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Online tutors deliver online tuition classes which transcend distances and make learning interactive and engaging. With online tuition, students can continue to learn without interruption.

Overview of Online Tuition

Technological advancements have changed the way we live and interact with society. Driven by escalating demands and an exponential expansion of knowledge, we are now capable of holding online meetings across time zones, ordering food through mobile phone apps, and having GPS navigational maps to direct us. Education is no different.

In Edutech, technology has transformed the way lessons are conducted and how students learn. From e-learning and m-learning to Learning Management Systems (LMS) and immersive or blended learning, education has come a long way. It has evolved to create and deliver curriculums in ways that allow educators and students to teach flexibly and learn expansively.

Once considered a desirable option, online learning solutions have become imperative with the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic. Home-based learning (HBL) was introduced in Singapore between April and May 2020 as part of heightened safe distancing measures during the COVID-19 circuit breaker. Parents, students, schools, and educators have had to pivot overnight to integrate online learning into their curriculum due to extraordinary circumstances.

Online tuition not only leverages technology to enhance learning, but complements face-to-face learning with the use of online learning tools, messenger and video conferencing apps. Through online tuition, Distinction Tutors delivers tuition classes which transcend distances and make learning interactive and engaging. With online tuition, students can continue to learn without interruption.

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Common problems faced by students

Lack of Time

Every minute counts! Time is a precious commodity. Families try as much as possible to be smart and productive with the time they have each day. Children grapple with the demands of school, homework, and extracurricular classes. Parents juggle work, house chores, errands, mealtimes, and schedules. Managing domestic and professional responsibilities can be hectic especially without domestic help. This time constraint is compounded by fetching children to-and-from appointments or activities.

Lack of Rest

Lacking personal downtime can affect our moods. People become easily irritable, edgy, and short-tempered. The lack of proper rest and recreation leads to frayed nerves and burnout. Students who are constantly on the move will not be able to learn well in school as their bodies remain in a constant state of activation. They may be highly-strung and anxious.

Lack of Motivation

While useful, conventional teaching methods have their limitations. Students may find classes irrelevant and dull. Finding subjects boring, they become disinterested and passive learners. Students may memorise without understanding and forget what they studied. They may procrastinate from completing overwhelming assignments and homework or be accustomed to doing poorly as nothing seems to make a difference to their grades.

What can Online Tutors offer?

Customised Lesson Plans

Online tutors can customise lesson plans according to the pace and ability of students. With customised lesson plans, online tutors can adapt teaching methods to the learning styles of students at a pace which suits them. Furthermore, online tutors will be able to make use of digital resources to enhance and supplement the efficacy of online lessons.

Creative Lessons

Online tutors can retain the attention of students through the impactful use of online resources. Tech savvy online tutors will facilitate your child’s learning to get the most out of their online sessions. The creative use of teaching options such as online whiteboards, shared screens, online resources, quizzes, and video clips makes learning fun and enjoyable.

Interactive 1-1 Learning

Online tuition retains all the interactive benefits of face-to-face tuition and the tutorial method of learning. Students can ask questions and will receive personalised help in an online environment. Online tutors make learning novel and engaging by employing interactive lesson plans and real-time feedback. 

To reap the full benefits of online tuition, online tutors will encourage students to come prepared with questions. So that while working on topics throughout the week, students may pinpoint particular areas of difficulty that they need additional help in.

Benefits of Online Tuition

Online tuition is quick and easy to set up with a computer, a built-in camera, a microphone, and an active Internet connection. With online tuition, students can participate in conducive in-place learning. Online tuition offers the same quality of face-to-face tuition in the comfort and safety of home. It provides greater flexibility for unpredictable schedules. Online tutors and students can meet at a moment’s notice pending unforeseen, last minute changes in schedules.

Online tuition saves time. There is no rush, no travelling time, no traffic, and no need to fetch children to-and-from tuition/enrichment venues. Online tuition offers students greater personal space. It enables them to regulate their time better by freeing up time for other pursuits.

Online tuition offers access to digital online resources at the click of a mouse. With online tuition, students can work with digital notes and online assessments instead of having copious amounts of printed exercises and worksheets. Students whose lessons comprise lectures and tutorials can also take greater ownership of their learning and work more independently with the availability of online resources.

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Interact with tutors online in real-time and receive digital resources to support individual learning. Distinction Tutors’ online tuition transcends distances and integrates the best of e-learning to save time, cut the commute, and learn without interruption for greater convenience.

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