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Creative writing tuition distinguishes between written forms to help students employ the right forms for maximum efficacy. Helpful tips finetune students’ acumen and sharpen creative-writing skills.

Importance of Creative Writing Tuition

Writing can take on a variety of styles and forms depending on their purpose and target audience. These can range from analytical to argumentative, reported and situational writing just to name a few. 

In creative writing, ideas are expressed in imaginative and innovative ways. It is a powerful form of writing that can evoke strong emotions which enrapture and captivate or leave readers feeling pensive and melancholic. It can push ideals, capture imaginations, and transport readers to new and unexplored worlds. Creative writing examples include novels and short stories (fiction), memoirs, movie and television scripts, poetry, plays, songs, and speeches. 

Schools teach creative writing to improve grammar and vocabulary, foster students’ creativity, and stretch their imagination. Students’ creative writing abilities are often tested as well in school and national exams for composition and essay writing. Creative writing tuition supports students by building skills for authentic self-expression and assured confidence in creative writing. 

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Common problems faced by students in Creative Writing

Inability to Identify Problems

Students may encounter difficulties with various aspects of writing. Identifying the problem area(s) is the first step to getting the right help for it. Is it with spelling, grammar, punctuation, or vocabulary? Is it with paragraphing, sequencing, finding and summarising content, or writers’ block? Does the student have a weak or poor foundation in the language, or have trouble formulating thoughts in full sentences? Or it could also be a combination of the above. Having unresolved difficulties in these areas can dampen a student’s enthusiasm and eliminate the joy in writing.

Tapping Imagination

Imagination isn’t the problem. Rather, it is knowing how to tap one’s imagination and harness the power of it that may be lacking. Anyone who has aspirations, can fantasise or daydream, has an imagination. An inability to write well sometimes leads students to make qualitative attributions about themselves that simply aren’t true. Self limiting mindset such as I can’t write, I don’t have ideas, or I am not creative enough can be detrimental to students’ self-esteem and counterintuitive to creative writing.

Different Perspective

Students who dislike reading may find writing boring in general. Many prefer to be on the receiving end of creative writing; not its content creation. However, when viewed from the position of a consumer, consider how much of the entertainment we consume over social media, blogs, television, movies, and audio- and- video streaming sites today is the result of talented creative writers?

What can Creative Writing Tutors offer?

Help for Problem Areas

Creative writing tutors can identify and isolate problem areas for students so they know exactly which aspects to work on to improve. Whether it is issues with spelling, grammar, punctuation, or vocabulary, creative writing tutors drill down to target areas to provide corrective intervention and adequate practice.

An Idea Bank

Practising writing on topics such as a memorable event, a disappointing situation, or a careless act helps with preparation and provides a memory bank of personal experiences for students to draw upon. Creative writing tutors supply students with the creative and imaginative tools to create an idea bank so that they won’t run out of stories to write about.

Individualised guidance

An artful piece of creative writing comprises different components. In some ways, creative writer tutors are to film producers what students are to movie directors: creative writing tutors supply (instead of manage) the business and technical operations while leaving the overall creative direction to the students. 

Creative writing tutors will teach the components of creative writing in developing characters, setting the plot and scenes, conflict, tone, point-of-view, and the theme. Creative writing tutors can moderate lessons as well to suit the educational and proficiency levels of students.

Benefits of Creative Writing Tuition

Creative writing can be descriptive, expository, narrative, or persuasive. An expository piece of writing informs the reader about the subject matter. A descriptive piece paints a picture for the reader with imagery and words that engage the five senses. Narratives tell stories based on the writer’s real-life experiences, and persuasive writing convinces a reader about a writer’s opinion. Creative writing tuition distinguishes between written forms and helps students employ the right forms for maximum efficacy.

Words, like colours have different hues, textures, and intensities. For instance, instead of flatly saying: “I saw a car”, write “I saw a gleaming, white Mercedes”. Creative writing tuition challenges students to find new words and creative ways to convey similar ideas. Not only does this boost students’ vocabulary, but their writing creates impact with added texture, depth, and layers.

Many elements go into a successfully written creative piece. Creative writing tuition shows students how to use creative writing elements like suspense, dialogue, narration, forms, and structure to best effect. Students will learn the use of syntax and discover their unique writing styles. With tutor-marked assignments and regular feedback, creative writing tuition supplies the tips students need to finetune their creative-writing acumen and sharpen skills.

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Distinction Tutors can help

Distinction Tutors’ creative writing tuition offers workable solutions for problem areas in creative writing. From learning the components of creative writing to vocabulary and grammar, students will receive the tools they need to become versatile and impactful writers.

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