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Economics is one of the most popular subjects taken at the A levels examinations, as it is often taken as a contrasting subject for science stream combinations such as BCME(Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Economics) or as part of art stream combinations such as HELM (History, Economics, Literature and Mathematics). 

Given that the subject itself is oftentimes new to students as there is no direct equivalent for it in the secondary school syllabus, many students may not understand the importance of the subject. For aspiring business/economics/accountancy majors, a strong foundation in economics can be useful in preparing them for university level education. Additionally, economics as a subject is useful as a modelling tool with which to understand social phenomenon (for example, how the demand and supply model reflects consumer and producer thinking).

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General problems faced when studying Economics

Inability to grasp concepts/models used in syllabus

Economics is a new subject for many students and thus is unfamiliar and unexplored territory for a large majority of them. Seeing technical words like “negative externalities” and “quantitative easing” for the first time may be extremely intimidating, and even with guidance from JC tutors, students may still be left slightly confused or misinformed as to what these concepts actually mean, or what their accompanying models actually represent. Thus, the inability to completely comprehend certain concepts and models is a common issue faced by economics students.

Difficulty with analysing Case Study and Essay Questions

One important section of economics is the case study question, and students often face issues with extrapolating the key information and discerning what is essential in order to accurately answer the case study questions. Additionally, essay questions come in all shapes and forms, and students who have not been exposed to certain types of questions may face a roadblock when attempting to answer them.

A Lot of practise is required to do well​

Given the myriad of essay question types and the types of case study questions that could come out, students require a lot of practise to familiarize themselves with these question types and how to best answer them. This takes up alot of time and effort, and is often only achieved by extremely independent and motivated students.

What to look out for in an Economics Tutor

A good economics tutor should be able to help students remember concepts more efficiently

Given the diversity of concepts in economics, a good economics tutor must be one that adequately prepares students for examinations by ensuring that he/she is familiar with the syllabus content. Thus, a good economics tutor should be armed with different techniques to help students remember concepts more efficiently, and these can come in the form of mnemonic techniques (such as acronyms to remember concepts), or clear illustrations of diagrams used in topics such as market structure and market failure.

Customize learning to suit student’s needs

Different students would have different learning paces, with some grasping concepts more easily than others. A good economics tutor must be able to assess and evaluate each student’s learning capabilities, and adjust his lesson plan and resources to tailor specifically to his/her student’s needs. 

Having individualized and personalized lesson plans would be advantageous, as school tutorials and lectures are all done en masse and may not be specifically attuned to what an individual student requires. Economics home tutors can choose to focus on more essential topics with greater weighting, or on topics which students usually have more issues with (i.e. market failure), which allows students to cover greater ground and be more secure in their knowledge.

Securing academic success in the subject

As for all other subjects, students who take economics would also wish to do well at the subject. Thus, having economics tuition will give students a leg up from their peers, as they will be equipped with the necessary skills to score well at the national examinations. Our group of private Economics tutors have had great success with helping students achieve A at the A levels, with high distinction rate amongst our past and current students.

Benefits of Economics Tuition

The core of any subject is content, and economics as a subject is no different. Having economics tuition enables students to learn in advance, and to better understand topics with the help of our team of experienced Economics tuition teachers. More challenging topics will definitely present themselves along the way, and having Economics tuition is essential in helping students by substantiating their understanding or correcting any misconceptions that students may have.

The trend with A levels essay and case study questions is that they tend to be less textbook/by the book, and more increasingly unpredictable/out-of-the-box. Having economics tuition is extremely useful as this gives students much needed opportunities for practice, and helps students to react more flexibly to unfamiliar questions, as our Economics tutors will teach students to formulate their answers in the most clear and precise manner.

Different schools are privy to different resources, but taking Economics Tuition will help you as our centralised access to resources (past year questions and tailored notes) will help to supplement students current knowledge on the topic. By using our economic tutor’s resources, students don’t have to solely rely on the resources given by their respective colleges, as they will have unprecedented access to notes and practise questions at the tip of their fingers.

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