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Although H1 Biology has less content than its H2 counterpart, the breadth of topics covered in H1 Biology will still be the same. The four core ideas are: The Cell and Biomolecules of Life, Genetics and Inheritance, Energetics, and Biological Evolution. 

However, there may be reduction in content in the sub-topics. For example, under Biological Evolution, students may no longer be required to learn the sub-topics of Evolution and Biodiversity, and Species and Speciation. The extension topic of Infectious Diseases will also not be taught to H1 Biology students. Many Junior College students have a bias against their H1 subjects, feeling that they are not as important as their H2 subjects. 

While H1 subjects may occupy a smaller rank point weightage, it is nonetheless important to do well in these H1 subjects to secure a good rank point. This is especially the case for H1 Biology, as Universities will look at the grades of H1 sciences regardless of the course students apply to.

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Common problems faced when studying H1 Biology

Little support available to students

The number of H1 Biology students is quite low in most schools, and schools often do not provide enough resources for H1 Biology students. As a result, there is usually no dedicated H1 Biology department or H1 Biology notes, especially for schools that have very few students taking H1 Biology. 

H1 Biology students are often given H2 Biology lecture notes and left to their own devices to figure out which information is out of their syllabus. H1 Biology lecturers are also used to teaching H2 Biology syllabus and may go off topic during lectures. This could result in H1 Biology students learning information that they do not need to know, increasing their workload and confusion unnecessarily.

Difficulty with the topic of Cancer ​

The topic of cancer is one of the most difficult topics in the H1 Biology syllabus. H1 Biology students must be able to explain the molecular basis of cancer, and in order to do this H1 Biology students must be well versed in DNA, mutations, and the cell cycle. In addition, cancer is a multi-step process that stems from the accumulation of mutations, and the multiple steps in cancer progression add to the difficulty of this topic.

Not placing enough emphasis on H1 Biology

Many H1 Biology students may not put enough emphasis on H1 Biology as they feel that they do not need to focus on their H1 subjects as much as their H2 subjects. Students may put even less effort in H1 Biology due the large amounts of content that is required to be studied for H1 Biology. The volume of content in H1 Biology is comparable to some H2 subjects, and students may feel that there is a high opportunity cost to studying H1 Biology.

What to look for in a H1 Biology Tutor

Familiar with the H1 Biology syllabus

A huge challenge that some H1 Biology students face is not having a schoolteacher dedicated to H1 Biology or having Biology notes catering just to H1 Biology. An ideal private H1 Biology tutor should be familiar with the H1 Biology syllabus, and guide students on what topics are relevant to H1 Biology. This includes helping H1 Biology filter out the irrelevant materials from their notes if their school notes are H2 Biology notes.

Explain concepts in an easy to understand manner

H1 Biology students may not be as good in Biology as their H2 counterparts. It is important for H1 Biology home tutors to understand this and explain concepts in a simplified manner, instead of overcomplicating the situation and brining in content from the H2 Biology syllabus. During H1 Biology tuition sessions, H1 Biology tutors can also make use of diagrams and revisit relevant pure Biology concepts like meiosis if it is helpful to the H1 Biology student.

Develop a study method with students

Although H1 Biology has half the content of H2 Biology, the amount of content in H1 Biology is still extremely significant. H1 Biology students cannot get by through memorising every piece of content, as there is just too much content to be memorised. H1 Biology tuition teachers can work with students to develop a method of studying that works for the student. 

An example of a study technique that can be taught in H1 Biology tuition is spaced repetition. This is when students study a topic and then give themselves a week or so to forget about it. They then pick up the topic after a stipulated period and study it again. This method of studying has been shown to be more effective than cramming or re-reading a particular topic multiple times in one sitting. Incorporating these study methods will equip H1 Biology students with the skills to study a topic effectively and efficiently.

Benefits of H1 Biology Tuition

Having an H1 Biology tutor will allow students to clarify their doubts promptly, especially if students are shy to do so in class, or if their schoolteachers are too busy to reply to students individually. In addition to having lesson time to clarify any doubts they have, H1 Biology students can also approach their private H1 Biology tutor via WhatsApp to ask any urgent questions. Hence a key benefit of H1 Biology tuition is ease of mind for H1 Biology students as they know that they have access to support whenever they encounter a question they cannot understand.

H1 Biology schoolteachers often rush through the lessons in order to complete the curriculum on time. This often results in H1 Biology students being forced onto the next topic when they still do not fully comprehend the information in the previous topic. H1 Biology students would greatly benefit from a slower pace of lesson in which they can take their time to digest the content taught and clarify any doubts they have. H1 Biology tuition offers a slower pace of lesson, providing ample support and time for H1 Biology students to fully understand concepts.

With so much going on in JC, H1 Biology students may let revision for H1 Biology pile up, especially since an H1 subject is deemed less important than an H2 subject. Having regular H1 Biology tuition sessions will help students be more consistent in their studying. An H1 Biology tutor will also help hold student’s accountable to their study plans, and students will more likely study H1 Biology on a regular basis.

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