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Importance of O-Level Math Tuition

It is easy to score an A1 in both E math and A math at the O-Level examinations, as long as students put in enough effort in studying Math and are given the right guidance. This is because E math is an objective subject, unlike languages or humanities, and students will score as long as they get the right answer and present their working correctly. 

Hence, Math is often thought of as a “less risky” subject compared to humanities, with students often having a gauge of how well they did after the paper. Having double A1s for E math and A math would help a student’s L1R5/L1R4 greatly, and it could help students get into the school or course they desire. O-Level Math tuition helps student to reduce the time required to learn new topics. 

Furthermore, the content of both O-Level E math and A math form the foundation of more complex mathematical concepts in further education, hence scoring well in O-Level math shows students that they have a good basis to work on. O-Level Math tuition will provide students with the help to do well.

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Common problems faced when studying O-Level Math

Lack of Time to Study ​

Secondary 4 is one of the most stressful years in a student’s life. Students take as many as 9 subjects, and are required to learn the content taught in both Secondary 3 and Secondary 4. This is a big jump in difficulty from the last major examination students took, which was PSLE. 

Many students find themselves with insufficient time to study for all subjects and may end up sacrificing study time for some subjects. Sadly, both O-Level A math and E math are not subjects students can sacrifice time for, as Math is a subject which needs a proportional time investment in order to do well.  O-Level Math tuition will teach students effective time management skills. 

Memorising Instead of Understanding ​

A common pothole students fall into is memorising concepts and formulas instead of understanding them. Memorisation is a poor studying strategy for O-Level Math, as both O-Level A math and E math have novel application-based questions. 

These questions will require students to understand and apply formulas instead of just memorising them. Hence, it is important for O-Level Math students to understand the proofs and explanations of all concepts and formulas in order to use them effectively in the O-Level Math examination.

Poor Time Management ​

A common complaint from students is not having enough time to finish the O-Level Math paper for both A math and E math. This is usually because O-Level students tend to spend too much time on a difficult question. A common trend across both O-Level Math papers is that the last sub-question of a multi-component question is more difficult. 

Students often spend a lot of time trying to figure out that difficult last sub-question to get one or two marks, instead of skipping that small part and going on to easier questions. This results in unwise time management and easy questions being left blank.

What to look for in an O-Level Math tutor

Familiar with O-Level Math Syllabus

An O-Level private math tutor must be not only good in Math, but also familiar with the O-Level syllabus for both Elementary (E) Math and Additional (A) Math. This is to prevent tutors from teaching students content that is outside of the syllabus which does not add value to the student’s understanding. Personal O-Level Math tutors should also be clear between the divisions of E math and A math, hence ensuring that they do not end up teaching E math students content that is in the A math syllabus.

Impart Revision and Examination Strategies

Once the student understands all the concepts fully, it is beneficial for private O-level Math tutors to teach students key revision and examination strategies. A good revision strategy nearer to O-Levels is to do many past year papers, to get a good understanding of the paper structure and identify weaker areas. O-Level home tutors should also teach students examination strategies, such as when to give up on a question and the amount of time students should allocate to each question.

Wealth of Experience

O-Level Math is a crucial examination, and it is important for O-Level students to have an experienced Math tutor to guide them through this important year. Experienced O-Level Math tutors are often able to identify student’s mistakes quickly and provide detailed notes for every topic. This would save O-level Math students lots of time and prevent them from studying in the wrong direction. 

At Distinction Tutors, all of our O-Level Math tutors have relevant teaching experience, and we conduct detailed background checks to verify every tutor’s teaching experience. This way parents and students alike can rest assured that their tutor would have the necessary experience to teach them.

Benefits of O-Level Math Tuition

Secondary 4 students will usually start doing O-Level Math practice papers one to two months before their O-Level Math exam. However, school has usually ended by this time and students may have trouble getting their schoolteachers to help mark and go through their papers. Our O-Level Math tutors are able to mark all the pass year papers students have done. During O-level Math tuition, the tutor will go through mistakes with students, and do an in-depth analysis to determine which topics students are still weak in. This would help filter out what topics students still need to work on during “crunch time” and could be the difference between an A1 and A2.

An effective O-Level Math tuition teacher would have been able to help students improve their results in the examinations and tests leading up to the O-Levels. As a result, students would go into the O-Level Math exam with more confidence of securing an A1 or whatever grade they desire. Confidence in any Math exam would help students perform better leading to a greater chance of getting an A1.

At the end of the day, the most important aim of O-level Math tuition is for students to score their target grade at the O-level Math examination. Thankfully, Distinction Tutors has proven results in this aspect. Our team of capable O-Level Math tutors have always brought great results, with many of our students scoring an A1 in E math and A math at the O-Level examinations. Students and parents alike can rest assured that engaging our services will equate to proven results.

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At Distinction Tutors, we are committed to helping you obtain an “A1” for your O-Level Math, be it for E math or A math. Reach out to us today to secure your future!

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