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Importance of Pure Biology tuition

In secondary school, the subjects that students take for their O Levels determine their future paths. These subjects form the pre-requisites of core subjects or courses for any student’s higher education. For those looking to enter Junior College, Pure Biology is key to gaining acceptance into the science stream where students gain the fundamentals to pursue Science or Engineering related courses in university. 

Likewise, those aiming to enter a polytechnic also require a strong foundation in Pure Biology to give them a head start and an advantage in Life Sciences, Engineering, and even Health related courses. In this article, find out how Pure Biology tuition can benefit students by looking at the common problems faced by them, and how Pure Biology tutors help target these areas of concern.

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Common problems faced when studying Pure Biology

Heavy Content

If your child has considered enrolling in Pure Biology tuition, they are not alone. Many students often find Biology to be one of the most interesting subjects as they too are the subject of study themselves. However, compared to other O-Level subjects, Pure Biology requires huge amounts of memory work. Unlike other subjects such as Math which is more intuitive, or Physics which is easier to visualise, Pure Biology tests students on how well they know their content, with brain teaser questions about Biology in our daily lives appearing from time to time.

Wide Range of Application Questions

In Pure Biology, the main focus would be the human body, as well as plants. As relatable as this may seem, this means that we often see examiners testing students on a wide range of daily applications such as ‘Why does one get frostbite’. Such content is not explicitly covered in the notes or the textbook which could be a reason why many students struggle to score well for Pure Biology, as they are unable to connect the dots between theory and practical applications.

New and Abstract Terms

It is often difficult for students to bridge the gap between PSLE Science and Lower Secondary Science, to Pure Biology. In PSLE Science, there are usually simpler terms and concepts which students can grasp easily. However, more advanced science introduces many new and abstract terms to students which they have not seen before, from cell parts (for example, Endoplasmic Reticulum) to bodily processes (Homeostasis). This causes many students to grapple with familiarising themselves with these terms and understanding the concepts behind these terms.

What can Pure Biology Tutor offer?

Simplified Explanation of Topics

With Pure Biology tutors, they are able to break down the difficult concepts into smaller bite-sized pieces of information which are easily digested by students. This helps students to better understand and grasp these complex theories and terms, thus allowing them to study with greater ease. By going for one-to-one Pure Biology tuition, students would be able to develop better conceptual understanding which helps them ace their examinations.

Personalised Notes for Students

Unlike teachers in school who follow a set of prepared notes for the entire school cohort, Pure Biology tutors are there to create personalised notes to best suit your child’s needs. These tutors serve to understand how your child learns best and caters the right delivery method to prepare notes and lessons for optimal learning.


Cheat Sheet

As teachers in schools have guidelines to adhere to, they often stick to the curriculum way of teaching, and often discourage other methods of learning. On the contrary, Pure Biology tutors who have years of experience teaching this subject know all the tips and tricks to help students remember better, while maintaining a positive learning experience. Especially for a content heavy subject like Pure Biology, students would appreciate these tips which can help them memorise and understand their content better.

Benefits of Pure Biology Tuition

With Pure Biology tuition, this opens up more perspectives by different educators (Pure Biology tutors and school teachers) to students, thus helping them to look at the same concept from various angles. By doing so, students would be sure to benefit as these concepts would be etched in their minds, well preparing them for examinations.

Just like any other content-heavy subject, practice makes perfect. Pure Biology tuition serves as an additional avenue of practice for students to revise and reinforce their concepts, further deepening their understanding towards this area of study. 

With the onset of new application questions every examination, Pure Biology tutors are able to introduce a myriad of questions to students on a weekly basis, reducing the confusion that students receive when they see similar questions in examinations. With such additional practices, this also helps students develop key thinking skills, allowing them to think better on their feet as they would be able to better apply classroom concepts to exam questions.

Learning does not only stem from completing schoolwork or paying attention in classes. Students are able to learn from their tutors as well when they engage in active discussions.  However, many students are afraid to raise their hands in school to ask questions. The reason for this, afraid of being the odd one out, or being teased by their friends. 

Teachers in schools are often busy and are usually not free to help students after class with their schoolwork, given their personal commitments. Pure Biology tuition on the other hand, helps to create a conducive learning environment for students where students who attend these classes are hungry to learn, and questions are always welcomed by our tutors. Having these one-to-one Pure Biology tuition allows students to not only learn from additional practices prepared by our tutors from their years of expertise, but also learn from our tutors via two-way conversations.

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