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Importance of O-Level POA Tuition

Being a practical subject, having a solid foundation in Principle of Accounting (POA) will provide O-Level students with a lifelong and cherished skill that can take them places after their education years are over.

While it is understandable that O-Level POA can be overwhelming due to its usage of unfamiliar concepts and terminologies, students should know that the subject is not difficult at all. With the right help from the right POA tutor, students will smile knowing that incredible results are within their reach.

With O-Level POA tuition, students and parents will be provided with all the help they were previously lacking in.

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Common problems faced by students when studying O-Level POA

Careless Mistakes

When preparing the balance sheets, students need to watch out for these six common mistakes:

1. Error of omission
2. Error of commission
3. Error of principle
4. Error of original entry
5. Error of complete reversal
6. Compensating errors

With O-Level POA tuition, students may benefit from learning methods that has been proven to be effective at identifying these errors. Having insights into such techniques to work with can be of immense help to a struggling O-Level student.

Difficulty in Correcting Errors

Encountering problems when solving balance sheets are unavoidable and these are the four common mistakes made – omitting transactions, recording transactions incorrectly, not classifying data correctly and forgetting to record inventory changes.

While these mistakes are definitely fixable, it also requires a student to check through each transaction that was recorded. This takes time and during important settings such as O-Levels, time is very precious and should be used sparingly. To avoid these mistakes, students need to have a keen eye and develop a foolproof technique that will prevent any carelessness.

Poor Grasp of the Books of Prime Entry

Books of prime entry contain business transactions that are first recorded before being posted into the actual ledgers. There are various types of books of prime entry and each of them serves a different purpose. These books can be classified as special journals, general journals, cash book and petty cash book.

Being one of the earliest concepts introduced in Principle of Accounting classes in school, books of prime entry are the foundation of the subject. Should a student find comprehending the purpose of each book difficult, they will find balancing the balance sheets difficult.

What to look for in an O-Level POA Tutor

Natural Motivator

For a student to be the best version of themselves, they will need to be pushed beyond their comfort zones or they will continue to stay stagnant with no improvements. An O-Level POA tutor who also happens to be a natural motivator is what O-Level students need most during this stressful period.

In O-Level POA tuition, students will not only witness academic improvement but will also receive motivation from the tutor’s constant words of encouragements. Students will also receive feedback that is necessary for their growth and receive advice that they cannot get from teachers in school or family members at home.

Encourages Independence

The purpose of 1-1 O-Level POA tuition is not for the student to rely on the POA home tutor. Instead, students should know that they have to be self-reliant to reap full benefits from the O-Level POA tuition.

As such, O-Level POA tutor has to ensure that a student does not depend on them for answers all the time. Else, students will struggle during exams. Instead, O-Level POA tutors need to encourage independence and teach students how to be effective learners which will come in handy for the rest of their life.

Subject Mastery

When picking a POA tuition teacher, subject mastery takes importance. O-Level POA tutors who come from the accounting field or have previous relevant teaching experiences are the people who can be counted on to help O-Level students excel in the subject.

On top of good content knowledge, the private POA tutor also needs to be familiar with the O-Level syllabus so they can help students put more emphasis on key concepts. A well-versed O-Level POA tutor will not only ease a student’s learning journey but will also help them avoid careless mistakes.

Benefits of O-Level POA Tuition

Since Principle of Accounting is not a core subject, it is something entirely new that has just been introduced to a student. Unlike English or Mathematics, students basically have zero prior knowledge of the subject until Sec 3.

As such, it is best that a student is professionally guided by a POA tutor throughout their preparation for O-Levels. With an effective one on one O-Level POA tuition, students can learn about the subject in a fun and exciting manner that is usually taught boringly in school.

Studying Principle of Accounting opens up doors to the world of accounting and helps students develop an early interest in that field. With a POA tutor who has firsthand experience, students can benefit from their personal stories.

More than just POA tuition, these lessons can cultivate a student’s mind and get them thinking about what they want to pursue as an adult. For instance, some students might feel more inclined towards venturing into accounting after O-Levels.

O-Level students always find themselves to be running short on time. To counter that, compiled and concise notes have proven to be of great help, especially when preparing for something as major as O-Levels.

In O-Level POA tuition, the student will receive undivided attention from the tutor. The tutor will customize the lesson plan based on the student’s strengths, weaknesses and learning habits. This will help the student to receive the best result possible.

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