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Importance of P1 Math Tuition

Just like how every sturdy building requires a strong foundation, so too does your child need a firm grasp on the basics of each subject in order to do well in future. This is especially so for math, an essential subject for your child’s academic growth and beyond. 

P1 marks every student’s first steps into their academy journey, and this is where understanding fundamental concepts will help shape their subsequent years in school. At such an important juncture, it’s understandable that you’d want to stay informed of your child’s curriculum in school. With that in mind, here’s an overview of what’s being taught in P1 math, and why getting P1 math tuition is important for your child’s education.

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P1 Math Syllabus


Using a variety of non-standard units such as body parts and common objects in their environment, students need to be able to:

  1. Measure and compare the length of objects in non-standard units
  2. Estimate the length of an object


Students need to be able to use the clock in relation to temporal events and activities to:

  1. Tell time to the hour/half-hour
  2. Identify time from a clock face
  3. Sequence events according to time

2D Shapes

Through practices with real objects and pictures like drawings and photographs, students need to be able to:

  1. Identify, describe, and classify 2D objects like rectangles, squares, circles, and triangles
  2. Make and complete patterns with 2D shapes according to attributes like size, shape, colour, and orientation

Picture Graphs (Statistics)

Students will work in groups to ask questions and hold discussions to collect data that will be made into graphs for display. Through these exercises, they will learn how to:

  1. Read and interpret data from picture graphs
  2. Comprehend terms like ‘most’, ‘least’, ‘greatest’, ‘smallest’, and so on

What can P1 Math tutor offer?

Effective Lesson Communication

Having just made their first forays into the education institution, P1 students are naturally unfamiliar with the new environments they’re in and the subjects they’re learning. A competent P1 math tutor is able to constantly be sensitive about this and employ teaching methods that are easily understandable for P1 students.

Undivided Attention

The reality is that it’s difficult for schoolteachers to devote enough time for each of the 40 students they’re teaching — and that’s just for a single class. Some students may require a little more attention to address persistent questions, and this is more so for technical subjects like P1 math. Having a P1 math tutor allows your child to have undivided attention to ask as many questions as needed in order to better grasp concepts that they would otherwise not have been able to comprehend.

Personalised Lesson Plans

Each student is unique, possessing different strengths, weaknesses, interests, and learning aptitude. A good P1 math tutor is able to identify what makes your child tick, and incorporate this knowledge in tailoring lesson plans that best meet their needs. Tutoring is more than just mere teaching; it is a year-long mentorship journey that utilises the bond between tutor and tutee to better facilitate each lesson and allow your child to be more receptive to lesson concepts and ideas.

Benefits of P1 Math Tuition

Whether your child leans towards sciences or humanities down the line, math remains consistently important in their lives, not only in terms of academic performance, but in day-to-day activities. This is why having a solid foundation in math is essential in your child’s development as a functional member of society — and this starts in P1. Having P1 math tuition greatly boosts your child’s chances at grasping the basics of the subject that will benefit them later on in life.

P1 math tuition doesn’t necessarily just overlap with what’s taught in school; having two professionals allows your child to approach the subject from multiple perspectives, which is helpful especially in situations where just having one approach doesn’t quite work out. In short, P1 math tuition brings dynamism to your child’s learning process and helps them better understand the subject through different lenses.

As much as you may want to help your child with schoolwork, it is ultimately more efficient to engage in qualified professionals who are familiar with the curriculum and are experienced in teaching students. P1 math tuition ensures that your child is able to learn as much as possible in a limited amount of time.

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