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Importance of IB TOK Tuition

Theory of Knowledge (TOK) is one of the more abstract and complex subjects in the IB programme. Besides having a rather philosophical demand that students challenge the very basis of their knowledge, the syllabus encompasses eight areas of knowledge (AOKs), from Natural Sciences to Religious Knowledge Systems, and students are expected to understand the processes of discovery, corroboration and dissemination. 

Given that TOK is a unique subject in the IB curriculum, students taking it are often unfamiliar with these complex concepts. Coupled with the rapid pace of teaching in school, it is understandable that many students struggle to score well in TOK. However, despite not being a prerequisite for any programme in university, it is critical that students secure a good grade in TOK to gain 3 bonus points for the IB examinations. This will ensure that students improve their overall score, allowing them to enter highly competitive programmes in university like Medicine and Law.

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Common Problems Faced by Students when Studying IB TOK

Lack of Exposure to Concepts

Most students will find the concepts and theories dealt with in the IB TOK syllabus foreign. Unlike subjects like Mathematics, in which they have been continually exposed to throughout Secondary School, TOK requires students to question the very means of what they know to be true and formulate opinions about the processes of knowledge production and dissemination in the various AOKs. 

Furthermore, given a short runway of two years, IB TOK is often neglected by schools in favour of completing their main syllabus, with infrequent lessons that are taught at an extremely fast pace. This places the onus on students to read up and digest these abstract theories on their own, leaving many lost and unable to do well. Where IB TOK tuition comes in handy is in addressing the gaps in their learning to complement their education in school and equipping students with all the resources necessary for them to excel in their examinations.

Emphasis on Real-World Application

Both IB TOK assessments require students to substantiate their analysis and evaluation with extensive real-life examples. From debating between the use of utilitarianism or deontology in tackling the trolley problem to questioning the flaws in scientific theories, students are forced to research beyond their syllabus to supplement their essays with examples that drive home their point in order to secure a good grade in IB TOK. 

With their busy schedules and overwhelming workload, students are often unable to undertake the wider reading necessary to score an ‘A’ in IB TOK. Besides equipping students with an in-depth understanding of all AOKs and clarifying any doubts they might have, a qualified IB TOK tutor can help supply students with relevant articles and real-life examples related to each AOK to support their essays, hence enabling them to do well.

Need for Self-Directed Learning

Given how subjective and abstract epistemology is, students need to demonstrate a high level of academic discipline by going through and digesting the large chunks of information they are provided with on their own. By encouraging consistent practice, IB TOK tuition helps instil that discipline in students by ensuring that they do not neglect the subject despite their heavy workload. 

Aside from simplifying complex theories and concepts, students will find having an experienced IB TOK tutor extremely helpful in going over and critiquing their work. This allows any mistakes or flaws in their argumentation to be addressed before submission, enabling students to present more refined pieces of work and ultimately scoring better.

What Can an IB TOK Tutor offer?

Breaking Down Abstract Concepts

A good IB TOK tutor can provide students with a more in-depth understanding of the different AOKs within the syllabus. Instead of leaving students to process complex topics like deontological ethics on their own, the IB TOK tutor will be able to expand on the student’s learning in school by catering their teaching specifically to the student’s needs and supplementing their explanations with unique examples that might help to contextualise their teaching better, effectively enabling students to garner a deeper comprehension of TOK.

Assessment Help

For all students undertaking the IB examination, TOK is a mandatory subject that is largely centered around independent student research. Under the IB TOK syllabus, students are first graded based on a presentation, in which they are to craft a knowledge question and derive an answer for it. Despite giving students the intellectual freedom to explore and choose any case study they like, the lack of direction often leaves students lost as to how to structure their answer to the knowledge question with sufficient depth to secure an ‘A’ in the subject. 

Without IB TOK tuition, some students may only be able to address the issue at surface level, crafting elementary points of analysis for their thesis and antithesis that could bring down their grades. With an experienced IB TOK tutor, students will be prompted to explore deeper sub-questions pertaining to their knowledge question, enabling them to provide a more holistic analysis with reference to concrete advice and established theories, allowing them to ace the subject.

Additional Materials for Students

For subjects like IB TOK which emphasises heavily on self-directed learning, having access to high-quality notes and resources is of paramount importance for students to secure an ‘A’. Signing up for IB TOK tuition ensures that students are equipped with additional resources like articles, model essays and presentations that will enable them to excel in their examinations. Additionally, an IB TOK tutor will often personalise their own summary notes containing the main learning outcomes of each AOK and critical real-life examples that students may find handy in tackling their assessments.

Benefits of IP TOK Tuition

In the classroom, students are forced to learn under uniform conditions despite possessing vastly different learning styles and strengths. This means that students who are naturally able to grasp abstract theories more easily are forced to slow down, while those who struggle to keep up with the pace of the lesson are pressured to withhold any questions they might be harbouring. 

This causes many students to have a weak understanding of topics in the IB TOK syllabus. With private IB TOK tuition, tutors are able to cater their help to each individual’s strengths and weaknesses, allowing for greater personalisation and addressing the specific doubts that a student may have.

With an experienced IB TOK tutor to go over their work and filter out any mistakes they might have made, students with IB TOK tuition will be more reassured of the quality of their work. Despite the complexity of IB TOK, the knowledge that they have substantiated their assessments with strong arguments and concrete evidence will reduce the stress that students feel in attempting to score well and provide them with greater confidence of an ‘A’.

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