Strategies for PSLE Composition Writing

psle writing

PSLE composition writing can be a breeze for some students and a terrible struggle for others. Wherever students might be in writing proficiency, it is important to be aware of one’s strengths and weaknesses in order to determine the necessary steps for improvement.

Know your Struggle

Which aspects of writing do you struggle with? Is it with spelling, grammar, punctuation, or vocabulary? Is it with paragraphing, sequencing, finding and summarising content, or writer’s bloc? Do you have a weak or poor foundation in English, or have trouble formulating your thoughts in full sentences? Whatever it is, help is readily available. However, identifying and naming the problem area is the first step to getting the right help for it.

Read Widely

Reading widely helps to expose you to the different types of writing: narrative, reportive, situational, descriptive, creative, and more.

Depending on your level of comfort, start with books or newspaper articles that are easier to read. Then slowly work your way towards more difficult and complex subject matter.

For parents, reading a newspaper article together with your child is an opportunity to engage him or her in discussing current affairs and discovering new words and styles of writing. Take note of the words that journalists use to convey certain points and ideas across. As you read, be sure to have a dictionary on hand to check on new words and their meanings.

Write What You Love

If it is a subject matter that you love, chances are, you would also have quite a bit to say about it. What is your pet topic? Think about the things you like, the people you love, the topics you are passionate about, and the adventures you see yourself going on. Write about them. Doing this cultivates a positive habit for writing composition.

Words are like Colours

Words, like colours have different hues, textures, and intensities. It may be more accurate to describe a happy person as ‘joyful’ or ‘contented’, or a sad person as feeling ‘unconsolable’ or ‘depressed’. Instead of saying: “I saw a bird”, write “I saw a white eagle”. Finding new words to convey the same idea in a more creative way is a great way to boost one’s vocabulary.

Use Humour and Analogies

writing with humor

Use analogies, idioms, similes (e.g.: as fast as a cheetah), and catchphrases to paint a picture in the reader’s mind and jazz up your composition. Some of these employ humour and exaggeration in order to illustrate a point. For instance, “Andrew was so mad, his pimple looked as though it was going to burst.” or “Billy opened the forum like a bull in a china shop—leaving a trail of destruction in his wake.” Such techniques will aid in descriptive writing for PSLE compositions.

Play Word Games

Playing word games like Scrabble and Boggle with friends and people whose vocabulary is better than yours is an excellent way of improving your vocabulary while having fun. You will be surprised by the number of new words they can find and the number of new words you can learn from them as well.Hopefully with the use of one or more of these tips, you will be able to express yourself much better in words when it comes to PSLE composition.

Distinction Tutors can help

Distinction Tutors has helped students to improve their command of English since its inception. Whether it be related to PSLE composition writing, or spelling, grammar, and vocabulary, you can be sure to find helpful support for any area in the English language. Our dedicated English tutors efficiently help students shore up weaker areas for improved results and seek to build on their strengths to give them a greater appreciation and mastery over the language. Request for an English tutor today!

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