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Distinction Tutors’ K2 tuition offers lesson plans suited to each child’s development as they progress throughout the year. From phonics in English to numeracy in Math, K2 tuition enables children to learn at a pace that is tailored to their ability and level.

Developmentally, a six-year-old child possesses the cognitive ability to handle more complex linguistic and numerical operations. In socioemotional aspects, he or she can learn to work within a group and consider the effects of their actions on others around them.

K2 marks a watershed moment as preschool educators, children, and parents alike make preparations for transitioning to Primary One (P1). Parents hope that their children can receive advanced knowledge in K2 to excel in primary school. Others who worry about their children having academic difficulties may seek early interventions for their child to manage better in primary school.

Though it uses the P1 syllabus as a guideline, the K2 syllabus is far from a replication of it. Some preschools prepare children for P1 by introducing new skills, knowledge, and topics in advance. Some of them don’t. Receiving K2 education does not eradicate the anxiety of the transition, but a K2 syllabus can sometimes be made deliberately tougher than a P1 syllabus so that adjusting to primary school becomes easier.

K2 tuition supports parents by replicating a conducive learning environment at home. K2 tutors communicate with parents to find out more about their child’s areas of strength and weakness. The K2 tutor then prepares lesson plans and learning interventions to focus on specific areas in order to pace their child’s learning or boost their proficiencies in language, literacy, and numeracy for P1.

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Common problems faced by K2 Students

Stress, Pressure, Anxiety

Both parents and children are subject to different types of stressors. Parents who feel anxious may bombard their child with enrichment programmes and extracurricular classes in preparation for P1. This can backfire as excessive extracurricular activities may lead to overwhelming feelings of stress and inadequacy in children when they fail to perform certain tasks. 

Having a self-preserving, siege mentality towards learning is not only detrimental to the child but stress-inducing as well. The stress that children face coupled with their parents’ heightened anxiety begins a vicious cycle that can lead to a child’s eventual distaste and dread for learning.

Overteaching and Overpreparation

Teaching a P1 syllabus to a six-year-old child in K2 may seem like a good idea. However, this is only good if the child feels up to the challenge. But doing so is counterproductive if advanced studies are forced upon the child by overanxious parents. It is important to be prepared but not overprepared. 

A child who learns out of pure obligation (and not freely or willingly) may end up becoming disconnected, overconfident, and inattentive in school. The child may be less interested or experience boredom in P1 if he or she already knows it all.

Shortage of Time

Some concepts are difficult for children and they need time to be able to process information in ways that are meaningful to them. This can range from days to a matter of years even. Many concepts are rushed upon children based on a common misconception that there is simply no time for them to absorb these concepts at their own leisurely pace. Children who lag in the K2 syllabus may need help and space to master the required language, literacy, and numeracy skills.

What can K2 Tutors offer?

Well-paced Lessons

The great advantage of preschool is that children have the space and luxury of learning and appreciating things at a comfortable pace. By employing age-appropriate teaching pedagogies, 

K2 tutors moderate tuition to a child’s development as they progress through the school year. From bite-sized information to more challenging problems, K2 tutors will help children learn at a pace that is suited to their ability and level.

Motivation and Sustained Interest

Motivation can be fragile. A child can be motivated to study one moment and disillusioned the next. As such, sustaining a child’s interest in learning is no mean feat. The K2 tutor supports parents by cultivating positive learning attitudes in children during preschool. The K2 tutor ensures that the child remains sufficiently challenged by facilitating a process of rewarding and self-exploratory learning that leads to more sustained interest.

Language, Literacy, and Numeracy

Parents worry about their children having difficulties in language, literacy, and numeracy. They worry that a lack of early intervention will result in their children struggling at primary school. A K2 tutor supports parents by communicating with them to find out more about their child’s area(s) of weakness. 

The K2 tutor then prepares lesson plans and learning interventions to tackle specific areas to boost a child’s proficiency in a particular area. This can range from phonics in English, to hanyu pinyin for Chinese, and pattern recognition or numeracy in Math. Whatever the academic struggle may be, experienced K2 tutors are well-equipped to help you and your child overcome them.

Benefits of K2 Tuition

Each child is different. However, peer comparisons are inevitable in group settings. Students implicitly learn to compare themselves with others and may even compete to outdo each other. Rather than compete with others, children are encouraged to surpass their standards. 

1-1 K2 tuition offers friendly and patient support where K2 tutors affirm and encourage each child to try their best. This ensures that children aren’t pressured and put down when they are unable to fulfill externally-or self-imposed expectations, but are tenacious and resilient in the event of failure.

Children are constantly bombarded by stimuli that can distract them from their priorities and duties. Television, YouTube videos, digital smart devices, and games are some examples. As such, the importance of setting priorities and taking personal responsibility for learning can get lost amidst these distractions. 

K2 tuition helps children get used to home tuition and conducive home study. In allocating time for important daily tasks such as washing up, brushing their teeth, bedtime, mealtimes, picking up their toys, and learning, children can begin to take personal responsibility by setting clear priorities.

Having regular K2 tuition deliberately carves out space and time for children to work on areas that they need help in. Setting a time for K2 tuition sets the tone for positive routines and time management. This teaches a child that there is an appropriate time and place for different activities. Moreover, this helps them to organise their time better in preparing to take on new commitments in primary school.

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Distinction Tutors’ K2 tuition enables preschoolers to tune out distractions, manage their time, and pace lessons for sustained interest. It makes learning enjoyable through motivational and patient coaching for language, literacy, and numeracy.

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