lesser opportunities for external practice, and they need to spend more time creating their own notes for the subject, which may cause their learning to be less effective as compared to their O level chemistry peers.

What to look for in a IP Chemistry Tutor

Able to guide students to think critically

Many aspects of IP Chemistry rely on other critical thinking skills. For instance, some questions in Organic Chemistry or Qualitative Analysis may require students to use deductive reasoning to find the unknown compound. Hence, it is also important for the IP Chemistry tutor not just to teach students about the fundamental concepts, but also about how to think critically and infer correctly during evaluative and application questions in exams.

Able to provide external resources

Often, IP Chemistry students lack the extra practice required to master concepts because there is no single assessment book that caters to the IP program of a particular school. As a result, IP Chemistry tutors must be able to correct this lack of practice by providing their own resources and materials to heighten the learning experience. For instance, IP Chemistry home tutors can consider providing IP chemistry questions from other schools, or even select and modify questions down to the IP level from the A level Ten Year Series.

Dedicated to teaching the student

IP Chemistry may require students to do a great deal of self-directed learning at home to build on the learning done during lessons and tutorials. However, students may also have some difficulty when studying by themselves. In order to prevent the student from falling behind, IP Chemistry tutors should be contactable at all times even outside of tutoring hours to answer any questions or doubts that the student may have.

Benefits of IP Chemistry Tuition

Our IP Chemistry tutors here have significant experience teaching IP Chemistry tuition, and they have also successfully improved the grades of many of their students in the IP program. With their wealth of knowledge in the subject, students can be assured that they are receiving the most efficient teaching style. As a result, students can be confident that as long as they put in the work required, an ‘A’ grade for IP Chemistry is definitely in sight.

The classroom style of learning may not be for everyone, as students are forced to conform to the speed of the entire class. Furthermore, students may be afraid of asking questions because they are scared that other classmates may laugh at them for not being able to understand concepts. However, with personal IP Chemistry tuition, learning is done at the pace of the student in the sheltered environment. Since the only interaction is between the tutor and student, there is no fear of being ridiculed by others so students can feel free to express their doubts to make learning more effective.

Private IP Chemistry tutors can provide their own version of summarized notes for their student, so they do not have to spend extra time doing up their notes specially for the subject. As a result, the student can focus on more important aspects of learning, such as memorising reactions, and practicing past year questions provided by the school and the IP Chemistry tutor. Furthermore, time can also be saved during IP Chemistry Tuition so the tutor can spend more time covering harder application questions.

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