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Chemistry is a subject that requires establishing links between chapters in order for a student to score. Students that are not properly guided may struggle to find these links. O Level Chemistry Tutors can highlight such links to students and guide them to have a strong conceptual understanding of Chemistry. 

For a typical student, O Level examinations will be the most important educational challenge he has faced in his past 10 years of schooling. A student may not be getting his desired grades during his Mid Year or Prelim examinations, and with O Levels around the corner, both students and their parents may start to worry. 

Regardless, we want to assure you that it is never too late! By finding the right O Level Chemistry home tutor for you, it is still possible for your child to get his desired grade!

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Common problems faced when studying O Level Chemistry

Burn Out

Many students may start burning out towards Prelims as they study excessively, which can be unhealthy. This is due to the academic pressure and stress they feel from their surroundings. Sometimes, it might even be due to the peer pressure, where one’s friends seem to be studying all the time. 

This puts a spirit on unhealthy competitiveness in students and they confuse productivity by comparing it to the amount of time spent sitting in front of books. Eventually, students run out of the stamina required to study until O Levels. This could be extremely damaging as it impacts a student’s physical readiness, as well as his mental readiness right before O Levels.

Wrong Studying Method

Many students also may find that their efforts do not correlate to their results. They feel that they should be getting much higher marks for the countless hours spent studying Chemistry. This is largely due to inappropriate studying methods. Each student has his own way of studying and there is no fixed way that one should follow. When a student attempts to follow the “mainstream” way of studying Chemistry, they may realise that it might not work after all. 

A common example of how students incorrectly study is by simply reading the textbook again and again. This is necessary only when you are introducing yourself to a chapter. Closer to O Levels, reading the textbook is no longer necessary as it only provides you with the most basic knowledge required to further deepen your knowledge in that chapter. Therefore, this leads to a lot of wasted time and effort with limited productivity, causing the student to see little improvement in his Chemistry grades.

Insufficient Planning​

A student must be extremely thorough with the syllabus and weightage of each paper. Looking into the Chemistry syllabus in detail, Paper 2 only contributes to 50% of the total marks. This means that 50% of the remaining marks comes from Paper 1 (Multiple Choice Questions) and Paper 3 (Practical). However, the time and effort spent preparing for Paper 2 is disproportionately higher than the time spent on perfecting Paper 1 & 3 for a typical student. If more time was to be spent on perfecting P1 and P3, a student is guaranteed to attain higher marks. 

What should I look out for in an O Level Chemistry Tutor?

Able to Cover all 3 Papers

As mentioned earlier, Paper 2 alone covers only 50% of the total marks. Hence, it is important to cover the Practical aspect and Multiple Choice aspect of Chemistry as well. Many assume that Chemistry practical only require hands-on knowledge. However, a significant portion of Chemistry practical require theoretical knowledge as well. Practical often test a student’s ability to perform titration. 

A common question is to describe the observations of the experiment. For example, titrations involving potassium manganate cause the colour of the solution to change from purple to pale pink. Additionally, practical also frequently test on Qualitative Analysis, such as the reactions of metals with dilute Hydrochloric Acid. These components involve memory work, and therefore can be prepared earlier. A good O Level Chemistry private tutor will be able to administer practice and familiarity with the theoretical portions of Practical examinations.

Able to Provide Summarised Notes

Closer to O Levels, it is no longer necessary to read through textbooks and long chunks of general information. A student should be actively trying to collate his information into summaries, practising examinable questions thoroughly, and finding links between chapters. A good O Level Chemistry tutor can provide his own summarised notes, enabling the student to analyse and implement various techniques into his own summaries. Such summaries are not meant to be replacements for a student’s individual summarised notes. 

Instead, they are meant to be a referring guide for students, enabling them to learn various ways to summarise points. For example, a student may summarise his points for Organic Chemistry based on Alkenes, Alkanes, etc. However, another way a student can summarise the same content can be based on Empirical Formula, Functional Groups, Boiling Points, etc.

Able to Provide Manageable Workload

A good O Level Chemistry tuition teacher will be able to assess the student’s abilities and manage the workload administered effectively. A student that is highly stressed approaching O Levels would be better off with a slightly less intense workload, and vice versa. This will prevent burnouts and ensure that students remain motivated for their O Levels. It is essential that students are not pushed too hard, and a good O Level Chemistry tutor will be able to manage this effectively.

Benefits of O Level Chemistry Tuition

O Level Chemistry Tutors are blessed with experience and have the right materials to push students to score to their true capabilities. Chemistry tuition would focus on taking advantage of a student’s current knowledge and using it to maximise marks during examinations. O Level Chemistry Tuition would also enable students to manage and schedule their studying perfectly, preventing burnout. Through an all rounded preparation for all 3 papers, students can be assured that they will be adequately prepared with all the skills necessary to score a distinction.

O Level Chemistry tuition enables students to approach the subject in new ways, enabling them to discover an interest in it. This will be extremely beneficial in the future, especially for H2 Chemistry in JC. H2 Chemistry is much more demanding and requires a stronger ability and interest in the subject in order to succeed. As such, developing such interest and ability from Upper Secondary can be hugely beneficial.

O Level Chemistry tuition allows a student to gain immaculate conceptual understanding of Chemistry, reducing lapses of knowledge. If a student is to pursue Chemistry in JC, having such a strong conceptual understanding can be extremely beneficial as JC Chemistry is a further continuation of O Level Chemistry. 

For example, in Sec 4, students are introduced to Organic Chemistry – such as alkanes and alkenes. In JC Chemistry, students dive deeper into the world of Organic Chemistry, learning reaction mechanisms, many more complex reactions, and more. As such, building a strong foundation from Sec 4 is crucial, which tuition can provide.

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If you are worried that is too late to improve, we can assure you that it is never too late to turn things around. O Level Chemistry tuition is designed to tailor a student’s abilities into maximising his marks during examinations. Let us help you the best O Level Chemistry tutor for your child!

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